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    CBD Crystals

      CBD Crystals

      If you want to use CBD, CBD crystals are a good option. This form of CBD is incredibly pure, averaging about 99%. Show more



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      Hempcare CBD Crystals 99 % - 500mg

      Hempcare CBD Crystals 99 % - 500mg

      CBD crystals consisting of powder form of HempCa...
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      € 29,95
      90% CBG Crystals  250mg Plant Of Life

      90% CBG Crystals 250mg Plant Of Life

      CBG is not as well-known as CBD, but you can als...
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      € 9,95
      Terpsolator 99% CBD Strawberry Diesel

      Terpsolator 99% CBD Strawberry Diesel

      The Plant of Life Terpsolator Strawberry contain...
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      € 5,75
      Terpsolator 99% CBD Amnesia Haze

      Terpsolator 99% CBD Amnesia Haze

      The Plant of Life Terpsolator Amnesia Haze conta...
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      € 5,75
      Terpsolator 99% CBD Blueberry

      Terpsolator 99% CBD Blueberry

      Looking for a natural remedy that can help suppo...
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      € 5,75

      Many people are familiar with CBD oil or capsules, but CBD crystals have the same health benefits and are easy to use. You can buy them in the Dr. Mushroom.


      Why should you choose CBD crystals

      The possibilities of CBD crystals are great , because you can take them in different ways. It is a powdery substance, of which you can easily put a small amount under the tongue. It then dissolves quickly and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. But there are even more possibilities. This way you can also process the powder in food, so that you can make your own CBD edibles. You can also use CBD crystals in a vaporizer.


      Using CBD crystals in a vaporizer

      If you want to use CBD crystals in a vaporizer, you should take a good look at the specifications of your device. Not all vaporizers are suitable for these crystals. There are those that can only vaporize dry herbs. An oil can or liquid pad is therefore required. Also pay close attention to the temperature, you should not heat the crystals too much. The optimum temperature is 175 degrees.


      CBD oil and CBD crystals: what are the differences?

      When you think about using CBD, you may immediately think of CBD oil. But it would be a shame not to also see if CBD crystals might be something for you. The fact that CBD oil is the most used does not mean that it is also the best way to take this cannabinoid. The main difference between the two is in the purity. CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant, which also contains other substances: other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids . CBD crystals, however, are pure CBD, with a purity of, in many cases, 99%. So there are no other substances in it and the product is very pure.


      The origin of CBD crystals

      In the webshop of Dr. Magic mushrooms can be found crystals from Plant of Life and Hempcare. These are all produced within Europe. The production is strictly controlled and the products comply with the strict legislation in force. These crystals come from organically grown hemp plants. This allows us to guarantee high quality CBD crystals.


      Is there THC in CBD crystals?

      Like THC, CBD comes from the hemp plant. However, this is the industrial hemp plant, which hardly produces any THC. It is, like THC, a cannabinoid, but the effects of the two substances are very different. CBD has no psychoactive properties. In addition, CBD crystals, as you could read earlier, are very pure. They contain only pure CBD and no other cannabinoids. So you can safely use them to support your health.


      How CBD crystals work

      The effect of CBD crystals can be very fast. If you put them directly under the tongue, it quickly enters your blood through the oral mucosa. When you vape the crystals, you inhale the substances and it takes a little longer before you notice anything. Even when eating or smoking in a joint, the effect will take a little longer. Once the substance has been absorbed into the blood, it can then do its job.


      Just like other CBD products, you can use CBD crystals for all kinds of complaints. These can be psychological complaints, such as anxiety, stress or insomnia. These crystals can also be very useful for physical complaints, such as headaches, asthma or rheumatism. CBD can have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.


      The right dose of CBD crystals

      It is impossible to say exactly how many CBD crystals you should take for your complaints. Every person is different and reacts in a unique way to CBD crystals. The dosage depends on what your complaint is, your body weight and how fast your metabolism is. That is why it is important to listen carefully to your own body. Start with a low dose of, for example, 10 mg and pay close attention to what you experience.


      Take such a dose for one or two weeks and keep track of how you feel. If you think you need more, increase the dose slowly and build up slowly. Fortunately, it is not possible to overdose on CBD, and the drug is safe to use. Give your body and mind time to get used to the CBD crystals. There is a good chance that you will not get rid of your complaint within a few days. Try CBD for at least a few weeks to a month.


      Buy CBD crystals online

      Are you looking for a natural remedy to tackle certain complaints, then CBD crystals are a good choice.e. You can buy it online from Dr. mushroom. You will find different types of crystals in different quantities here. Make your choice and order easily online. We will send your order in neutral packaging, so that you can get it to your home quickly and safely.

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