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      In a stash can you can keep your money, jewelry, weed, hash or other valuables. Show more



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      With their unobtrusive design, people will certainly not suspect that there is something special in it. Stash cans are easy to order online in the shop of Dr. Paddo.


      Easily buy storage box online

      Are you looking for a nice stash box? Of course, you just order it online. Ordering is quick and easy, and you will receive your inconspicuous stash can quickly. We pack your order in a neutral box, so that nobody knows what you have ordered.


      Keep your stuff in a storage box

      What can you store in a stash box? First, of course, money. Many people like to have cash on hand. And certainly now that the banks are no longer so safe, and you even have to pay interest to put money in an account, keeping your money at home is a much better alternative. But that has to be done safely, otherwise you make it very easy for burglars. A stash box is the ideal storage place: it just looks like a can (with fish food or chips). No one will suspect that you keep your valuables in it. But the stash box is of course also very suitable for storing weed or other resources.


      The alternative to keep your money

      Do you have very valuable items or cash at home? Often people keep this somewhere in their own home, such as the wardrobe, in the attic, under the mattress or in a drawer. But no matter how well you brainstorm, any place you can think of, a burglar container also think of. A better solution might be a safe space under the floor or a hole in the yard. But that's a lot of work, and you can't even get your stuff out easily. Therefore, you would be much better off going for a stash box. You can easily tuck it in and get it back quickly. You know where your valuables are, and criminals will easily overlook such a stash. So it's time to order your stash can online, so that you can safely hide your money.


      Mobile storage area

      What is also very handy about the stash box is that you can take it with you. You probably know this yourself: you go out for a day, for example, to the beach with your family. You put your things together on the sand. But what do you do when you go for a swim or get an ice cream? What do you do with your valuables, such as your car keys, jewelry or money? Putting it in your shoe or just in your bag, that is certainly not safe. But in a stash can, like the Stash Can Pringles, no one would expect to find anything valuable in there. So you can just leave this stash can in your bag, play with the kids, with the peaceful feeling that your belongings are safe.


      For all your valuables

      Whatever you want to keep, if it fits in a stash can, you can keep it safe. So think of valuable jewelry, such as rings, earrings or necklaces. But cash can also be kept in the stash box. These handy storage places are unobtrusive, you can put them in the pantry or even on a side table and no one will suspect that there is something valuable in there.


      Tightvac storage boxes

      There are also tightvac containers available, these are very suitable for storing food, such as herbs. You can seal these containers airtight, so that everything stays fresh, dry and shelf-stable for longer. 


      Different sizes of storage boxes and tightvac containers

      Looking for a good stash can or tightvac container? At, Dr. Paddo can be found in different sizes and colours. Handy is of course the Pringles stash can, which will not stand out if it is in a cupboard somewhere. The canned fish food can also fit into your household, but it is useful if you also have fish. Tightvac containers are available in all shapes, sizes and colours.


      Time to order your storage box?

      Wondering when is the best time to order your stash box? If you want to store herbs and other valuables in it, you can of course do that right away. Thinking about keeping your money at home but think it's better to wait until interest rates go negative? Then remember that when the time comes, a lot of people want to get their money from the bank. That will cause problems, because the majority of the money in a bank only exists digitally. It is not literally present in the sofa. Therefore, if everyone is withdrawing money at the same time, not everyone will be able to get it. Then you better be ahead of this, order your stash can and keep your money safe at home.


      Order your stash can online

      Why wait? Buy your stash can or tightvac online now in the Dr. Paddo. This is done quickly and anonymously, and you will receive your product as soon as possible in an anonymous packaging orsent. Keep all your valuables safe in a stash box and order it today.

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