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    Everyone knows that sportsmen expect a lot from their bodies. They use a lot of energy and need extra vitamins, proteins, and minerals to recover. Show more



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    HempCare Sport 10 % CBD  10 ml

    HempCare Sport 10 % CBD 10 ml

    As an athlete, you demand a lot from your body, ...
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    CBD Whey Protein 500Gr

    CBD Whey Protein 500Gr

    The CBD Whey Protein Vanilla helps you recover a...
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    To support them we have several CBD sports supplements in our CBD shop to get better results! Think of CBD multivitamins, CBD pre-workout, and CBD whey for fitness lovers and bodybuilders. 

    Why CBD is good for sportsmen

    Exercising is good for your body and makes humans happier. This is caused by happiness hormones that are produced while exercising. These hormones are endorphins and one of them is called anandamide, which is an endocannabinoid, a cannabinoid produced by our bodies. This substance binds itself to CBD, which leads to feeling better, the feeling that you experience after exercising. Like many known, could CBD works anti-inflammatory and could reduce stress. CBD could help to recover faster after exercising. We also have CBD products to achieve better results. CBD whey can help to develop muscles and helps your muscles to recover, as you receive a lot of proteins. Do you need more energy and focus? Then you can use CBD pre-workout! 

    CBD as a supplement to lose weight

    Every year everyone starts with new year resolutions. For example, they want to lose weight. In your body, you have two types of fatty cells: brown and white fat cells. The white fat cells are bad cells and brown cells are the good ones. Of course, you want as less white cells as possible, which increases your weight. CBD could help to convert white cells to brown cells. This means that you can lose weight faster with CBD. 

    How much CBD do you need?

    Regular sporters have enough when using CBD oil with 5 percent CBD. You use as much as stated on the package. Do you sport a lot, then you’ll need a CBD oil with 10 percent CBD. You can use HempCare Sport. Taking five drops twice a day is enough. 

    CBD supplements for professional sportsmen

    More and more people know the positive effects of cannabidiol. Until 2018 it was forbidden to use CBD before and after six hours of a match. If you did use it you could be suspended. In January 2018 the World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from the doping list. This means professionals can use CBD as well! 

    Recovering faster with CBD-whey 

    CBD could help to recover faster. CBD in combination with whey could help to recover better after a workout. Whey helps to build up your muscles and CBD could improve the production of collagen. Collagen is needed to build better and stronger muscles. This combination is thus perfect for bodybuilders! Multivitamins are needed to recover as well. Multivitamins give you a better energy level. We have multivitamins such as B12, B6, C, E, K, and A. The vitamins are ideal as it has a low amount of calories. 

    Order your CBD sports supplements online at 

    Do you need an extra boost to achieve your goals? CBD for sportsmen can be bought on our online webshop. We make sure we will send you a track and trace. This way you can start improving better. Do you need help finding your supplement? We would love to help you. Send us an e-mail at [email protected]. We answer your e-mail as fast as possible. Do you need other CBD products like CBD edibles or CBD tea and coffee or even medicinal mushrooms? You can find these as well in our CBD and mushroom shop!

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