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    Feminized Cannabis Seeds

      Feminized Cannabis Seeds

      Only female cannabis plants produce the active substances and aroma’s that you love as a cannabis lover. Show more



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      Male plants don’t produce these substances and aromas and are only used to pollinate female plants. As a cultivator, you only want female cannabis plants, as these produce delicious tops. By ennobling cannabis seeds, you can buy now feminized cannabis seeds that you can buy on our webshop. 

      What are feminized cannabis seeds?

      If you buy feminized cannabis seeds you are assured that they will produce tops. In other words: you will always get female cannabis plants. These plants produce great tops with high THC values. By using feminized cannabis seeds, you are also assured that male plants pollinate your female plants. Our feminized weed seeds almost all need photoperiods and have to be grown with a good balance between light and darkness.

      Why you should buy feminized cannabis seeds

      The most important reason why you should buy feminized cannabis seeds is that you will always produce tops. Cultivating cannabis is also easier as you don’t have to worry that you grow male cannabis. Also in power and aroma have these plants the same quality as regular weed seeds. This is why stoners love the high of feminized cannabis plants. We also notice that yields are bigger in comparison to autoflower-cannabis and normal weed seeds as the feminized seeds only produce female plants. As soon as you have regular weed seeds you have a 50 percent chance you’ll grow a male cannabis plant. This means that it could pollinate female plants. The female plant will grow in this case only seeds instead of tops. Useful, but not if you want to grow tops. 

      What’s the difference between feminized Indica and Sativa weed seeds?

      In most cases, you can buy two types of feminized weed seeds: Sativa and Indica seeds. These two strains differ a lot. This is due to the terpene profiles and THC values. These two feminized weed strains flower differently and also have different sizes and leaves. 

      Feminized Indica cannabis seeds

      If you want to grow Indica cannabis seeds then you’ll notice that the plants are smaller and have wider leaves. The feminized cannabis plants are bushier and bloom faster than Sativa plants. The Indica plants grow better in colder and rainier climates.

      Feminized Sativa cannabis seeds

      Sativa cannabis plants are bigger and have thinner leaves and long stems. This causes the plant to grow slower. These plants grow best in warm climates with a high number of light hours. Most weed seeds are hybrid strains from Sativa and Indica. This means that they have characteristics of both types. This is important to know as you want to create the best climate possible. 

      Which feminized cannabis seeds should I buy?

      We have of course a wide variety of feminized seeds that you can choose from. The choice is mostly dependent on the THC values and taste that you like. This is why we have a wide range to choose from. All our feminized cannabis seeds are produced by Vision Seeds. They have ennobled cannabis seeds for decades and made strong strains such as Wedding Cake x Triple OG and Choco buds. Do you want a more easy high, then we recommend strains such as Cheese or Blue Power.

      Are feminized cannabis seeds the same as photoperiod cannabis seeds?

      Feminized cannabis seeds produce almost 100% of all cases female seeds. When you grow photoperiod cannabis, then is the weed dependent on light hours. A feminized cannabis seed can need a photoperiod. An autoflower seed isn’t dependent on light hours but can be feminized. 

      Buy your feminized cannabis seeds online

      In our online seed shop, you can buy feminized weed seeds. Buying these, make sure that you can easily grow female plants, and also means that you can grow faster and more efficient weed with high THC values. Do you want auto flower cannabis seeds or do you need growing supplies to grow weed? Then you’ll need a PH meter, calibration meter, a grow bible, trimming scissors, and other products that are almost indispensable to grow your weed. Order all these products online in our weed shop! 

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