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    The online smartshop of Dr. Magic mushroom offers mind-expanding herbs that can turn your day in a special experience. The advantage of our webshop is that we deliver quickly to every city in the Netherlands. Don't wait any longer and order your special.

    Our smartshop is packed with psychoactive substances. Whether it's hallucinating seeds, herbs that give you more energy or other products to get into higher spheres, our smart shop has it all. The most popular products in our online smartshop are kanna, kratom, LSA seeds, salvia divinorum and mescaline cacti.


    A favorite of the smartshop: Kanna

    Kanna has a social stimulating effect and is therefore known as a social smart drug. With a small dose it reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. At a higher dose, this smart drug gives you a euphoric feeling. It is precisely this special effect that makes Kanna one of the runners in our smartshop.


    Need more energy? kratom in our smartshop cna help you out

    Do you want more energy? Want to do more business but are you alwyas tired? Then you will find kratom in our smartshop. Kratom is a means to quickly get more energy into your life. There are different forms of kratom for sale in our smart shop. Each of these has its own effects. Discover quickly which kratom suits you the best in our smartshop.


    Hallucinating LSA seeds can be bought in the smartshop

    The products sold in the smart shop are mainly known for their hallucinogenic effect. With LSA seeds you have a wide choice of seeds with a psychoactive effect. These smart drugs are hallucinatory and organic. These natural products are therefore very popular with psychonauts and because of this reason we have expanded the wide range of LSA seeds in our online smartshop.


    Get out of your body with the smart drug salvia divinorum

    Salvia divinorum is a means of hallucinating that can create an Out of Body experience. This sacred drug was used by Mexican medicine men centuries ago. It gives you a hallucinatory trip that was also used in shamanistic rituals. It is even said that you can feel like traveling back in time with the smart drug salvia divinorum.


    The stimulus of the smartshop: Mescaline cactus

    We all know cacti. However, some of these pungent plants harbor a hidden fruit; mescaline. Cactuses containing mescaline are very popular with customers of smart shops. The mescaline can provide a pleasant psychoactive experience. Mescaline has similar effects as LSA and psilocybin. Psilocybin can be found in magic mushrooms and magic truffles. The experiences that mescaline users report are hallucinations, a different experience of time and space and a clear experience of colors, sounds and shapes. The best known mescaline cacti are the Peyote cactus and the San Pedro cactus.


    Buy your smartshop products online here

    In the online smartshop of Dr.Paddo you will find a wide range of smart drugs. These different types of smart drugs all have their own effect on body and mind. In this way they all provide a different enrichment of life. Whether it is more energy, getting more out of your life or deepening yourself through hallucinating seeds, the online smartshop has it all. Buy your smart drugs online now and we will deliver them quickly and discreetly to your home.

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