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    CBD can be incorporated into all kinds of products such as CBD-oil, CBD-edibles, CBD-paste and crystals, CBD for athletes, and we also have CBD tea, coffee and of course CBD-Hash. Almost all products are produced with certified hemp and are THC-free. This means that you cannot get a high, or other sedative effects, from using CBD-oil or other CBD-products. And this while you can benefit from all the benefits of cannabidiol!

    What is CBD?

    CBD is an extremely popular product that is used worldwide due to the various benefits of the product. The manufacturers of cannabidiol products are springing up like magic mushrooms with all kinds of high-quality products to benefit from cannabidiol. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is a completely natural product extracted from the cannabis plant. Most CBD products are THC-free and therefore do not appear in most CBD-products, with the exception of CBD-hash. However, this product still contains less than 0.2 percent THC. The use of cannabidiol offers various benefits such as solving skin problems, reducing stress, more mental peace and the quality of sleep can also be improved with cannabidiol.

    How can CBD, or cannabidiol, help

    Cannabidiol is a widely used remedy for anxiety and stress. It provides relief and the substance has a soothing effect on the body. Even when people suffer from tension, CBD can significantly reduce the feeling of discomfort, allowing you to perform better.

    CBD against sleep problems

    Cannabidiol works well against sleep problems. Cannabidiol calms your body, allowing you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. This means you can also see certain CBD products as a kind of replacement for sleeping pills. CBD also helps to relax muscles better, so you sleep more deeply and therefore look better during the day thanks to better quality of your sleep.

    Can CBD Relieve Pain?

    Did you know that CBD can also relieve pain? The University of Nottingham conducted research into the effects of Cannabidiol and showed that CBD acts on the central nervous system and can thus relieve pain. It was also found that CBD can reduce inflammation and joint pain. CBD also helps against menstrual complaints. For that reason, it is often used when people, and animals, use various CBD products. It also helps athletes to recover faster from muscle pain and can therefore continue training more quickly to achieve various sports performances.

    CBD against skin complaints

    Cannabidiol can also have a good effect against various skin complaints. Cannabidiol has soothing properties that soothe the skin. This causes various problems such as irritation and redness. So it helps against various types of problems such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis and also acne. For example, you can use CBD balm for this, but also CBD oil can help with skin complaints.

    The best quality CBD-products for you

    We think it is important that you can only buy the best products. That is why we only offer products in our CBD webshop from renowned brands such as Hempcare, Plant Of Life, Plant of Remedy, Dr. Candy, Royal CBD Edibles, Cannabis Bakehouse, Multritrance and also Landracer. All these brands only produce CBD-products with pesticide-free cannabis. All brands use a specialized extraction method, with the aim of extracting only the cannabidiol. This allows you to benefit from all the goodness of cannabidiol, without getting high from it.

    How do you use CBD?

    One of the most well-known methods of taking cannabidol is in the form of CBD-oil. You then drip the CBD on your tongue and the cannabidiol is then absorbed by the body. Experience shows that there are also people who do not like the typical taste of cannabidol. Fortunately, there are also many CBD-products that do not taste like cannabis or have a different purpose, such as CBD-Cosmetics. This is, for example, in the form of CBD candy, CBD coffee, CBD tea and also crystals and CBD pastes are very popular forms of taking cannabidiol.

    A selection from our CBD range

    Of course, we have CBD-products in all shapes and flavours. Below you can see a quick one selection from our range with which you can benefit from all the healthy cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.


    CBD-oil is one of the most popular and well-known methods of taking cannabidiol. The CBD-oils we sell are from Plant of Life, Plant of Remedy and Hempcare. The oils are made from certified hemp and thanks to the producers' specialized extraction methods, our oils are packed with Cannabinoids (such as CBG and CBN) and terpenes and flavonoids also contribute to the calming, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The CBD oil is free of THC, which means that you cannot get a high from using CBD-oil.


    We have found the tastiest solution for those and those who are not fans of the taste of hemp! We have all kinds of CBD-food such as popcorn, CBD-gummy bears, CBD-cotton candy, CBD-candy, CBD-cookies, CBD-honey and even CBD-lollipops. All these products contain approximately 5 to 15mg of CBD. All 100% natural and only made from the best quality hemp without THC. This means that you will not get high from CBD foods, but you will still benefit from the health benefits of cannabidiol.


    CBD-crystals are less known, but just as effective as CBD-oil and CBD-capsules. You simply place the crystals on your tongue after which all important substances are absorbed by the body. An additional advantage of the CBD-crystals is that you can easily mix them with food. You can also use CBD crystals and smoke with a vape. The CBD-crystals also contain virtually no psychoactive substances such as THC. This is because the crystals are very pure, and you therefore only have pure cannabidol.


    CBD-paste is very suitable if you want to use or need higher doses of cannabidiol. You can easily administer the CBD-paste thanks to the handy syringe. You can also use the CBD paste can also be used as a balm so that it is absorbed by the skin. CBD-paste is mainly used for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy and depression. This is because the paste contains more than 60 percent pure cannabidiol. With this product you only need 0.5 milliliters. You can also dilute the paste with oil such as olive oil. However, we recommend that you use hemp seed oil thanks to the healthy fatty acids.

    CBD coffee and tea

    Did you know that coffee and tea are the most consumed drinks in the world after water? This is due to the stimulating or soothing effect of the drinks. Do you want a boost to start the day well? Then we have delicious CBD coffee from Cannabis Bakehouse. Each capsule contains more than 20mg cannabidol and provides an aromatic effect and a health-supporting effect. Just like chamomile tea, CBD-tea has a soothing effect. We have various brands of CBD tea from, for example, Landracer and Plant Of Life, with different flavours such as mint, orange and green tea.


    CBD hash is made from the buds of certified hemp plants. These are then processed as a kind of cube, resulting in a solid hash that is enriched with cannabidiol, flavour and also terpenes. The hash contains less than 0.2 percent THC and can be processed into edibles, but can also be smoked in, for example, a vaporizer, water pipe or a joint. The CBD-hash is produced by Plant of Life and has delicious flavours such as bubblegum, banana, strawberry and the well-known natural flavour of hash.

    CBD for athletes

    Athletes place great demands on their bodies to achieve good performances. This means that you need a lot of minerals, vitamins and iron to allow your body to recover properly. Cannabidiol also helps with recovery. Cannabidiol reduces pain in muscle pain and helps your body relax faster. This combination makes CBD sport a good supplement to take as an athlete. We have various CBD-products especially for athletes in our webshop with all vitamins, minerals and cannabidol. We also have a CBD pre-workout if you need an extra boost before you are going to do strength training.

    Fast shipping from our CBD-shop by Dr. Paddo

    We ensure that our CBD-products are widely stocked and can therefore be shipped to you quickly. The packaging is shipped discreetly, without noticeable logos and names, so that your products arrive safely. If necessary, instructions on how to use the product are also included. If you need a vaporizer for CBD-hash, for example, you can easily order this from us! Please note that most of our CBD-products are THC-free. If you want to use psychedelics, you can always take a look at our mushroom shop and smart shop for magic mushrooms, truffles, kratom, kanna and much more!

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