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    The Psychedelic Handbook

    The Psychedelic Handbook

    A first introduction to the world of psychedelic...
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    € 19,95
    Marijuna Outdoor Grower's Guide

    Marijuna Outdoor Grower's Guide

    For the more experienced grower, the book includ...
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    € 15,95
    The Cannabis Grow  Bible

    The Cannabis Grow Bible

    The Cannabis Grow Bible should not be missing in...
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    € 39,95

    We have collected the books that provide the clearest and complete information about this. With such a book, you have everything you need to help you harvest that coveted mushroom or cannabis harvest. These books contain useful tips for combating diseases, fertilization and pruning, in short, as a beginner and experienced grower, you have the right manual for growing magic mushrooms or cannabis.

    The World of Mushrooms and Cannabis through Books

    Are you interested in the fascinating worlds of magic mushrooms and cannabis? Books on these topics provide an in-depth look at their history, uses, and the science behind them. In this blog, we explore some of the most informative and engaging books on magic mushrooms and cannabis, perfect for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

    Also, plenty of information about Mushrooms and Cannabis in our books

    Shrooms and cannabis both have a long history and have been used in various cultures for both medicinal and spiritual purposes. Books on these topics often highlight the ethnobotanical background, chemical composition, and effects on the human body and mind.

    Books on History and Culture

    Books such as "Shrooms: The History" and "Cannabis: A Cultural Journey" provide a comprehensive overview of how these natural substances have been used over the centuries. They delve into the historical context, from traditional rituals to their place in modern society.


    Discover unique Headshop articles: Books about Mushrooms and Cannabis

    Welcome to the versatile world of headshop articles, where knowledge about magic mushrooms and cannabis is central. In this text we delve into the range of books, smoking accessories, snuff items, scales and stash products, all with mushroom and cannabis enthusiasts in mind.

    Books: Your Guide to the World of Mushrooms and Cannabis

    An essential part of every head shop is the collection of books. These books provide valuable information on topics such as the cultivation and use of magic mushrooms and cannabis. They are a source of knowledge for both beginners and experienced users, with tips on safe use, legal aspects and the latest research. Whether you are interested in the history, cultural significance or scientific side of magic mushrooms and cannabis, these books are essential for a proper understanding.

    Smoking Accessories: Everything You Need

    Another important category than books in our headshop is smokers' accessories. These include a wide range of products such as pipes, bongs, rolling papers and tips. These accessories are designed to enhance the experience of smoking cannabis. They not only provide convenience, but also a way to express your personal smoking style.

    Snuff items for the Sophisticated User

    Snuff articlesare a niche within the headshop world, but no less important. These products are specially designed for those who prefer to snort their products. With items like snuff tubes, snuff boxes and special snuff kits, we provide everything needed for a safe and enjoyable experience.

    Weighing Scales: Precision and Reliability

    An accurate Weighing scale is indispensable for the serious lover of magic mushrooms and cannabis. Scales ensure accurate dosing and help measure the correct quantities. In our range you will find a variety of scales, from simple digital models to more advanced ones that measure accurately down to the milligram.

    Stash Products: Safe and Discreet

    Stash products are designed for the safe and discreet storage of your magic mushrooms and cannabis. These products range from simple, airtight containers to more advanced stash boxes with odor control. They are essential for maintaining the quality and freshness of your products and ensuring that your inventory remains safe and hidden.

    A World Full of Knowledge and Quality with books

    Our headshop offers an extensive range of books, smoking accessories, snuff items, scales and stash products. Each of these products contributes to a safe environmentlight, enjoyable and informed experience with magic mushrooms and cannabis. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our products and knowledge resources guarantee quality and reliability. We always advise novice growers to use these books for an optimal harvest!

    The complete book about growing mushrooms

    In our webshop you will find the Psilocybin Mushroom Bible or in Dutch the psilocybin mushroom cultivation book. This book can rightly call itself a mushroom bible, because it is without doubt the most informative book about magic mushrooms and their cultivation. It is a wonderful reference book that is useful for beginners as well as experienced growers. All 358 pages are full of information about growing mushrooms, as well as harvesting and drying, sterilizing your working environment and making a mushroom cultivation tank. With handy photo instructions to help you get started. This book is everything you need if you know or don't know anything about growing mushrooms. This mushroom cultivation instruction book is only available in English. Moreover, we sell even more books.

    Books about growing cannabis

    We offer 2 books about cannabis cultivation. The Cannabis Grow Bible contains everything you could want to know about growing cannabis. With almost 700 pages of information, this book gives you a good basis for getting started with growing cannabis. There are 20 chapters, including seed germination, leaf problems, pruning techniques, etc. It answers all your questions about growing cannabis. A real must-have.

    For outdoor growing there is the Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide. This book is truly indispensable for anyone who wants to grow cannabis outdoors. It is simple in design and the language used (even though it is in English) is easy for everyone to follow. With this book you will learn everything you wanted to know about genetics, selection of the right seeds, harvesting and leaf problems. Here too, clear instructions and many photos give you the tools you need to get started with cannabis outdoors.

    Easily order books online

    At Dr. Paddo you will find everything you need for growing magic mushrooms or cannabis, including books. These beautiful books about growing are packed with facts and information and will help you get started in the complicated world of growing. You can easily find the information you need and use it to solve or even prevent problems yourself. You can order these indispensable books quickly and easily online in our webshop.

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