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      Yes, You Can Grow Great Weed Too!
      In stock
      € 23,95
      Pot By Noids Herb Cooker

      Pot By Noids Herb Cooker

      POT by NOIDS is a Dutch all-in-one device with ...
      In stock
      € 294,95
      Kaleidoscope Party Glasses

      Kaleidoscope Party Glasses

      The combined effects of magic truffles and kalei...
      In stock
      € 9,95
      Mask Bong
      Out of stock
      € 29,95
      Hemp Heroes
      In stock
      € 14,95

      In our webshop you will find the best gifts and gadgets. Real gadgets that brighten up your home, are useful or are just fun to have.

      Discover the Ultimate Collection of Gifts and Gadgets for Smokers and More

      Welcome to the world of the most unique and fascinating gifts and gadgets, specially curated for lovers of smokers' accessories, snuff items, scales and stash products. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or are looking for the perfect gift, our extensive collection of gifts and gadgets will undoubtedly surprise you.

      Smoking Accessories: Gifts and Gadgets for the Modern Smoker

      Our selection of gifts and gadgets includes a variety of smoking accessories that are both functional and stylish. From sophisticated electronic lighters to elegant ashtrays, every item in our collection is designed to enhance the smoking experience. The smoking accessories are not only great gifts and gadgets, but also complement the lifestyle of the modern smoker.

      Personalize Your Smoking Experience

      With our collection of gifts and gadgets, you can personalize your smoking experience. Choose from a range of unique pipes, bongsand rolling trays, each with their own distinctive style. These smoking accessories are not only functional, but also great conversation starters.

      A World Full of Unique Gifts and Gadgets

      Our collection of gifts and gadgets offers something unique for everyone. Whether you're looking for the perfect smoking accessory, a handy snuff item, an accurate scale or a smart stash solution, we have it all. Discover our world of gifts and gadgets and find the perfect item that suits your lifestyle. Discover our unique collection of gifts and gadgets today and enrich your life with the perfect blend of functionality, style and fun.

      Products with a cannabis leaf

      If you use cannabis, it is really fun to collect products with an image of a cannabis leaf. There are also more and more of these types of products available, such as key rings, lighters, shot glasses or ashtrays. They are actually collector's items too. The demand for this is continuously increasing. This is partly due to the greater fame of the 420 movement. Also start or expand a collection. Dr. Paddo headshopoffers the nicest objects with a cannabis leaf.

      Decorated with weed

      Show who you are. If that includes your love for weed, then objects decorated with weed cannot be missing in your home. Of course, ashtrays and key rings with cannabis leaves are nice, but there are more and more products that are decorated with cannabis. Think of shot glasses, games, clocks, soap or even a dream catcher. Products that actually have nothing to do with weed, but are nice to give as a gift or to receive if you like weed.

      Cannabis accessories

      Certain gifts and gadgets you cannot do without when you use cannabis. Of course, you will need an ashtray and a lighter. It is very nice if the ashtray you buy has a nice decoration within the cannabis theme. So grab your chance and go for an ashtray in the shape of a cannabis leaf or a lighter with the logo of your favourite webshop.

      Lighters for weed

      Lighters are of course very important if you use weed. What would you do without? But you can also make a statement with your lighter. Many stoners do that, because with your lighter you show what you stand for. Weed is part of your lifestyle, a choice for a certain way of life, freedom and being who you want to be. That's why you buy one of these beautiful lighters in the webshop category gifts and gadgets from Dr. Paddo.

      Choose a weed ashtray

      The ashtray is usually placed quite prominently in the middle of the room on the table. So you don't want an ugly or boring thing. You want it to match your style and look nice. This applies if you buy one yourself, but especially if you give it to someone else as a gift. For a true cannabis lover, you would of course choose an ashtray with a cannabis leaf, one that stands out and is truly unique. You will certainly make someone happy with a cannabis ashtray.

      Snuff Items: Essential Gifts and Gadgets

      Compact and Discreet

      Our snuff items, an essential part of our gifts and gadgets collection, are perfect for those who value discretion and elegance. From snuff kits to snuff boxes, each product is designed to provide convenience and discretion for the user.

      Quality and Sustainability

      Quality comes first with our snuff items. These gifts and gadgets are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and a long lifespan. With a variety of designs and materials, there is always a snuff item that suits your personal style.

      Weighing Scales: Accurate and Reliable Gifts and Gadgets

      Accuracy on Every Measurement

      In our collection of gifts and gadgets, you will find a range of accurate and reliable scales. These are essential for anyone who requires precise measurements. From pocket scales to larger digital models, our scales offer accuracy down to the milligram.

      Versatile Uses

      These scales are not only perfect gifts and gadgets for smokers, but are also ideal for use in the kitchen or for small business needs. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any collection.

      Stash Products: Smart Storage Solutions

      Hide with Style

      Our collection of stash products, another highlight in our range of gifts and gadgets, offers smart and stylish storage solutions. From books with hidden compartments to inconspicuous stash tins, these products are perfect for keeping your belongings safe and discreet.

      Innovative and Creative Designs

      These gifts and gadgets excel in innovation and creativity. Each stash product has been carefully designed to meet the needs of users who value discretion and style.

      Order your unique gifts and gadgets here

      Whether you are looking for something for yourself or for a good friend, you will find the best cannabis gifts and gadgets in our shop. Are you looking for an ashtray, a key ring, a lighter or shot glasses? You're sure to find something that suits you. Order quickly, and we will send it as soon as possible in inconspicuous and safe packaging.

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