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      We have them in our webshop, where you can easily order them. But you can also find other party goods with us, such as balloons and nitrous crackers. So are you looking for the ingredients for a fun party? Order what you need, and we will deliver it to your home quickly.


      Everything to make your party a success

      If you've invited your friends, picked out the best music, and arranged the tastiest snacks, you're almost ready to get the party started. But it will only really be a great party with the right party goods. You will of course find it in the webshop of Dr. Paddo. You don't want to miss this one, because you want your party to be unforgettable. Make sure everyone is still talking about this legendary party ten years from now!


      Buy whipped cream patterns online

      Do you want to buy whipped cream patterns online, we make it easy for you! These cartridges are also known as nitrous oxide cartridges. You can buy them quickly and easily in the Dr. Order mushroom. We ensure that they are delivered to your home quickly.


      Supply of whipped cream cartridges to wholesalers

      You buy your whipped cream cartridges with 24 pieces at a time from us. However, we only deliver to individuals and not to companies, we are not a wholesaler. If you are 18 years or older, you can order your whipped cream patterns from us.


      Nitrous Crackers

      If you see a whipped cream pattern, you will see that it is a metal capsule. There is no cap to open it. You can easily open them with a whipped cream cracker, which you can also buy in our webshop. These are of high quality and are intended to be used multiple times. So they last longer and you don't have to throw them away immediately after use. They are available in different colors. The whipped cream cartridge crackers also help protect your hands from the cold that is released when you open a cartridge.


      Are you still wondering why these whipped cream pattern crackers are actually called crackers? They have this name because that is the sound that is heard when you open a pattern.


      Cleaning up whipped cream cartridges

      If you and your friends have used whipped cream cartridges, we would like to advise that you do not leave them lying around on the street. That's just because it creates extra pollution, but these patterns can also create dangerous situations for children and the elderly. You can easily slip on it, and that is of course something we want to prevent. Enjoy your pleasant evening, but take your responsibility and pick up your waist.


      Also, from Belgium buy whipped cream cartridges

      In the Netherlands, whipped cream patterns are extremely popular, but also in Belgium they like to be used. Do you live in Belgium and do you want to order them? That's possible, we deliver the cartridges per 50 pieces. Order them quickly, and we will ensure that they are delivered to your home in neutral packaging.


      Everything for your party: order whipped cream patterns online

      Have you planned a fun party? Don't worry, order your whipped cream patterns online at Dr. Paddo. Of course, this also includes the whipped cream patterns and the brightly colored orange balloons. By buying your party goods at Dr. Paddo. By ordering magic mushrooms, you assure yourself of an unforgettable party.

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