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    Drug Testing

      Drug Testing

      This way you can check whether the drugs contain hazardous substances. Show more



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      That's why you can go to Dr. Paddo can find various drug tests that will help you determine if the drugs you are taking are safe.


      Buy online drug tests

      Drug tests used to be only for sale at major festivals and House Parties. Fortunately, you now have many more options and you can always easily purchase them online. And no worries about privacy, because everything is completely anonymous. You will always receive your order in neutral packaging. That's why it's now much easier to get your drug tests: just order them online from Dr. Paddo.


      Which drug tests are for sale?

      Looking for a drug test for a particular drug? at dr. Paddo there is an extensive range of tests for different types of drugs. This allows you to test the drugs before use to see if they are safe. The following drug tests can be found at Dr. Paddo:



      It often happens that drugs are of poor quality. Cutting agents are used that pose health risks. So choose to be on the safe side and test the drugs before using. It is of course important that you do not have to worry about the quality of your drugs.


      Testing the quality of drugs

      When most people think of the word drug test, they think of tests that can show whether you have used drugs. It is then the person who is tested. The drug tests where it is in Dr. Paddo are tests that test the quality of drugs themselves. This is something every user should do as it allows you to check if your drugs are safe.


      Drug analysis test

      These tests can check the quality and composition of drugs. You can use this to find out which powders and substances the drugs contain and therefore also whether a drug is safe to use. Not only that, you also know for sure if you have the drugs you wanted to use. The test makes clear which substances it consists of. Not only users can benefit greatly from these drug tests, party organizers can also analyze drugs from visitors with these tests, so that they know exactly what they are carrying.


      Test your drugs for more safety

      Whether you use drugs sometimes or regularly, the chance that something will go wrong is unfortunately always present. If you don't test your drugs, you don't know what's in them and this can lead to health risks, but it can also cause a bad trip. It is therefore wise to test your drugs first to find out whether dangerous adulterants have been used. Did you know that rat poison is sometimes used in drugs as a cutting agent? That's something you'd rather not ingest! Prevent situations like this by using drug tests.


      Test your drugs yourself

      There are several ways to test drugs. You can send the drugs to a lab to find out if the drugs are safe. However, it will take some time before you get an answer to that. But with these handy drug tests you can get started yourself and quickly gain clarity. You know immediately, within seconds, whether your drugs are pure, of high quality and safe. And they are simply for sale online in our webshop.


      Drug tests: this is how they work

      The drug tests offered in our webshop are really very simple to use. The test contains an ampoule of liquid, which must be mixed with a small amount of the drug. The liquid will discolour and you can read what this color means on an information sheet that comes with the test. This allows you to see if the drugs are safe or not. Within seconds you will have your answer, it's that simple. Because you only need a small amount of drugs for the test, you have plenty left to use.


      Use drugs safely

      We want to make it clear that at Dr. Paddo advise against using illegal drugs. They are banned and for good reason. But if you're going to use drugs, it's best to do so safely and drug testing can help with that. That way you run less risk of health problems or even a fatal outcome. You better make it as safe as possible. Therefore you can in the shop of Dr. Buy Paddo good drug tests, which make it easy to test your drugs yourself.


      Order drug tests online

      Choose safety: find the right drug test for the drugs you are going to use in the webshop. Order easily online and we will ensure that you receive the test quickly. It comes in an anonymous packaging, so you don't have to worry about privacy

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