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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 26 June 2022

    What is the difference between magic mushrooms and magic truffles?

    When looking for a natural mind-altering agent, magic mushrooms and truffles will probably immediately come to mind. But many people don't actually know whether these two types of psychedelics have many similarities or differences. Both cause hallucinations and euphoric feelings. They both contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin. Then what is the difference between magic mushrooms and magic truffles? In this blog, we list the similarities and differences.


    Difference between magic mushrooms and truffles: how they grow

    The biggest difference between magic mushrooms and truffles is how they grow. Magic mushrooms are mushrooms with mind-altering effects. They grow above the ground like other mushrooms. You can therefore simply harvest them by hand, outside in nature or at home if you use a grow kit.


    With truffles, it is a bit different. Truffles are actually the underground food reserve of a magic mushroom. An underground network of fungal threads forms from a spore. The mushrooms eventually grow out of that. But when conditions are bad (too little food), the fungus stores extra energy in sclerotia to use as a source of nutrition when times get better. These are the truffles. Just like magic mushrooms, truffles also contain the psychoactive substance psilocybin.


    A difference between magic mushrooms and truffles is that the latter grow underground. They also contain less moisture than magic mushrooms (only 5 to 10% on average), which makes them a bit easier to dry. Another difference is also visible after drying. Magic mushrooms grow in all kinds of sizes, even within the same species, and you can clearly see that after drying. Truffles are more uniform, they are smaller, and they shrink even more when you dry them. Truffles therefore also feel quite hard and rough. If you handle a mushroom after it has dried, it is still somewhat flexible and feels softer.

    Similarities: in trip intensity and mind-altering effects

    There are users who are convinced that magic mushrooms are more potent than truffles. But because they are both part of a single organism, they really do contain the same psychoactive substances. We can therefore assume that both magic mushrooms and truffles cause psychoactive effects in equal measure.


    One reason people may feel that truffles are less potent than magic mushrooms is that truffles are consumed in a different way. They are often seen as specialities, they are usually weighed more accurately when selling, and they are often accompanied by clear instructions. This can make users more hesitant when they take them. Perhaps truffle users are more controlled or more responsible in their use. All this can give the feeling that truffles induce a milder high. But there is no scientific evidence to show that this is the case.


    The trip you get from using mushrooms and truffles is comparable in length. They also cause the same kind of mind-altering and euphoric effects. Both drugs cause hallucinations (this can be done with eyes open or closed), cheerfulness, a change of thinking and possible loss of sense of time and the space around you. The trip can be very intense with both mushrooms and truffles, with room for deep insights into your life, work and spirituality.


    What does differ with mushrooms and truffles is the concentration of the psychoactive substances. Because magic mushrooms grow at different speeds and therefore also differ in size, the concentration of substances is not the same for all magic mushrooms. This is the case with truffles. These all have similar potential. This also makes them easier to dose.

    Agreement magic mushrooms and truffles: safety

    Truffles and magic mushrooms are both safe psychedelics. Off research shows that the risk of addiction (both physical and mental) is virtually non-existent with mushrooms and truffles . They pose hardly any risks to public health. According to the Global Drug Survey of 2017, magic mushrooms are the safest of all recreational resources. But as with all mind-altering drugs, it is important ng to handle this wisely.


    It's a good idea to plan your trip with mushrooms or truffles, prepare properly. Arrange for someone to stay with you during the trip (a trip sitter), provide a safe and quiet environment, and lastly: check your mood. If you feel stressed, anxious or restless, it is better to postpone your trip. If everything is in order, you have less chance of a bad trip.


    Difference magic mushrooms and truffles: legislation

    Another important difference between magic mushrooms and truffles is the legality. The sale of magic mushrooms is prohibited in the Netherlands (since 2008). Only mushroom grow kits may be sold. In any case, you can grow magic mushrooms at home with this. Strangely enough, truffles can be sold in smart shops. Although they have the same effects, truffles are not considered mushrooms, because they grow underground. That's why they slip through the cracks of the law, and truffles are legal.


    As you can see, there is not much difference between magic mushrooms and truffles. They have the same effects, only their way of growing is slightly different. At Dr. Paddo you can buy magic mushrooms as well as truffles. If you go for magic mushrooms, you can go for one of the grow kits from 100% Mycelium, Premium or go for the All in One. There are all kinds of different types of truffles to choose from. For beginners, the Pajaritos truffles are recommended, if you have more experience, then the Wizard  truffles might be something for you.

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