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    Dr. Paddo - Thursday 22 June 2024

    What can psychedelics do in the treatment of burnout?

    Having a burnout is like having a silent robber in your life. This burglar steals your energy, concentration and zest for life. You are not just tired, but completely exhausted. Recovering from a burnout is not easy, a holistic approach is needed and psychedelics may be able to provide support. In this blog, we explore the possibilities.


    The characteristics of a burnout

    More and more people are experiencing burnout. Usually they are people with a demanding job, for example in healthcare, the police or a managerial position. When you work long hours and have many responsibilities, you are at higher risk. But people who provide informal care and students with financial worries who do not get enough rest and have difficulty with stress can also suffer from burnout. So it can actually happen to anyone.

    Factors that play a role in burnout include working under high time pressure, a lack of support in your network, extremely high workload and a lack of clearly defined tasks. If your colleagues treat you poorly, this can also contribute to stress and fatigue.

    How do you know if you are suffering from a burnout? The following symptoms are common:

    • Chronic fatigue
    • Headache
    • High blood pressure
    • Sleep disorders
    • Digestive complaints
    • Improperly functioning immune system
    • Forgetfulness
    • Mood disorders

    If nothing is done about the circumstances, these complaints will become increasingly worse and will take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Different complaints also influence each other. Chronic fatigue leads to reduced concentration and further undermines your immune system. That leads to more illness. These complaints can also have a negative impact on your social life, causing you to become depressed and withdraw. It is therefore important to seek help if you think you are experiencing or developing a burnout. Therapy can help, but what can psychedelics contribute to the treatment of burnout?

    The role of psychedelics in burnout

    There are many different types of mind-altering drugs. Think of psilocybin (in shroomsen truffles), LSD, DMT and MDMA. Many natural peoples use these remedies, which entheogens have been called for thousands of years for the treatment of both physical and mental conditions. Even today, they are still used as spiritual tools to strengthen the bond with the higher and the natural world.

    In the Western world, we are increasingly embracing the benefits of psychedelics in the treatment of various mental disorders, including burnout. Special therapy involving the use of mind-altering substances is therefore often used. Psychedelics make it possible to process trauma in a different way and to feel more connected to the world around you.

    Tripping with psychedelics can open a new path to recovery and restore a sense of meaning to life. This different view of life gives people motivation, energy and allows them to deal with stress better. A new balance is created, where you can deal better with emotions, take better care of yourself and are more aware of yourself and others. Psychedelics also encourage you to be more mindful in life, making it possible to recognize earlier that you suffer from stress and fatigue. This allows you to take precautions more quickly, so that you do not fall into a burnout again.


    Guidance when using psychedelics for burnout

    A burnout makes you feel overwhelmed and virtually unable to feel joy. Using psychedelics helps you regain your energy, restore your connection with yourself and the world, and gain more clarity in your work and private life. It is effective to use from a coach who has experience with psychedelics.

    A coach can help you clarify your intentions before a session. During the session you will also receive guidance on how to properly deal with what comes up, and afterwards we will ensure that the entire experience is properly integrated. The therapist can also help you choose a suitable remedy, whether it is magic mushrooms or truffles or another remedy. It is important to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and that suits what you want to achieve.

    If you go for guidance, it can give you a feeling of security. You work purposefully and can discuss your experiences (before, during and after the session), which can help you go deeper within. If you are not going for therapy, at least pay attention to the set and setting (how you feel, whether you feel comfortable in your own skin, and provide a calm, familiar environment). Choose a safe dose that ensures you can handle the trip. Microdosing is also a good option to gain experience with psychedelics and tackle complaints.

    Combine the use of psychedelics for burnout with supportive activities, such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, t'ai chi or breathwork. Build peace into your life, so that you have the time and space to recover and process the experiences of your sessions.

    Is the use of psychedelics something for you?

    Burnout is a complex condition that affects the body and mind. Psychedelics can make an important contribution. Their special power can provide a different view of life and open your mind to what really matters in your life. Guidance by a coach can make the process easier and safer.

    Only use psychedelics for burnout if you feel good about it. If you are in doubt, don't do it, or ask someone who has experience for advice so that they can give you some tips. It is always wise to arrange a trip sitter. This is someone who will stick with you and help you when you are having a hard time. Psychedelics can be an eye-opener for you, but if you're anxious or stressed, you can take a bad trip get. So make sure you know what you're getting into. If you are ready for your spiritual journey, take a look at our shop for the wide range of mushroom grow kits.

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