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    If you're looking for kratom, you've come to the right place. Kratom's scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. It is also called kratum, ketum or short. This tree from Southeast Asia & euml; causes a cheerful, euphoric feeling. You can easily buy Kratom on Show more



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    Maeng Da White Kratom - Mitragyna Speciosa
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    Thai White Kratom - Mitragyna Speciosa

    Thai White Kratom - Mitragyna Speciosa

    This Thai White Kratom is of the highest quality...
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    Thai Red Kratom - Mitragyna Speciosa

    Thai Red Kratom - Mitragyna Speciosa

    This Thai Red Kratom is of the highest quality a...
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    Kratom Liquid 15X Extract - 10ml

    Kratom Liquid 15X Extract - 10ml

    Powerful and super quality Kratom Extract 15x in...
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    Kratom Max Relax 10 capsules

    Kratom Max Relax 10 capsules

    Jetpackkratom Max Relax capsules present a supe...
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    Kratom Thai extract 15x

    Kratom Thai extract 15x

    This powerful and super quality Kratom originate...
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    Kratom X Blue Lilly Liquid  10 Ml

    Kratom X Blue Lilly Liquid 10 Ml

    Kratom X Blue Lilly Liquid from Kratopia is a po...
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    Kratom Bronze vloeibaar extract 10 ml (JetpackKratom)
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    The origin of kratom

    Kratom is a deciduous tree common in Southeast Asia, mainly in Borneo, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. Inhabitants of these countries used kratom for a variety of ailments, as well as for its stimulating properties. People chew the leaves to get through the day more easily. Kratom gives an energy boost and helps you feel happier. That is of course nice if you have to do heavy work in a hot, tropical climate.

    The active ingredients in kratom

    Kratom has an effect on your brain because it contains alkaloids, such as mitragynine. This substance can influence the receptors in your brain. The effect is that it can improve your mood: you feel more positive and most people also suffer less from fears. That is one of the reasons that kratom has become more and more popular in recent years. If you feel inhibited by fear, using kratom can help you cope with it.

    A big advantage is that, unlike heavier drugs, kratom is much less addictive. However, you can build up tolerance, which means that you need more and more of the drug. That is why we recommend that you do not use kratom on a daily basis. & Nbsp;

    Three different types of kratom

    If you want to start using kratom, you will find that you can choose from three different types. Each species has a slightly different effect and you can tell them apart because they differ in color. There is red, green and white kratom, with red, green and white leaves and / or veins respectively.

    Red kratom

    This is the best strain to use if you are new to ketum. The red version helps you to relax, has a calming effect and makes you feel a bit euphoric. This kratom is therefore also good to use if you suffer from anxiety and stress. It's no wonder red kratom is the most popular of the three varieties.

    White kratom

    Use white kratom when you can use some energy. It has a strong stimulating effect, and at the same time has a positive effect on your mood. Feelings of euphoria can also occur.

    Green kratom

    Green kratom is somewhere between white and red in terms of effects. It has a mild effect, which provides a nice feeling of relaxation, but does not cause as strong an anesthetic as the red kratom. You will feel uplifted, but with a less powerful stimulant effect, such as with white kratom. It is also possible to mix green ketum with the white or the red to moderate its effects.

    The effects of kratom

    The leaves of this tropical tree have a narcotic effect at low doses, it helps you to calm down and can therefore also be useful for sleeping problems. At higher doses, the effect on your mood is positive with feelings of euphoria. Kratom gives you more energy and it also has analgesic properties.

    One of its most appreciated features is that kratom can reduce anxiety. Being held back by fears can have a negative impact on your life. Kratom can help you feel more social and comfortable with other people. Users indicate that they can talk to others more easily and dare to be themselves more.

    How can you use kratom?

    There are several ways you can take advantage of the benefits of kratom. There is bound to be one that feels good to you. First you can take it pure and unprocessed, like the people of Southeast Asia & euml; do: by chewing the leaves. Kratom can also be smoked, but in the Netherlands it is preferred to make tea from it.

    A little experimentation is of course also fun. If you buy kratom powder, you can use it in a smoothie, milkshake or put it on a salad. You can also opt for kratom drops, which are easy to use. You can mix a few drops with drinks or drip them under the tongue. Or opt for kratom capsules, another option to use this special agent.

    The possibilities of kratom for depression

    Fortunately, research into the potency of kratom is ongoing. In Thailand, the director of the National Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine indicated in 1999 that kratom could potentially be used as an antidepressant. In the meantime, studies have been done and a 2018 review seems to indicate that kratom has a positive effect on mood and can reduce anxiety. More research is needed, but the results are hopeful.

    Order kratom online in our webshop

    Whether you want to order red, white or green kratom, we have all types in stock. Take a look around and order kratom tea, powder, capsules or resin in our webshop. We ship in neutral packaging, so privacy is guaranteed.

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