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    LSA Seeds

    LSA seeds contain hallucinogens, substances that have a mind-altering effect. That's why they like to be used. There are several varieties, such as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or Morning Glory. Whichever you prefer, you can buy LSA seeds in our webshop Show more



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    Space E Happy Caps

    Space E Happy Caps

    Space-E is a psychedelic energizer that stimulat...
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    € 8,95
    Ololiuqui - 40 Seeds

    Ololiuqui - 40 Seeds

    You can swallow Ololiuqui or Rivea corymbosa for...
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    € 7,95
    Baby Hawaiian Woodrose   10 Seeds

    Baby Hawaiian Woodrose 10 Seeds

    LSA induces a violent psychedelic experience.
    In stock
    € 6,75
    Morning Glory  300 Seeds

    Morning Glory 300 Seeds

    Morning Glory seeds contain LSA and are also use...
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    € 6,75

    LSA: a natural hallucinogen

    LSA is a mind-altering substance produced by plants. The effects are somewhat similar to those of LSD, but while this substance was developed in a laboratory, LSA is a purely natural substance. The abbreviation stands for Lysergic Acid Amide and it is also called ergine or lysergic acid amide.


    The use of LSA through the ages

    In native peoples, plants with LSA have been used for centuries. Shamans ate the seeds to open their minds to messages from higher realms. They had visions and used the information in their sacred rituals. Already in the 16th century the special effects of plants with LSA were written about. Examples of plants with LSA include Ololiuqui, Morning Glory, and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. You can purchase the seeds of these plants in our webshop.


    Effects of LSA seeds

    LSA affects the functioning of the brain. You can notice the effects in several ways: If you take an average dose, you get hallucinations. You can also feel calmer, but at the same time your sense of self-awareness can increase. What's around you  happens, you will experience it in a more intense way. Often people indicate that they are suddenly much more interested in their environment and feel philosophical. In principle, the effects of LSA are similar to those of LSD, but they are less intense.


    Ololiuqui seeds

    Ololiuqui seeds are not yet well known here in the Netherlands, but they are becoming more and more popular. And that makes sense, because the indigenous peoples of northern and central Mexico are well aware of the special effects these seeds have. They were used for their medicinal properties: Ololiuqui has analgesic properties and was also used for venereal diseases and tumors.


    The effects of Ololiuqui can be compared to those of magic mushrooms, peyote and LSD. The seeds contain LSA and therefore have mind-altering properties. You will start to hallucinate, you can see colors more intensely and your senses become sharper.


    Space-E and Trip-E

    These supplements are ideal to take to a festival or concert. They contain Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and can therefore stimulate you mentally. The extra additions (such as caffeine) give you a nice energy boost at the same time. This combination provides a pleasant high and a dreamy feeling. 


    Morning Glory

    Morning Glory has also been known for centuries, the indigenous Mexican peoples knew the power of this plant. The Maya used it as the basis for a magical potion that helped them gain spiritual insights. The visions were helpful in predicting the future. Morning Glory contains LSA, which can induce hallucinations and sharpen your senses. These entheogenic seeds are the tool for anyone who wants to experience beautiful visuals and is looking for deeper insights. The effects of Morning Glory are intense and colorful hallucinations, as well as a deep sense of calm and empathy. It can also induce a sense of euphoria and help you on your path of spiritual development.


    The use of LSA seeds

    LSA seeds are not meant to be eaten. They are most effective if you chew them first, but don't swallow them afterwards. Then put the crushed seeds in half a cup of water. You let them soak for a while so that they become soft. The seeds will fall apart and then they are ready to be used. Drink the water with seeds and all so that you ingest the LSA. Make sure you don't eat anything up to 6 hours before use, so take the seeds on an empty stomach.


    Buy LSA seeds

    LSA seeds are entheogenic agents. In our webshop you will find Morning Glory, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Ololiuqui and both Space-E and Trip-E. All these substances cause special hallucinations and they are suitable for self-discovery or to give you an extra boost at parties and festivals. Look around and make your choice. You will receive your seeds quickly in discreet packaging.

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