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    Rolling Trays

    Cannabis rolling trays are designed to simplify the process of rolling joints, blunts or cigarettes. These trays provide a clean, flat surface on which to organize all essentials such as cannabis, rolling papers, filters and lighters. Show more



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    What is a Cannabis Rolling Tray?

    A cannabis rolling tray is an essential smoker accessory for anyone who enjoys smoking cannabis. These handy trays are specially designed to simplify the process of rolling joints, blunts or spliffs. They provide a clean, flat surface on which to organize and use your smoking materials and accessories.

    Main Functions of Rolling Trays

    Cannabis rolling trays come in different sizes and styles, but they all share some key features:

    • Flat Surface: Provides an ideal surface for evenly distributing and rolling cannabis.
    • Edges: Prevent tobacco or cannabis from falling off the tray.
    • Durability: Made of materials such as metal, wood or plastic for long-lasting use.
    • Designs: Often decorated with creative and fun designs, in line with personal styles.

    The Use of Rolling Trays for Cannabis

    Efficiency and Cleanliness

    One of the biggest advantages of a cannabis roll tray is its efficiency. It provides a specific place to prepare your smoking session, making the process much neater and organized. No more hassle with loose herbs that get scattered everywhere.


    In addition to rolling joints, cannabis roll trays can also be used to store various smoking accessories such as grinders, rolling papers, tips and lighters. Some trays are even equipped with special compartments for these items.

    Which cannabis products belong on a Rolling Tray:

    Smoking papers: Essential for Every Smoker

    rolling papers, or rolling paper, are crucial for manually rolling joints. The choice of rolling paper can significantly influence the smoking experience. Thin papers provide a slower, even burn, while thicker papers provide a faster burn. With the right rolling paper, every session with "rolling trays of cannabis" becomes a pleasure.

    Choose the Right Rolling Paper

    • Thickness: Thin papers for slow burning or thicker papers for a faster experience.
    • Material: Organic, hemp or rice paper, depending on personal preference.
    • Size: From standard to king-size, the size of your rolling paper should suit your smoking needs.

    Lighters: More than Just Fire

    A good lighteris more than just a tool to light your joint. Whether you choose a simple BIC, a durable Zippo, or a wind-resistant torch, your choice of lighter can enhance your entire smoking experience.

    Choosing the Perfect Lighter

    • Type: Choose from disposable lighters, refillable models or torch lighters.
    • Design: From minimalist to striking, choose a design that suits your style.

    Tips: For a Perfect Smoking Experience

    Tips, or filter tips, are a small but essential addition to any joint. They not only provide a better structure, but also prevent herbs from getting into your mouth. Available in a variety of materials and sizes, tips are a simple upgrade for any smoker.

    Choose the Right Tips

    • Material: Paper, glass or reusable options.
    • Size: Depending on the thickness of your joint, choose a suitable size.

    Types of Cannabis Rolling Trays

    Different Materials

    • Metal Roll Trays: Durable and easy to clean.
    • Wooden Roll Trays: Offer a classic look and natural feel.
    • Plastic Roll Trays: Lightweight and often cheaper to purchase.

    Designs and Sizes

    Cannabis roll trays come in a wide range of designs, from minimalist to artistic. Sizes vary from compact, portable trays to larger tabletop models.

    Personalization and Style

    A Reflection of Personality

    Choosing a cannabis rolling tray is also a way to show off your personal style. Many users see their tray as a reflection of their personality, similar to choosing a unique phone case or bag.

    Custom Roll Trays

    For those who want something truly unique, there are options to personalize rolling trays with your own designs or texts.

    Ashtrays: Essential for Every Smoker

    An ashtrayis more than a container for ash. It is a crucial part of a tidy smoking area. From simple designs to luxurious models, there is an ashtray for every style and need.

    Find the Perfect Ashtray

    • Material: Choose from glass, ceramic, metal or durable plastic.
    • Design: From minimalist to artistic, find an ashtray that suits your interior.

    Cones: The Convenience of Pre-Rown Joints

    Cones, or pre-rolled cones, are ideal for those who don't have the time or skill to roll themselves.

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