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    Magic Mushroom Growkit

    Magic Mushroom Growkit

    Magic mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, are very well known, even among the older generations. And many of us have eaten magic mushrooms at some point. It's a great way to trip and hallucinate and is now available for purchase online.

    Buying ready-to-use fresh or dried mushrooms at the smart shops is no longer possible. This has been restricted by the Dutch government. The sale of mushroom breeding setis allowed. Buying a mushroom growkit ensures that you have all the materials, such as the substrate and spores, for growing magic mushrooms at home in one fell swoop. These ready-to-use magic mushrooms breeding set make growing magic mushrooms easy for everyone.

    The effects of magic mushrooms or truffles

    Magic mushrooms and truffles come in many different types and flavors. One is stronger than the other, and that means that you have to make the right choice when buying magic mushrooms. Most mushrooms start to work after about 30 minutes. Chances are that colors have more clarity, your sounds not only sound nicer but in some cases you can even see, and you can experience hallucinations. Depending on the power of the magic mushrooms, you can see your plant come to life, feel like you are becoming one with the chair you sit on, or see the feelings of your fellow psychonauts.

    A spiritual trip with shrooms?

    The shrooms that you grow with the magic mushroom grow kit can sometimes also provide a spiritual trip. We regularly receive trip reports in which people talk about getting in touch with themselves more deeply. Unsolvable problems suddenly seem very simple to solve. Even character conflicts can be re-imaged and resolved during a mushroom trip. The magic mushrooms that we now know so well were used precisely for the spiritual powers during shamanistic rituals.

    How do magic mushrooms work?

    Psilocybin mushrooms contain unlike other mushrooms contain psilocybin and/or psilocin. These substances provide a consciousness-altering effect. The psilocin is the active ingredient. This substance enhances your senses and makes you trip. You experience tasting, listening, seeing, smelling and feeling in a different way. This also applies to the way you experience feelings. The active substances in magic mushrooms reach the brain via blood. The substance Psilocybin is nowadays also used as microdosing!

    Which mushroom growkit brands do we sell

    We offer three brands of mushroom grow kits. Each brand offers many different magic mushrooms. The brands of mushroom growkits that we offer are: McSmart All-In-One growkit Premium growkit FreshMushroom growkit:

    McSmart All-In-One grow kits

    The All-In-One magic mushroom growkits are very reliable as it comes down to multiple harvests or flushes. The instructions and growing are simple. You place some water in the breeding set and let it soak for a maximum of 40 minutes. Pour excess water from the growkit. Then place 200ml of water in the growbag and carefully place the growkit in it. Close the bag and the waiting begins. For further instructions and see the description of the product itself, this applies to all different brands of grow kits.

    The Premium grow kits

    The Premium growkits are very similar in instructions to those of the All-In-One. Good full harvests, although the third flush is a bit disappointing in terms of harvest. Still great grow kits very reliable and great yields and easy to grow.

    100% Mycelium Grow Kit

    The Freshmushrooms 100% Mycelium growkits are the easiest to set up and grow. These grow kits are the easiest to set up and maintain. Upon arrival, you can place the breeding set in the grow bag without water. Fold the growbag tightly around the growkit, and you're done until you see the first mushrooms appear. For further and simple instructions, see the description of the product itself.

    What are the strongest mushroom grow kits

    We sell mushroom grow kits for beginners, amateurs, semi-pro and psychonauts! Growing these grow kits is easy. For beginners, we offer the Mexican, Thai and Colombian grow kits. For the amateurs, we have the Ecuador, and the Cambodian. For the semi-pro the powerful B+, Mazatapec, Golden teacher mushroom breeding set s. The experts or psychonauts can have fun with the McKennai and the Copelandia Hawaiian grow kit. The Copelandia Hawaiian is the strongest mushroom breeding set you can buy from us.

    Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Growkit All-In-One is the strongest mushroom growkit

    The Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushroom Growkit is the strongest magic mushroom variety we sell. The Copelandia mushroom is 5 x stronger than most Cubensis strains! This mushroom growkit is absolutely not suitable for beginners! Do not do it! This mushroom strain is only suitable for professionals!

    What do you buy when you order a mushroom grow kit?

    Want to enjoy magic mushrooms? Then you have to grow the magic mushrooms yourself today. That is why you can only buy mushroom grow kits at smartshops. When you buy a magic mushroom growkit, in most cases it is a ready-made grow kit. It contains all growth materials and that you need to grow the magic mushrooms. The simple instructions ensure that anyone can grow magic mushrooms. And make no mistake, with a magic mushroom breeding set you can grow magic mushrooms several times. In many cases you will get multiple flushes and so you can pick magic mushrooms multiple times. In most cases, you will get 4 harvests from your mushroom grow kit. The size of the harvest differs per mushroom grow kit and mushroom variety.

    Buy Psilocybin mushrooms grow kits at Dr. Paddo

    In our online smartshop, in addition to magic mushrooms, in the form of an easy to grow mushroom growkit, you can also buy medicinal mushrooms. After only 21 to 26 days after setting up your growkit, your magic mushrooms are ready to use, and you can enjoy a fantastic trip on magic mushrooms. After placing an order, we will carefully check and pack the mushroom grow kits. You will receive an email from us with a track and trace so that you can follow the growkit to your front door.

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