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    Some days you just need a little more energy. Could you use a pick-me-up? Show more



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    Herbal Cocaine  15 ML

    Herbal Cocaine 15 ML

    Herbal C is the natural variant of the well-know...
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    € 14,95
    Herbal Speed 25 Gr

    Herbal Speed 25 Gr

    The name Herbal Speed ​​says it all. This is...
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    € 12,95
    Speed X 4 Caps

    Speed X 4 Caps

    Speed ​​X from DNX is the ultimate natural p...
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    € 9,95
    Crazy Jacks 6 Capsules

    Crazy Jacks 6 Capsules

    Crazy Jack is the ultimate party leader. The act...
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    Energy E Happy Caps

    Energy E Happy Caps

    The Energy-E Happy is the most energetic and che...
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    MCSX  6 Stuks

    MCSX 6 Stuks

    Boost your sex life with these libido enhancing ...
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    € 14,95

    Some days you just need a little more energy. If you could use a boost, look below for products that give you more energy. Get rid of that fatigue and lethargy. You will be bubbling with energy and you can take it again.

    Buy energy products online

    Dr. Mushrooms provide you with exactly what you need if you want to get more energy. These boosts are healthy and legal, so grab your chance and order quickly. Do you soon have to study for an exam or work overtime? Then you can use an energy boost. Of course they are also ideal for a party, long trip or festival, to be able to go on just a little longer. Order in our shop and we will quickly deliver your pick-me-up to your home in discreet packaging.

    Legal energy boosters

    All these energy boosters are legal and can be used in the Netherlands. They are of course very useful to boost your energy. Choose one of these remedies to give you the energy to study for your exam. Do you want to enjoy that great festival all night long or go out with your friends? That is no problem with these energy boosters.

    Boosts: safe to use

    These energy boosters have all been tested for safety, which means that you can use them safely, without endangering your health or your environment. We offer a wide range of different types of energy sources. One will be healthier than the other, but they pose no threat to your physical health. So you can enjoy the benefits of these energy boosters without worry.

    Choose boosts instead of drugs

    Of course there are also drugs available that can give you a boost in your energy levels, such as Ecstasy or cocaine. But these substances are dangerous and pose great health risks. So choose our energy resources, which are safe to use. Some even give you the feeling of Ecstasy or cocaine. But these are completely legal and safe. With this you can legally get everything out of a wild evening out.

    The energy to do something

    Life can be very demanding at times and then you notice that for days you don't have the energy to do anything. This is how your days pass with work and in the evenings hanging out on the couch and watching Netflix. But that's not really life, it's a grind. Don't have the energy to do more? That can change with one of our energy boosters: in our wide range you will find Herbal Speed, LemonX, Gingko Biloba and Guarana. Order your pick-me-up online and when you use it you will notice that you suddenly have a sense of life again. You have the energy to get the most out of it.

    Improve your concentration with an energy booster

    With a boost you not only get a physical boost in your energy, but also mentally. So you will notice that you can concentrate better and that your brain has more energy. You can come up with solutions more easily, are more creative and think faster. This can help with work and study and makes it possible to get a lot more done in a day.

    Pass your exams with a boost

    Energy boosters have many advantages when you have to take exams. They give you the energy to continue learning for a long time (even at night), but you can also concentrate much better and your brain absorbs all information better. Also during the exam itself you can better maintain your concentration and work faster. So it has many advantages to use energy boosters before and during your exams.

    Perform better at work

    You can also use the extra energy of a boost at work. During brainstorming sessions, answering difficult e-mails, developing a complicated policy plan, whatever your job, for more brainpower you take a boost. You will notice that you can concentrate better and your brain works much faster. So your productivity can improve greatly. That can only have advantages. Who knows, you might finally get that coveted promotion or raise!

    The best parties last a long time

    Boosters are the ideal company during parties, festivals and cozy evenings with friends. When you are comfortable in your own skin, you will fully enjoy the company of others and they will enjoy you. Often these resources give you a cheerful and social feeling. Making contacts is much easier then. Get the best out of yourself, enjoy hours of dancing and music, with our energy boosters!

    Order energy boosters online quickly and easily

    Ordering online is easy, safe and fast. If you could use some extra energy, don't hesitate any longer and choose Dr. Mushroom the remedy that helps you to get more energy. Your product will be shipped in neutral packaging and will be sent to you quickly.

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