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    Rapé is a mixture of different plants from the Amazon region. The main ingredient is the wild tobacco plant (Nicotiana rustica).This has a much stronger effect than the well-known Nicotiana tabacum. Show more



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    Rapé Kanna  Sceletium tortuosum 5 GR

    Rapé Kanna Sceletium tortuosum 5 GR

    The use of rapé, pronounced al ha-pay, goes bac...
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    Rapé Macambo passiebloem  Kanamari  5 GR
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    Rapé Bobinsana  5 GR

    Rapé Bobinsana 5 GR

    Thousands of years ago, rapé, also pronounced h...
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    Rapé Caapi  5 GR

    Rapé Caapi 5 GR

    Rapé is traditionally a shamanic snuff from the...
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    Kuripe  Bamboo

    Kuripe Bamboo

    A Kuripe, also known as Tepi pipe, is used durin...
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    Together with a few other plants, the tobacco plant is ground and the rapé can be used. It has a mind-expanding, but also stimulating effect.


    What is rape?

    Rapé, pronounced ha-pé, has been used by the indigenous peoples of Central and South America for centuries. This mixture can have psychoactive, but also stimulating effects. There are different types of rapé, each with its own characteristics. It does, however, always contain Nicotiana rustica, a plant that is twenty times as potent as the ordinary tobacco plant.

    The shamans who use rapé do this to make contact with the other world. For them, rapé is sacred because it helps them to receive important messages. This way they can better help their people. Rapé is used during ceremonies and rituals. And they didn't just do that in the past. No, rapé is still used today. The effects of this drug are so powerful that people can gain life-changing insights.


    What does rapé consist of?

    Not only Nicotiana rustica is added to rapé, but also other plants from the Amazon rainforest. The strong tobacco is often combined with psychoactive plants, such as kanna, caapi or passion flower. Other vegetable ingredients are also added and sometimes alkaline ash. All kinds of combinations are possible. The natives of Central America have their own recipes and will not be releasing them anytime soon.


    What are the benefits of rapé?

    Of course it depends on the kind of rapé you use, what the effects are. Shamans and priests use it during their sacred rituals. Many Western users see it as a means of opening the mind and having hallucinations or visions. Some rapé will only make you dreamy (eg Caapi), but others can cause a powerful psychedelic trip.

    Rapé is considered by shamans as a purifying agent. When blown into your nose, it cleanses the mind, emotions and spirit. If they use it themselves, it can help them rebalance their energy field. The herbal mixture has a detoxifying effect and can therefore possibly heal someone from physical and mental illnesses.

    Furthermore, rapé contains a high concentration of nicotine. This has a stimulating effect, giving you a boost in your energy. Hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine and acetylcholine are produced, which improves your concentration and you can experience a clarification and sharpening of your consciousness.


    Using rapé

    Rapé is originally used with a bamboo or bone pipe (in Brazilian this is called tepi). It takes two people, one taking the drug and the other blowing the rapé into your nose using the tepi. If you want to use rapé yourself, you can use a V-shaped pipe, a kuripe. You put one pipe in your mouth and the other in your nostril. This way you can blow the rapé into your nose yourself.

    It does have advantages to use a tepi, where a second person is present. If you are alone and you get a dose of rapé in one nostril, that can be quite intense. As a result, you may not be able to take the dose in the other nostril. If you have a tepi, the other person can always give you the next dose as well. But the advantage of a kuripe is that you have more control over what happens.


    The side effects

    As mentioned, rapé is a cleansing agent. It therefore has quite powerful effects on the body. If the drug is blown into your nose, you will notice that your nose will run immediately. It is important that you sit with your head bent over so that the mucus can drain out easily. That may sound unappealing, but you have to see it as detoxification and that you get rid of harmful substances that way. This is how your body is cleansed.

    Make sure the rapé and mucus mixture doesn't run down your throat. If it does, don't swallow it. Clear your throat and spit it out. The use of rapé can also cause nausea and diarrhea.


    Order rapé online

    You can easily order Rapé online via Dr. mushroom. You have the choice, you can take a look around and so you can choose the rapé that suits your purposes. Ordering is quick and easy. We pack your order in neutral packaging and send it to you quickly.

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