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      If you would like to take your herbs in a capsule, you can use a capsule machine. Show more


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      Capsule Machine - size 1

      Capsule Machine - size 1

      With this small but very effective machine you c...
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      € 22,50
      Capsule Machine - Maat 00

      Capsule Machine - Maat 00

      With this small but very effective machine you c...
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      € 22,50
      Capsule Machine - Maat 0

      Capsule Machine - Maat 0

      With this small but very effective machine you c...
      In stock
      € 22,50

      This is especially true if seeds and herbs do not taste so pleasant. But it can also be more convenient to take capsules, for example when you are on the road or at work. With homemade capsules, you can take your herbs anytime, anywhere. And with a capsule machine, making your own capsules is no longer a problem.

      Discover the Perfect Capsule Machine for Your Lifestyle

      In the world of grinders, bongs, party goods and 420 clothing, a good capsule machine is an indispensable tool for lovers of herbs and supplements. This essential device allows you to make your own capsules, precisely tailored to your personal preferences and needs. Let's dive deeper into the possibilities that a capsule machine offers in combination with other lifestyle products.

      Encapsulating Machine: Your Key to Customization

      With a capsule machine, you have full control over the contents of your capsules. This is especially important for those concerned with the quality and purity of their supplements. Whether it concerns grinding herbs with a grinder or creating a specific blend, a capsule machine ensures that you know exactly what you are taking.

      Ease of use and Efficiency

      A capsule machine is not only a tool for precision, but also for convenience. These machines are designed to make the process of capsule making quick and easy. With a reliable encapsulating machine, you save time and ensure consistent quality and size of your capsules.

      Combination with Grinders

      A grinder is an ideal partner for your capsule machine. Grinding herbs into a fine powder is essential for a uniform and effective capsule. With a high-quality grinder you ensure that your herbs are perfectly prepared for processing into capsules.

      The Scroll of Grinders

      Grindersplay a crucial role in the preparation of herbs. They ensure a consistent texture, which is important for the optimal functioning of your capsule machine. Using a grinder ensures that your herbs are evenly distributed in each capsule.

      The Capsule Machine as the Heart of your Lifestyle

      An encapsulating machine is more than a simple device; it is an essential part of a modern, health-conscious and stylish lifestyle. It forms a perfect synergy with grinders, bongs, party goods and cannabis clothing, making it an indispensable instrument for anyone who likes to live their life their own way. With a capsule machine in your possession, you're ready to take your health and your personal style to the next level.

      The convenience of an encapsulating machine

      Herbs and seeds are rich in all kinds of healthy nutrients, but sometimes the flavors are nothing to write home about. If you still want to benefit from the active substances, it is also possible to take a homemade capsule. This is made easy with an encapsulating machine. This takes the work off your hands: You can easily fill a large number of caps at the same time with the mix of herbs and extracts you want.

      In Dr. Paddo's headshopyou will find everything you need: different sizes of capsules and capsule machines. Keep an eye on. A capsule machine can only process capsules of a certain size. Our caps are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. These effective devices make it possible to easily and quickly make your own supplements at home.

      How does this machine work?

      If you want to make capsules from your favorite herbs at home, it is useful to first check what dosages you need. You need more of some herbs before you notice an effect, while others only need a little bit. So you want to choose the right size for your capsules. The sizes for capsules and the capsule machine are divided into 00 (the largest size), 0 (medium size) and 1 (the smallest size). The capsule machine also works with these formats. So if you want 00 capsules, you also need a 00 capsule machine.

      If you want to make capsules yourself and have the correct, empty capsule and a capsule machine ready, you can follow the following steps: First grind the herbs (for example with a coffee grinder or mortar). Place the empty caps in the machine and divide the ground herbs until the capsules are full. You can press the herbs a little with the tamper. You also fill the other side of the caps with herbs. Then place the top of the capsules on the bottom, press firmly and then they are ready. So it is actually very simple and fast to make your own capsules with a capsule machine.

      Order an encapsulating machine online

      Convenience serves people, so if you want capsules yourself, for your herbs or seeds, then take a look around Dr. Paddo. Here you will find the handy encapsulating machine, with which you can process your herbs into capsules in no time. You can also order vegetarian or gelatin caps per 100 pieces. Find the right size with the same size capsule machine. Before you know it, you can make your own herbal mixes and take such an easy capsule. When you order, we will process your order quickly and send it to you in anonymous packaging.

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