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    The online smartshop shop of Dr. Magic mushrooms are full of mind-expanding herbs or mescaline cacti that can make every day a special experience. Moreover, it is even possible to induce Lucid dreams with dream herbs from our smartshop shop. The advantage of our webshop is that we deliver quickly and to every city in the Netherlands. It is as if our smartshop shop is just around the corner from everyone.

    Order Smartshop products online

    Our smartshop shop is packed with psychoactive substances. Whether it concerns a hallucinating LSA seeds, herbs that give you more energy or other products to get into a higher atmosphere, our smartshop has it all. The most popular products in our online smart shop shop are relax herbal extracts, drug tests, dream herbs, kanna, kratom, LSA seeds, salvia divinorum and mescaline cacti.

    Which Herbal Extracts do we sell at Dr. Mushroom smartshop

    Besides the many psychedelic herbs, LSA seeds, kanna, kratom, dream herbs or Mescaline cacti we also offer medicinal herbs in our Smartshop and beneficial herbal extracts. Our herbal extracts that we offer in our smartshop shop are obtained from 100% natural herbs without additives. We sell herbal extracts with the factor 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x. A 5x herbal extract means that the effects are 5 times stronger than normal herbal extracts. Some herbal extracts that we sell have a beneficial effect. A herbal extract with such an effect is Ginkgo Biloba. This herbal extract has been used for thousands of years and is included in Chinese dietetics. It has a positive effect on the blood supply to the brain and also improves the respiratory system. Visit our smartshop category herbal extracts if you are interested in the functioning and effects of plants.

    The smartshop shop's chewing good: Kanna

    Kanna has a socially stimulating effect and is therefore known in our smartshop shop as a social smartshop drug. A small dose of kanna reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress. At a higher dose, kanna gives you a euphoric feeling. It is precisely this special effect that makes kanna one of the runners in our smartshop shop. Kanna is a succulent plant native to South Africa. The Kanna or Sceletium tortuosum plant is originally used by the Khoikhoi tribe of South Africa. The roots of kanna, also called kougoed (kanna) by the Khoikhoi tribe, are taken in the mouth and chewed for hours. By pressing kanna chewing for hours will produce the intoxicating effect. We also sell kanna extracts in our smartshop.

    In the smartshop shop you get more energy from kratom

    Do you want more energy? Feel more like doing things? Then you will find kratom in our smart shop. Kratom is a means to quickly get more energy and get a sense of life. There are different forms of kratom for sale in our smartshop shop. We also sell kratom extracts. We sell white Thai kratom, red Thai kratom and green Thai kratom. In addition to the well-known and popular Thai kratom, we also offer white Maeng Da kratom, green Maeng Da kratom and red Maeng Da kratom. Each of these has its own effects. Quickly find out which kratom suits you best by looking in our smartshop.

    You can buy hallucinating LSA seeds in the smartshop shop

    The products sold in the smart shop shop are mainly known for their hallucinogenic effect. With LSA seeds, you have a wide choice of seeds with a psychoactive effect. These smartshop drugs therefore have a hallucinatory effect and all originate from plants. These natural products are therefore very popular with psychonauts. The wide range of LSA seeds in our online smartshop shop is therefore regularly expanded. LSA is the abbreviation for lysergic acid amide. LSA is said to be the natural LSD. We should mention that LSD is more intense in effects than LSA. LSA seeds have been used for millenniums. It is even said that the ancient priests (Brahmins) from India used LSA seeds to contact the Gods.

    Why buy a drug test from a smartshop shop

    We offer many different types of drug testing. The drug tests we offer in our smartshop shop are safe and accurate. Testing your drugs is recommended. After all, you don't want to take drugs, not knowing whether they contain dangerous substances. With our drug tests, you can test the drugs to see if they are safe. So the drug tests are actually a must-have for every user. Go for safety and know what you're taking or party with one of the drug-testing. You used to be able to do your own drug tests at a party, but nowadays, this is prohibited, and you will therefore have to resort to one of our drug tests. Of course, these drug tests are only for synthetic drugs and not, of course, psychedelics. So you buy quality and reliable drug tests in a smartshop shop!

    Getting outside your body with the smartshop drug salvia divinorum

    Salvia divinorum is a means of hallucinating or even going outside your body. It is many times more powerful than a kanna or kratom. This sacred remedy was used by Mexican medicine men centuries ago. It gives you a hallucinatory trip that was also used in shamanic rituals. It is even claimed that you can have the feeling of traveling back in time with the smartshop drug salvia divinorum. Salvia is incredibly powerful and is definitely not a party drug. Are you looking for a milder psychedelic, but want to make you hallucinate? Then see our LSA seeds in the smartshop category!

    The stimulus of the smartshop shop: Mescaline cactus

    What else if dream herbs are mescaline cacti. We all know cacti. However, some of these pungent plants harbour a hidden fruit; mescaline. Cacti containing mescaline are very popular with customers of smartshop shops. The mescaline in the cactus can provide a pleasant psychoactive experience and has similarities with LSA seeds. Mescaline has similar effects to LSA and psilocybin. You can find psilocybin in magic mushrooms and magic truffles. The experiences that mescaline users report are hallucinations, a different perception of time and space and a clear perception of colours, sounds and shapes. The most famous mescaline cacti are the mescaline Peyote cactus and the mescaline San Pedro cactus, we sell in our smartshop.


    What are Dream Herbs in our smartshop?

    Dream herbs are specially selected herbs that enable you to consciously experience your own dreams. Consciously experiencing and controlling a dream is called a Lucid dream. This dream-herbs help you get deeper into REM sleep. Dream herbs have been used by indigenous tribes for centuries. Dream herbs only help after at least 1 week of use. Are you curious how a Lucid dream can be stimulated with dream herbs? Then try our smartshop dream herbs! Our dream herbs may also be an option if you want to sleep longer. Because these dream herbs conjure you into a deeper sleep, you can sleep longer.

    Buy smartshop products online

    In the online smartshop shop of Dr. Magic mushrooms, you will find a wide range of smartshop drugs. These different types of smartshop drugs all have their own effect on the body and mind. In this way, they all provide a different enrichment of life. Whether it's more energy, dream herbs to induce lucid dreams, arouse more lust with afrodisiacs, get more out of your life or find depth in yourself through hallucinating LSA seeds or mescaline cacti , the online smartshop shop has it all. Buy your smartshop drugs, kanna or drug tests online now, and we will deliver them quickly and discreetly to your home.

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