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    Culture Ampoule

    Culture Ampoule

     That's why Dr. Mushroom spores spray, vial and a prints. This allows you to easily inoculate substrate for regular harvests. Spore syringes, vial and prints are available for different types of magic mushrooms. Look around the shop of Dr. Paddo and quickly order those spore prints or other spores, so you can start growing psychedelic mushrooms.

    What is a Mondo spore syringe?

    Mushrooms reproduce via spores. So, in principle, these are similar to the seeds of plants. However, the development of mushrooms is very different from that of plants. Mushrooms arise from the mycelium (a network of fungi that grows underground). They are actually the fruits of the mycelium. Spores are already fertilized and if they fall out of the mushroom cap, the mycelium can reproduce. A magic truffle, on the other hand, grows in the mycelium. This tuberous truffle is created by the mycelium as emergency storage of nutrients. This emergency storage helps the mushroom grow when the climate is not favorable for the mushroom. With a spore syringe, you can inoculate a substrate in an easy way. A syringe is ready for use.

    Use a mushroom Spore Syringe or a Grow Kit?

    Growkits make growing magic mushrooms easy. Anyone can use them to grow and harvest magic mushrooms at home. Spore-syringes are suitable for experienced growers and mycologists. They are intended for scientific research and private use. However, you need a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to apply them properly. A Mondo spore syringe contains millions of mushroom spores (from, for example, B+ and McKennaii). This allows you to inoculate a large amount of substrates. A 20 ml syringe is enough to colonize 6 liters of substrate. To prepare the substrate, it is important to pay attention to the proportions. If you have no experience with this, then a grow kit is a better choice for you.

    What is a mushroom Mondo Spore Vial?

    A spore vial also contains millions of spores of a mushroom species. The difference between a spore-vialand a spore syringe is, however, that the concentration of a spore vial is much stronger. The concentration is so high that it is not suitable for use directly on the substrate. You need a liquid culture for that. A Mondo Spore vial cannot therefore be used immediately. It is a spore syringe. So if you don't have much experience with these products yet, it is recommended to use a ready-to-use syringe. But if you know what you're doing, the spore vial are definitely recommended. By using a liquid culture medium, you dilute the concentration. In addition, this speeds up the germination of the spores. So you can harvest an enormous amount of magic mushrooms with a single vial.

    Use a Mondo Spore vial for many harvests

    You only need a little of the Mondo spore vial to be able to harvest a lot. 3 ml of solution gives you enough to colonize 1 liter of substrate with the mushroom of your choice. It is a good idea to use a liquid culture for this, because then you need less to colonize the same amount of substrate. The liquid culture also stimulates the germination of spores, so that you effectively need fewer spores. So you can get multiple harvests from a vial.

    Liquid Culture Mushroom and Medicinal Spore Syringes

    A liquid culture of mushrooms or Medicinal Spores is a way of growing mushrooms in which the spores are inoculated into a liquid nutrient medium instead of a solid nutrient medium such as substrate. This liquid nutrient medium contains all the nutrients the mushrooms need to grow. The advantage of using a liquid culture spore syringe is that the process of inoculating substrate is much faster and easier than using spore prints or mushroom pieces. This can lead to an increased yield and a shorter cultivation time.

    Great yield from the Mondo Spore vial

    The Mondo Spore vial makes it possible to harvest large quantities of magic mushrooms, up to kilos. Make sure you dry these fresh mushrooms the right way, and you'll have enough stock to last a year. You need about 20 to 30 grams of fresh mushrooms for an intense trip. Do the math: if you harvest 1 kilo of magic mushrooms, you can trip 33 times with it. That is of course the reason that using a vial in a Liquid Culture is becoming so popular. In addition, we only sell traces of psychedelic mushrooms and no medicinal mushrooms.

    Buy mushroom spore prints online

    The spore prints is a collection of spores of a specific mushroom species. With this you can emake a spore syringe or you can use them for research. Spore prints are made by removing the hat from the mushroom and is placed on a surface. This is generally a glass plate, aluminum foil or a sheet of clean paper. Then the spores fall from the hat onto the surface. The spore prints are made from this. The spore prints of Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican are of course free from contamination. Store them in a cool, dark place, so they can be kept for years.

    Dr. Paddo mushroom Culture Ampules online

    Are you looking for those products that can help you grow or research magic mushrooms? Then you are at Dr. Paddo at the right place. Do you choose Spore vial, Prints or Syringes? We pack your products in neutral packaging and deliver them discreetly to your home.

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