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    Feminized Cannabis Seeds

      Feminized Cannabis Seeds

      Only female cannabis plants produce the active substances and aroma’s that you love as a cannabis lover. Show more



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      Male cannabis plants do not have this and are only used to fertilize the female plant. As a grower, you naturally only want female cannabis plants, because these ensure that they grow buds. Through breeding, we have managed to grow feminized seeds, and you can easily order them in our online seed shop.

      What are feminized cannabis-seeds?

      If you buy feminized cannabis-seeds, you have a 99.9% chance of producing buds. In other words: they almost always become female cannabis plants. The female cannabis plants provide good buds with high THC values. You also prevent the female cannabis plant from being pollinated by male plants. The feminized cannabis-seeds are almost all photoperiodic and must be grown with a good balance between light and darkness.

      Why you should buy feminized cannabis-seeds

      The main reason why you buy feminized cannabis-seeds is because these seeds almost always produce female buds. The cultivation itself is also easier with feminized cannabis plants, because you do not have to pay attention to whether male plants are growing. Our feminized cannabis-seeds are also on par with other cannabis plants in terms of strength and aroma. It is not without reason that stoners praise the high of these cannabis plants.

      We also see that the yields are greater than those of autoflower or normal cannabis-seeds, because you only grow female weed plants, regardless of whether this is indoors or outdoors. As soon as you use normal cannabis-seeds, you have about a 50 percent chance that a cannabis plant will be male. In this case, you cannot harvest the plant. In addition, the male cannabis plant will pollinate the female cannabis plants. This means that the female cannabis plant is pollinated and produces seeds instead of buds. Handy, but not what you want if you are going to grow weed for smoking.

      Autoflower cannabis-seeds: Convenience and Efficiency in Your Garden

      Autoflower cannabis-seeds are a revolutionary step in the world of cannabis cultivation. These seeds are genetically designed so that the plants automatically start flowering after a certain period of time, regardless of the light cycle. This makes them particularly suitable for novice growers or those who want a quick harvest.

      What is the difference between feminized indica and Sativa cannabis-seeds?

      As a rule, you can buy two types of feminized cannabis-seeds: Sativa and indica cannabis-seeds. There can be major differences between indica varieties and sati varieties. This has to do with the terpene profiles and THC content. The strain is significant for us growers. The two feminized cannabis types depend on the leaf shape, plant size and flowering time.

      Feminized indica cannabis-seeds

      If you start growing indicas, you will immediately notice that the plants are a lot smaller and have wider leaves. The feminized weed plants also have a bushier structure and flower slightly faster than the Sativa weed plants. The indicas generally thrive in colder and rainier climates.

      Feminized Sativa cannabis-seeds

      The Sativa weed plants grow very large and have thin leaves and longer branches. It takes longer for them to finish flowering and in general the feminized Sativa cannabis plant grows best in warmer climates with enough sunlight.

      Many cannabis-seeds nowadays are a hybrid cannabis seed of a mix of indica and Sativa. This means that they both have characteristics of both plants. This is important to know as a cannabis grower to create an ideal climate.

      What are CBD Seeds?

      CBD seeds are cannabis-seeds that have been bred to produce plants with a high CBD content. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid known for its potential therapeutic properties, without the psychoactive effects of THC.

      Which feminized seeds are best to buy?

      Of course, we have an extensive range of feminized cannabis-seeds to choose from. Of course, this also depends on your preference for THC strength and taste. That is why we have feminized cannabis-seeds in every strength. Our feminized cannabis-seeds are from the well-known brand Vision Seeds. They have been breeding and creating strong strains such as Wedding Cake X Triple OG and Choco buds for years. If you want a calm high, choose strains like Cheese or Blue Power.

      Basic Growing Supplies

      For growing cannabis, whether autoflower, CBD-rich or other strains, you need the right cultivation supplies needed. This includes basic items such as pots, soil, nutrients, and appropriate lighting for indoor growing.

      Are feminized cannabis-seeds the same as photoperiod seeds?

      A feminized cannabis seed produces a female plant in almost 100% of the cases. Photoperiodic cannabis-seeds grow weed plants whose flowering depends on the light cycle. A feminized cannabis seed can therefore be photoperiodic. An autoflower cannabis seed is not photoperiodic, but can be feminized.

      Buy feminized seeds online

      You can easily buy feminized cannabis-seeds in our online seed shop. Buying feminized cannabis-seeds makes growing a lot easier, and you don't have to worry about male cannabis plants during cultivation. This allows you to grow cannabis with a high THC content faster and more efficiently without having to use whole plants. Do you want autoflower cannabis-seeds or do you need growing equipment for growing cannabis? A PH meter, calibration meter, a growbible and trimming scissors are almost indispensable for growing your own weed. Order all this online now in our online seedshop!

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