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    What is microdosing?

    Microdosing is consuming micro amounts of drugs or psychedelics in order not to completely lose your mind, but just to benefit from the positive mental development that certain substances can bring with them. Microdosing is mainly done with natural psychedelics such as magic mushrooms or truffles. It started with experimenting with LSD. LSD is a synthetic drug and is a powerful hallucinatory. After taking, for example, LSD or a natural psychedelic with the substance psilocybin, which occurs in magic mushrooms or truffles, there is an incredibly large increase in activity in the brain. This activity can be observed throughout the brain. This creates new brain connections. These new compounds are of great importance in this process. They can stimulate brain cells and help tackle conditions such as depression and addictions. Microdosing with psilocybin truffles or magic mushrooms is now also starting to get through to modern doctors. It won't be long before the first clinics for microdosing psilocybin therapy will open.

    Why microdosing with psychedelics such as magic mushrooms?

    As you have already read a bit above, microdosing is used against depression, stress or drug addictions. But did you know that psilocybin/psilocin (magic mushrooms and truffles) in particular can increase creativity in humans! In Silicon Valley, they've known this for decades. One after the other innovative ideas are brought to life here. Employees of large companies take a microdose of LSD or magic mushrooms (psilocybin) in the morning so that they can use the complicated brain to its full potential for the rest of the day. Because many more connections and branches are created in the entire brain between certain parts of the brain, it is possible to gain other insights into certain stuck thinking patterns. Stuck thinking patterns are difficult to break. This is because too few parts of the brain are active. By microdosing  with certain substances such as magic mushrooms or truffles, larger parts of the brain will be active.

    Which psychedelics are used for microdosing?

    Microdosing can be done with LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) or with natural psychedelics such as magic mushrooms, truffles and even some cacti. Magic mushrooms contain the substance psilocybin and the cacti mescaline. Both substances have a comparable effect and are therefore suitable for microdosing. They are hallucinators capable of recognizing, confronting and converting deep-seated negative feelings that were once created by suffering, powerlessness or the loss of a loved one into a positive charge or into acceptance. As a result, these emotional charges will no longer be negatively charged, so that they will no longer hinder you in daily life.

    Psychedelic fresh truffles good choice for microdosing

    If you have decided to microdose with psilocybin truffles, we advise you to do this with fresh truffles. These can be consumed immediately and are very easy to use. We offer ready-to-use microdosages in a handy vacuum prepackaged package with 6 x 1 gram doses. You can consume these immediately upon arrival and because the doses are individually packed, they remain super fresh. Start microdosing fresh truffles immediately after delivery!

    Psilocybin dried mushrooms for long-term microdosing

    If you have decided to start microdosing with mushrooms, you will first have to grow them before you can realize this. According to Dutch law it is forbidden to sell fresh magic mushrooms. This does not apply to the truffles by the way! If you want to microdosing with mushrooms you will have to order a grow kit to edit it before you can start microdosing. Because the magic mushrooms only remain good for a few days after it has been harvested, it is not possible to microdose with fresh magic mushrooms for 8 weeks. The mushrooms must first be dried before you can process them into a microdose. Dried mushrooms can be stored for both microdosing or a good trip for up to 1 to 1.5 years if they are vacuumed.

    Microdosing with mescaline cacti Peyote or San pedro

    The cacti Peyote and San Pedro contain the hallucinogenic substance mescaline. Mescaline can spiritually transform the mind. Like psilocybin, mescaline also has a mind-altering effect. These properties make it possible to microdose with these cacti. We recommend choosing psilocybin mushrooms or truffles instead of mescaline when you start microdosing. Processing a cactus into mescaline powder to follow nse to encapsulate this for microdosing is quite a task, this is not easy.

    Why microdosing with mushrooms and truffles?

    The secret behind microdosing with mushrooms and truffles is the substance psilocybin. This substance psilocybin has the power to deal with deep-seated depression. Many clinics do a lot of research into the effects of microdosing psilocybin truffles or magic mushrooms. It is the outcome of these studies that microdosing with magic truffles and magic mushrooms has started to become a real trend in the last 5 years. Microdosing with natural products such as magic mushrooms can really bring relief from depression.

    How do mushrooms and truffles microdose?

    Microdosing only works when taking a course of at least 6 to 8 weeks. If you are planning to microdose with truffles, you can do this with the ready-to-use vacuum prepackage. These are very easy to use and you don't have to grow truffles. You can start microdosing right away! If you are going to do this with magic mushrooms, you will first have to grow, dry and encapsulate them. Processing the fresh mushrooms is not very complicated, it just takes a lot of time.

    What is a microdose of dried mushrooms

    The dose varies from fresh to dry. A dry dose of magic mushrooms is not the same as a dry dose of truffles. This is because magic mushrooms contain more moisture than truffles. A microdose of dry mushrooms is between 0.1 and 0.4 grams.

    What is a microdose of dried truffles

    Because truffles contain less moisture (about 30%) than magic mushrooms, the dose is also different for a truffle than for the magic mushroom. A microdose of dry truffle is between 0.3 and 0.8 grams. A fresh dose of truffles is between 0.5 and 1.5/2 grams.

    With which products can you microdose at Dr.Paddo

    You can buy a psilocybin grow kit from us with which you can grow mushrooms for microdosing. We do not sell a microdose of fresh magic mushrooms because it is in violation of Dutch law. We do sell ready-to-use, pre-packaged microdoses of truffles. These are very easy to use and balanced. Make your choice, buy a grow kit and get started with drying the mushrooms and encapsulating them for microdosing or do you prefer to buy ready-to-go microdosing truffles. The choice is yours!

    What are medicinal mushrooms?

    Medicinal mushrooms are not magic mushrooms and therefore do not give a psychedelic feeling. These mushrooms have a rich history of medicinal use especially in the East. In China, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been around for thousands of years. This holistic medicine makes extensive use of mushrooms with special and active substances. Because the mushrooms have a unique effect, they are included in the TCM.

    The effects of medicinal mushrooms

    The effects or the medicinal effect of these mushrooms vary. The mushrooms contain powerful substances such as Betulinic acid; de has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The medicinal mushrooms mainly have a preventive effect. Below we explain a number of working properties of these medicinal mushrooms:

    Medicinal effect of medicinal mushrooms

    Medicinal mushrooms or fungi all have unique properties. What it is important to know is that they all support the body's functioning and the internal defense mechanism. Let's dig a little deeper into this:

    Immune system boosts me medicinal mushrooms

    When it comes to supporting the immune system, the Turkey Tail mushroom is the leader. The Turkey Tail has an antibacterial, antiviral and immune system strengthening effect.

    Betulinic acid is one of the powerful substances of some medicinal mushrooms

    The Chaga mushroom contains Betulinic acid. This substance in the Chaga medicinal mushroom has an anti-tumor effect by blocking the enzyme topoisomerase. A valuable and powerful player in the field of Holistic Medicine.

    Which medicinal mushrooms can you buy at Dr.Paddo

    We offer medicinal mushrooms in extracts. You can choose a liquid extract or a dried powder extract in capsule. Both different extracts contain powerful substances from the unique medicinal mushroom. You can buy the following medicinal mushroom extracts from us: Chaga Lion's Mane Turkey Tail Coryceps Reishi.

    What are magical psilocybin truffles?

    A magical truffle grows in the mycelium of the magic mushroom. The mycelium is a fungal network of hypha (sort ofn wires) from which the fruit (the magic mushrooms) grows when the climate is favorable for reproduction by means of spores that the magic mushrooms drops by opening its hat. A truffle grows in the mycelium and has the function of storing nutrients including psilocybin to support the mushrooms during emergence when the climate is not favorable. The mushrooms draw the nutrients from the magic truffle in order to be able to stand up. Magic truffles contain psilocybin just like magic mushrooms!

    Which magic truffles are suitable for a beginner or first time?

    We offer many different types of psychedelic truffles. Of course we have truffles in different strengths, so it is important to inform yourself first which one suits you best. The description describes which magic truffles is suitable for which user. To make it easy for you, we will highlight two truffles below for a first introduction:

    Pajaritos truffles

    The Pajaritos is a cheerful truffle and very suitable for a first encounter with psilocybin. This social truffle is known for its philosophical laughter effects. The visual effects are mild, making this truffle very good as a scoial truffle for a beginner.

    Tampanensis truffles

    Also called the Philosopher's Stone. This truffle gives a philosophical trip, even more than the Pajaritos, combined with a euphoric feeling of intangibility. The effects are generally mild. This makes this psychedelic truffle a good choice for first-time psilocybin tripping.

    Which psilocybin truffles are the strongest?

    Of course we also have very strong truffles in our range that we will not advise for a first acquaintance. The amount of the truffles also has something to do with the strength. A trip with more truffles will often lead to a deeper experience. For this reason, our strongest truffle varieties are also packed in 22 and 25 grams packaging. With such amounts you could even experience an out of body experience. We again explain two of them:

    Amazonia truffles visual spectacle

    The Amazonia is a powerful truffle with extreme visual effects. These psychedelic truffles lend themselves very well to the use of a mindfold. With a mind flold (sort of sleeping mask) you will not be distracted and the journey will start to your deep inner soul! These truffles are not for beginners!

    Double Vision truffles extremely strong

    A mix of extreme truffle varieties, namely the Hollandia and Utopia truffles. Super all-round effects and beautifully balanced by bringing these two truffles together. 25 grams packaging enough to experience a spiritual journey full of visual geometric patterns and colors, of course if desired! Don't use these truffles if it's your first time tripping with psychedelics!

    What are the effects of magic truffles?

    Magic truffles and magic mushrooms contain the substance psilocybin. The effects are created by the substance psilocin and not psilocybin. After ingesting the truffles or mushrooms, psilocybin will be converted by the body to psilocin. The psilocin cell is very similar to that of serotonin. This allows the substance psilocin to attach to the serotonin receptors. The effects that come about as a result are; visions, bright colors, geometric patterns, elevation in body energy, philosophy, spiritual awakening, other insights into stuck thought processes.

    Buy magic truffles and magic mushrooms from Dr. Paddo fast delivery

    If you buy fresh magic truffles or magic mushrooms from us, we will pack them with great care and send them with track and trace. We receive a new shipment of psychedelic truffles every week. This guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our truffles. Buy your magic truffles from Dr. Paddo and you won't regret it!

    What is a magic mushroom grow kit or grow kit?

    A magic mushroom is another Dutch name for a magic mushroom. Magic mushrooms are very popular worldwide for their psychedelic effects. This natural psychedelic contains the substance psilocybin and is therefore of great value to many users. You can no longer buy mushrooms fresh or dried in the Netherlands. However, it is possible to buy a grow kit or grow kit with which you can easily grow magic mushrooms yourself. A grow kit is not prohibited, just like growing magic mushrooms at home. A grow kit is therefore the solution for growing magic mushrooms!

    Growing magic mushrooms with ease with a growkit!

    You can grow magic mushrooms with spores or with a grow kit. A grow kit contains everything wwhat you need to grow magic mushrooms. This is not the case with tracks. A grow kit contains a grow bag, paper clips, active mycelium, substrate and a plastic tray. It is very easy to set up a grow kit and to maintain it during the cultivation of the mushrooms. We will always promote a grow kit over tracks. You set up the grow kit within 21 days and you have mushrooms. Of course, you also have to work cleanly with a grow kit and follow the instructions carefully.

    Which mushroom grow kit do we sell?

    We sell three different brands of mushroom grow kits. The All-In-One, Premium and the FreshMushrooms. Each brand of grow kit has its own set-up instructions. Each mushroom grow kit is easy to set up and before you know it the mushrooms will be flying around your ears! A Magic Mushroom grow kit can be harvested several times if the instruction is followed correctly. This means that you can grow a lot of magic mushrooms with a mushroom grow kit. Let's explain the brands below:

    McSmart magic mushroom All-In-One grow kit

    The McSmart All-In-One grow kits are very reliable when it comes to multiple flushes from a grow kit. An All-In-One mushroom grow kit is produced by mycologists, who are experts in the field of mushrooms and fungi. The All-In-One mushroom grow kit contains everything you need to grow magic mushrooms.

    Premium magic mushroom grow kit

    A premium mushroom grow kit gives a great harvest, but the chance of a third flush is smaller than with an All-In-One. The harvests can be bigger than the All-In-One or the FreshMushrooms. Set up of the premium magic mushroom grow kit  is also simple and similar to that of the All-In-One grow kits.

    FreshMushsrooms magic growkit

    The Freshmushrooms, of these three magic mushroom grow kits, is the easiest to grow and set up. All you have to do is take the grow kit out of the cardboard box and place it in the supplied grow bag and that's it in terms of setup. It really is dead simple! The Freshmushrooms grow kits are the easiest to grow, but getting multiple flushes can be tricky.

    Which grow kit or magic mushrooms are suitable for the first time?

    For a first introduction to psilocybin, it is very important that you do not choose too strong mushrooms or grow kit. This can turn your world upside down and it is not necessary at all if you start with a light mushroom strain. By light magic mushrooms we mean a magic mushroom or grow kit with light psychedelic effects. It is important that you first feel whether psilocybin is something for you. You can't do that with, for example, a powerful Copelandia or McKennaii mushroom grow kit. This will provide you with an intense feeling and visualizations that could overwhelm you because you are not used to this feeling. But which mushroom trains are suitable for beginners? Those are the Mexican, B+ and the Thai mushroom grow kit. If you have already taken magic mushrooms, you could go for the Ecuadorian, Colombian or Cambodian grow kit. These are in between the strong and light grow kits.

    What are the strongest magic mushrooms or growkit we sell?

    The strongest magic mushroom species we sell is the Copelandia Hawaiian magic mushroom grow kit. These are so strong that they belong to one of the strongest psychedelic magic mushrooms in the world! We also only recommend this mushroom to people who have tripped with mushrooms at least 5 times. Always start with this mushroom strain or grow kit with a low dose so that you will not be faced with a nasty surprise.

    What are mushroom spores?

    A mushroom spore is like a seed like that of an apple. The mushroom (when opening the mushroom hat) will drop the spores on the ground or it will be carried by the wind first, once landed the germination process will begin. These spores will once again develop a mycelium under the ground, which will eventually produce the mushroom as a fruit.

    How do you use mushroom spores?

    Cultivating magic mushrooms or truffles with spores is not as easy as people think. The complicated thing is not in making a substrate on which the spores are inoculated, but mainly in sterilizing and working hygienically. A small bacterium can cause the entire mushroom cultivation to fail. There are several ways to grow your magic mushrooms with mushroom spores. Make your own grow kit! This can be done with a spore syringe, spore bottle or a spore print.


    Use a Liquid Culture if you want to grow a lot of mushrooms with a Spore bottle

    A spore bottle is a bottle that is full of viable mushroom spores. You insert a hypodermic needle into this bottle and suck up the spores. Note that the concentration of spores is very high in a spore bottle. Because of this, if you do not use (sort of) thinner (liquid Culture), you will be able to clean the substrate overdose. This means that at the point where you dropped the spores or inoculated far too many mushrooms will grow on top of each other and not be well distributed. You definitely want to avoid this. the magic mushrooms need space. After all, you want to distribute the spores well over the substrate so that you can achieve a maximum harvest of magical psychedelic mushrooms. If you want to grow with a spore bottle, a Liquid Culture is of great importance. With a spore bottle you can grow kilos of magic mushrooms!

    Use a Spore Syringe to easily grow magic mushrooms

    A spore syringe is easier to use than a spore bottle. This is because the concentration of mushroom spores is lower than with a spore bottle. As a result, you will not easily overdose on an inoculation point. Here too, it is always important to sterilize all products that you are going to use in this process. This is very important when growing with mushroom spores.

    Cultivating magic mushrooms with a Spore print 

    This is the most difficult of the three ways to grow magic mushrooms. We therefore always advise you to go for the options above if you want to work with bpaddo tracks. If you are still interested, follow these steps. Open the spore print and place a pinch of spores in a shot glass with a few drops of sterile water. Insert the needle and make a twisting motion until most of the spores are dissolved. You can also suck up the water with the needle and squirt it out again. Repeat this process until the spores are completely dissolved. Once dissolved, suck up the spores again and the injection needle is ready for use.

    How many magic mushrooms can you grow with mushroom spores?

    If you know how to exclude infections, you can easily grow kilos of magic mushrooms with mushroom spores. A spore bottle contains millions of mushroom spores! It is essential to work hygienically. No good hygiene means no harvest or only small quantities!

    Which grow accessory do I need to grow magic mushrooms with a grow kit?

    Many growers think that if they have bought a grow kit, they are 100% sure that mushrooms will come out. A mushroom grow kit can get infected very easily. That is why we always advise you to always order gloves and a mouth mask when ordering a mushroom spore syringe or bottle, but certainly also when ordering a grow kit. This prevents complications that you would rather not see.

    Why use gloves and a mask when setting up and growing magic mushrooms?

    Hands are bacteria carriers. You touch everything with your hands and sometimes you forget to wash them properly. Your grow kit only needs to be infected 1x and 9 out of 10 times it is immediately over. Sterile gloves don't cost that much and it will save you a lot of trouble. This also applies to a mouth cap. Imagine seeing the first magic mushrooms emerging. From that moment on, you will open the growbag daily to mist the inside of the bag. Your mouth contains a lot of bacteria. If one cough or some mouth mucus falls in the grow bag on the mushrooms, it can immediately develop a fungus that you can hardly get rid of. Don't take any chances, this would be a waste of your money and mushrooms. Therefore, always order gloves and a mouth cap if you are going to work with a mushroom grow kit or grow kit.

    How do you make a magic mushroom substrate or grow kit with grow accessories?

    There are many different growing accessories that can help you put together a substrate. You will have to deal with growing accessories for cultivating magic mushrooms. We will briefly list a number of combinations of mushroom substrates below: Rice flour and vermiculite (PF-Tek method) Coconut fiber and vermiculite Straw Manure Coffee grounds Soya hulls Sawdust and/or Wood chips Note: The mushroom substrate must also be sterilized before you start inoculation of the mushroom spores.

    Buy mushroom growing accessories at Dr. Paddo!

    Do you have questions about growing techniques or how to use certain growing accessories to grow a lot of magic mushrooms? Please contact us! We will try to help you as best we can by explaining how you can use these growing accessories to achieve a great mushroom harvest. Once ordered, we will carefully pack the growing accessories and send them with track and trace. You can buy magic mushrooms and truffles at Dr.Paddo!

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