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    All products in our CBD webshop are provided with, for example, GMP certification, ISO certification, and FSSC22000 certification. CBD can be used in many products such as CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD paste, CBD crystals, CBD tea, CBD coffee, CBD Hash, and CBD for sportsmen.

    CBD can be used in many products such as CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD paste, CBD crystals, CBD tea, CBD coffee, CBD Hash, and CBD for sportsmen. Almost all products are made from certified hemp and are free of THC. This means that you don’t get high, or experience other narcotic effects when using CBD oil or other CBD products. This while you could profit from health benefits while using CBD!


    What is CBD?

    CBD is an extremely popular product that is used worldwide for its possible health benefits. The producers of CBD-producers shoot like shrooms out of the ground and make various qualitative products to profit from cannabidiol. Most CBD products are THC-free, except for CBD hash. However, this only contains less than 0,2% THC. The use of CBD could have various health advantages for decreasing skin problems, reducing stress, and getting better sleep. 


    Why CBD, or cannabidiol, could be good for you

    CBD has many health benefits and could be used against fear and stress. It relieves and works soothing on the body. Also when people experience high amounts of stress, could CBD help to reduce the stress.


    CBD against sleeping problems

    CBD could work against sleeping problems. Cannabidiol could give your body more rest and could help to sleep better. It could be used as a replacement for sleeping pills. CBD also helps to let your muscles rest and improve the quality of your sleep. 


    Could CBD reduce pain?

    Did you know that CBD could reduce pain? The University of Nottingham did research on the function of CBD and it works on the central nervous system and reduced in that way pain. It also seemed that it reduced inflammation and joint pains. CBD could help against menstruation pains as well. This is the reason why it is also used when humans and animals. It also could help sportsmen to reduce muscle pain and recover faster. 


    CBD against skin problems 

    Cannabidiol could work to reduce skin problems. CBD works soothingly and calms the skin. This could help when you experience irritation or redness. It could also help when having eczema, acne, and psoriasis. You can use for example CBD balm, but also CBD oil can help. 


    The best quality CBD products for you

    We find it important that you receive only the best products. This is why we only have products from brands such as Hempcare, Plant of Life, Dr. Candy, Royal CBD Edibles, Cannabis Bakehouse, Multitrance, and Landracer. All these brands only work with cannabis free of pesticides. The CBD is extracted with specialized methods to only extract CBD. This way you only profit from the good stuff, without getting high. 


    How do you use CBD?

    One of the most popular methods to use CBD is CBD oil. You drop some CBD on your tongue. Afterward, your body will take it in its blood circulation. From experience, we know that some don’t like the flavor of CBD. Luckily, we have other products that don’t taste like hemp. For example, we have CBD candy, CBD coffee, CBD tea but also crystals and CBD paste are popular forms to consume CBD.


    A selection from our CBD range

    Of course, we have CBD products of all kinds. Below, you will see different products that help you profit from cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 


    CBD oil 

    CBD oil is one of the most popular methods to consume CBD. CBD oil that we sell is from Plant of Life, Plant of Remedy, and Hempcare. The oils are made from certified hemp and are extracted by specialized methods. These make sure that the oil is full of Cannabinoids (like CBG and CBN) but also flavonoids and terpenes could work as antibacterial, inflammation-reducing, and soothing. The CBD oil is free from THC which means you can’t get high while using CBD oil.


    CBD edibles

    For those that do not like the flavor of hemp, we have found the best solution! We have different kinds of CBD edibles such as popcorn, CBD gummy bears, CBD candyfloss, CBD candy, CBD cookies, CBD honey, and even CBD lollypops. All these products contain between 5 to 15mg CBD. All of them are 100% natural and only made with the best THC-free hemp. This means you can’t get high and you could profit from the health benefits. 


    CBD crystals

    CBD crystals are quite unknown but are as effective as CBD oil and CBD pills. You put the paste on your tongue and wait for your body to take up all ingredients. You can use the syringe to put the CBD paste on your tongue. CBD paste can also be used as a balm on your skin. CBD paste could be used when people suffer from depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and epilepsy. This is since the paste contains 60% pure cannabidiol. This means you’ll only need 0,5ml. You can dilute the paste with oil such as olive oil. However, we recommend using hemp oil for its healthy acids. 


    CBD coffee and tea 

    Did you know coffee and tea are drank the most on earth besides water? This is due to its soothing or energizing effects. Do you need a boost to start the day? We have delicious CBD coffee from Cannabis Bakehouse. Every capsule contains 20mg CBD which also works as aromatic and for its health-supporting effects. Just like Camilla tea, could CBD work soothingly. We have different kinds of CBD tea such as brands like Landracer and Plant of Life with different flavors such as mint, green tea, and orange. 


    CBD hash 

    CBD hash is made from the tops of certified hemp. After it is made in a cubicle resulting in a solid hash enriched with CBD, flavor, and terpenes. The hash contains less than 0,2 THC and can be used in edibles. It can also be used to smoke it in a vaporizer, water pipe, or joint. CBD hash is produced by Plant of Life and has delicious flavors such as banana, strawberry, bubble gum, and hash.


    CBD for sportsmen

    Sportsmen expect a lot from their bodies to get the best results. This means you’ll need a lot of minerals, vitamins, and iron to recover. CBD could help you to recover. CBD works soothingly and could decrease muscle pain and helps you to recover. This combination is why CBD could help sportsmen. We have special products containing CBD, vitamins, and minerals. We also have CBD pre-workouts to give you an extra boost when needed during bodybuilding. 


    Fast shipment from our CBD shop

    We make sure that we have plenty of products in-store so we can send your order asap. The packages are sent discretely without our logo or name. If needed we also send an instruction on how you use a certain product. Do you need a vaporizer for CBD hash, then you can buy this as well! Please note that most of our CBD products are THC-free. Do you want psychoactive effects then take a look in our shroom shop and smart shop for products like shrooms, magic truffles, kratom, Kanna, and much more!

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