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    Weighing Scales

      Weighing Scales

      Scales are extremely useful if you use weed, herbs, mushrooms or other substances. Show more



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      It can be smart to check after a purchase whether you are getting enough herbs or mushrooms for your money. But at home, the scale is also indispensable. That way you at least know for sure that you are not taking too much or too little. In our shop you will find scales that weigh accurately to three digits after the decimal point.


      The usefulness of scales

      Wondering if you really need a scale? If you're using weed, magic mushrooms, or other mind-altering drugs, the amount you take matters a lot. That can sometimes depend on a half or even a tenth of a gram. You cannot determine such a small amount yourself, by just guessing or estimating. The scale helps you by accurately indicating how much product you will take. This way you can avoid taking too many magic mushrooms or putting too little weed in an edible, for example.


      What should you pay attention to when buying a scale?

      There are many different scales, which also have different options. There are digital and analog scales, they can weigh to a tenth or to a thousandth of a gram. There are large, but also pocket scales. To find the right scale for you, you have to think carefully about what you want to use the device for. It may turn out that you need more than one.

      Be aware that a regular kitchen scale may not be sufficient for this specific use. In general, this cannot measure accurately enough and is not suitable for weighing large or very small quantities. For example, for microdosing, a stainless steel scale that measures accurately per 1 mg is best. An LCD screen is useful because you can always read it clearly. For other substances, such as weed, a scale that can weigh to the nearest 1 gram is fine. There is a scale for every budget.


      Important options of scales

      It's good to look beyond just the maximum weight a scale can weigh and how accurate it is. You may not need extra options, but who knows, they might be useful. For example, consider a “hold” function. This allows you to hold the measured weight on the screen so that you can make a note of it.

      Another useful option is, for example, a spirit level function, where you can adjust the feet to level your scale on any surface. Lighting the display can also be useful, but also pay attention to supplied accessories, such as tweezers, calibration weight, protective cover or a supplied scale.

      In addition to considering what you need the scale for, you can also consider where you use it. Do you take it everywhere with you and does it have to be able to take a beating? Then portable scales are the best option.

      Analog or digital?

      Digital scales are really only suitable for the kitchen. Because they work with a spring, they can measure less accurately. There is no display, but a scale with a simple pointer. This is of course less accurate to read. The advantage is that they are simple to use and do not require electricity. However, most scales today are digital. These work with sensors, which can measure much more accurately. They do require power (usually supplied by batteries), but generally have much more capabilities than analog scales.


      Pocket scales and desktop scales

      The distinction between these two types of scales is clear: small scales take up little space and are therefore very suitable to take with you. Of course, they are also useful if you just have a small kitchen or workspace. Keep in mind that a small scale is usually not suitable for weighing heavy weights and the surface is smaller. As a result, not much fits. However, they are just as accurate as larger scales and generally cheaper.

      The desktop scale can handle larger quantities and has a larger surface area. However, this makes this device less suitable for taking everywhere with you. It is true that they often have more options than smaller scales. On the other hand, desktop scales are a bit more expensive.


      Order online scales from Dr. Mushroom

      Are you looking for a good scale? We have a wide range of scales in our webshop: from small, easy-to-carry mini scales, to larger scales with all kinds of handy and luxurious options. There is a scale for every wallet. Take a look around and if you have found your ideal scale, you can order quickly and easily. 

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