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    Sometimes your love life can leave something to be desired and then it is good that there are aphrodisiacs. Show more



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    CBD Love Gummies

    CBD Love Gummies

    These aphrodisiac CBD Love Gummies will bring ...
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    € 9,95
    Cantha Drops Strong - 15ml

    Cantha Drops Strong - 15ml

    These super strong love drops from Cantha are ve...
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    € 11,50
    Cola Nut - 50 Gram

    Cola Nut - 50 Gram

    Kola nut is the seed of a 6 meter high tree that...
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    € 6,95
    Spanish Fly Extra  15 ML

    Spanish Fly Extra 15 ML

    Looking for more excitement and better performan...
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    € 9,95
    Sex E Happy Caps

    Sex E Happy Caps

    A unique herbal blend that provides ultimate ple...
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    € 8,95
    Rush Herbal Popper

    Rush Herbal Popper

    Rush Herbal Popper is an erotic stimulant that p...
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    Muira Puama 60  Capsules

    Muira Puama 60 Capsules

    This herb Muira Puama owes its native name "pote...
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    € 12,50
    Mister Maka  Erotic Blues

    Mister Maka Erotic Blues

    Mister Maka Erotic Blues is a true aphrodisiac!
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    € 9,50
    Libido XTRA  90 capsules

    Libido XTRA 90 capsules

    These Libido XTRA capsules do exactly what they ...
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    € 23,95
    Aphroditemix - 50 gram

    Aphroditemix - 50 gram

    A natural herbal blend named after the goddess o...
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    € 7,95


    Venuswave is a delicious herbal liqueur (14.9% a...
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    € 3,50

    With these natural remedies you give your libido and mood a boost. In the webshop of Dr. Mushrooms can be found in different herbs, for men and women. With this the sparks will fly again in no time!

    What Are Aphrodisiacs?

    It's a mouthful, but aphrodisiacs are substances that contain substances that increase sexual desire. It becomes easier to enjoy your sexuality and you get in the mood faster. The name comes from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs can be herbal preparations, but certain foods can also influence your sexual mood.

    The History of Aphrodite

    In the pantheon of Gods in ancient Greece, of course was also a goddess of love. Her name was Aphrodite. According to the legends she was the daughter of Zeus, the Supreme God and Dione. Aphrodite was so beautiful that many saw her as the perfect woman. Everyone she encountered was mesmerized by her appearance. Nor were the Gods immune to her influence. They were in fact afraid of her, afraid that they would be tempted and that all the gods would go to war to win her over.

    Zeus saw all this and decided to intervene. He married Aphrodite to Hephaestus, the ugly and unattractive God of Fire and Volcanoes. As a result, Aphrodite was no longer in danger, they thought. But this did not stop the goddess of love. She knew how to bind many lovers (Gods and people) and shared her love with them.

    In ancient Greece, sacred festivals were celebrated in her honor. These were called Aphrodisia. This was mainly done in Cyprus. It was not allowed to sacrifice animals (of course that is not befitting a goddess of love). A sacred fire was burning and incense was burned. Aphrodite was worshiped in temples all over Greece and there was also an island dedicated to her. So it's very fitting that libido-stimulating drugs are named after her. She can be seen as the patron saint of anyone looking for love and sexuality.

    Herbal aphrodisiacs

    Man soon discovered that there were herbs that boosted your libido. These plants and herbs have therefore been used for centuries. Knowledge was passed on orally and these resources are still used today. A natural means to enhance the libido is of course preferable to chemical means. Therefore search the webshop of Dr. Mushroom to aphrodisiacs based on herbs.

    Aphrodisiacs contain various substances that influence your behavior and emotions. Most of the effects stem from the properties of alkaloids. There are several herbs that affect libido, such as Damiana, Wild Lettuce, Muira Puama, Sex E Happy Caps and Cobeca Cantha.

    Give your love a boost with Wild Lettuce

    Looking for some extra stimulation between the sheets, Dr. Mushroom what you are looking for. A good tip is, for example, Wild Lettuce. This extract helps you relax (stress is a real mood killer) and enjoy more. It has aphrodisiac properties, which will quickly get you in the mood. Before you start your exciting adventures, make a cup of tea, let it steep for 15 minutes and let the fun begin.

    Try Damiana

    Damiana has a good reputation for love. For centuries, the indigenous people of Central and South America have known how well this herb can help. Damiana gives you the sexual stamina you've always craved. This will allow you to go on and enjoy your partner for hours on end. It helps increase potency and amplifies your orgasm. So try it quickly.

    Fun in bed with Sex E Happy Caps

    Sex E Happy Caps are the way to positively boost your love life. They contain well-known herbs, such as Ashwaganda, Tribulus and Withania. In many cultures these have been used since time immemorial. Take a capsule and you'll quickly get in the mood. It will also give you all the energy to spoil your partner all night.

    Getting in the mood with Muira Puama

    It can be difficult to get in the mood after a busy day or during periods of stress. Then you can use something that can help you perform well in bed. With Muira Puama that is no problem. It is a mix of fruit extract and various vitamins, such as Guarana extract, maca powder and Muira Puama.

    Order aphrodisiacs online

    Looking for a substance that can boost your sex life? Do not hesitate and simply order the remedy that can help you, in the Dr. Mushroom webshop. We will process your order discreetly and send it to you in neutral packaging. No one needs to know what you are ordering, we value your privacy.

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