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    Smokers Accessories

    Smokers Accessories

     Of course you order all these things online at Dr.Paddo

    Order ashtrays online

    It's the case: When you smoke, ashes come from your joint or cigarette and you have to leave it somewhere. You won't want to drop the ashes on the floor anyway. An ashtray is therefore a handy accessory. Of course you can go for a very practical design, but you can just as easily make a statement with your ashtray. For example, choose one with a nice logo (Ashtray Amsterdam) or an ashtray in the shape of a cannabis leaf (Leaf Ashtray Green). This is a style object that fits who you are and deserves a nice place in your home. And don't forget, a special ashtray is of course also a great gift for a smoking friend.


    A good lighter

    A good lighter is half the battle, and makes smoking a lot more pleasant. You will find handy Clipper lighters or a real Dr. Mushroom lighter. No fumbling to get your lighter on, just a steady flame. If you really want to be sure that you will light your joint or cigarette in all circumstances, choose a gas lighter. These give a powerful flame that stays lit even in strong winds. And of course they are also very handy for lighting the barbecue or gas stove.


    Additional accessories

    Everything you need for smoking can be found at Dr. mushroom. For example, you can purchase a rolling tray . This prevents your herbs from ending up all over the table or the floor while rolling your cigarette or joint. The tray is also handy to keep everything you need clearly together. The rolling tray is a kind of bowl on which you can roll your joint, but you can also put your lighter, rolling papers, tips and grinder down, for example. We have stylish black trays, but also fun colored ones. You can also purchase your rolling papers, tips and cones from us.


    Buy all smoking accessories online

    For anyone who needs smoking accessories, Dr. Mushroom the place to be. We have a wide variety of smoking equipment, from ashtrays to lighters and from rolling papers to cones. Once you've found what you need, order it and we'll make sure it's delivered to your home as soon as possible.

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