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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 27 November 2022

    What is the best way to store magic mushrooms and truffles?

    Anyone who is going to grow magic mushrooms or truffles at home naturally looks forward to the moment of harvesting. But what do you do with your magic mushrooms or truffles once the time has come? They don't keep very long fresh. Fortunately, you can also dry them, so that you can enjoy your psychoactive riches for a long time to come. It is only important that you know how to magic mushrooms and truffles must be stored, otherwise they can be damaged or spoiled. You can read all about it in this blog.


    Store fresh or dried magic mushrooms and truffles

    Have you just harvested magic mushrooms or truffles? Harvesting your own crop is great, but now you're left with the question of what to do with your stock. If you don't store it properly, you won't be able to enjoy it for long. Fresh mushrooms and truffles are quite perishable. If you want to be able to keep them longer, it is wise to take action.


    First of all, it is good to know that magic mushrooms and truffles are different differences. Fresh magic mushrooms contain a lot of moisture, which means they can spoil faster. You can store them in the fridge for a few days at the most (two weeks at the most, if the conditions are ideal). Truffles, on the other hand, are naturally much drier and contain less water. That is why fresh truffles keep longer than magic mushrooms. They can be stored in the refrigerator for about two months in a closed package. However, once you open the package, they can only be kept for 2 days.


    If you want to be able to store mushrooms and truffles for longer, it is a good idea to dry them. Drying your magical valuables removes all the moisture, making them last a lot longer.


    Drying magic mushrooms and truffles

    Drying your magic mushrooms and truffles is not complicated, but it does take some time. For best results, start drying immediately after harvest. Place the truffles or mushrooms on a clean plate or on a baking tray, with a piece of kitchen paper on it, for example. Arrange them so that they do not touch each other. You can cover your harvest with a tea towel to prevent light from reaching it. Please note that your stock does not get too hot (in the sun), because then the psilocybin is lost. Put a clean piece of paper towel under the mushrooms every day, so that mold doesn't stand a chance.


    It takes about 2 to 5 days for the mushrooms to dry. They need to be really dry, so that they feel brittle and break into pieces easily. Truffles take a little longer to dry, about 4 to 8 days. Drying in this way is not really a safe method, because you have no control over temperature and humidity. If you want to dry mushrooms and truffles more often, you can also purchase a food dehydrator.

    Long term storage

    Once your mushrooms and truffles are properly dried, they can be stored for a very long time. It is essential that your stock is completely dry. If they have any moisture in them, they can rot over time. Not only that, the psilocybin, which provides the mind-altering effects, is also lost. Once your mushrooms and truffles have dried properly, there are several ways to store them.


    In trays and bags

    Plastic containers and bags (ziplock) are most commonly used to store magic mushrooms and truffles. They are inexpensive and easy to get. However, Ziplock bags are not the best choice. You can never really close them completely airtight, so that moisture can eventually get into your stock. If your magic mushrooms or truffles don't have to stay good for months, you can use ziplock bags.


    Trays or pots that can be sealed airtight are a good option. Moisture doesn't stand a chance here, especially if you also add a bag of silica gel. Place the jar or container in a cool, dark place and you can be sure that your mushrooms and truffles will keep for a long time.


    Freeze and vacuum pack

    Another thing you can do to keep your magic mushrooms and truffles longer is to freeze them. You will really have to make sure that they are 100% dry, otherwise they will lose their magical power. This is not guaranteed when air drying, but it is if you used a food dehydrator.


    Vacuum packing is another way to ensure that you can keep your stock fresh for a long time. By removing all the air from the packaging, your magic mushrooms and truffles will remain good for a very long time, until you open the packaging. This means that when you open the vacuum package, it cannot be closed again. Vacuum packing your magic mushrooms is only an ideal solution if you want to store large quantities of magic mushrooms. If it's just a few grams, it's usually not worth it.


    Enjoy magic mushrooms and truffles for a long time to come

    If you are ready for the harvest, you now know how to ensure that you can enjoy your magic mushrooms or truffles for a long time to come. By carefully drying and storing them, they last practically indefinitely. So it is definitely worth investing time in properly drying your stock. Also make sure you have good quality storage containers or bags at home. Only then can you ensure that you can enjoy your mushroom and truffle harvest for months or even years!

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