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    Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

      Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

      Cannabis and weed are very easy to grow with auto flower seeds. They bloom and grow fast and don’t need much care. Show more



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      With autoflower-seeds you actually grow cannabis plants that flower automatically. The plants don't get that big, but they will always bloom, and are relatively independent of the number of light hours it has. An extra bonus is that the autoflowering seeds can be harvested several times per season.

      What are autoflowering seeds?

      To make growing easier, two types of cannabis have been crossed and bred: cannabis ruderalis genetics (a subtype from Russia and the surrounding area) and traditional cannabis seeds. The cannabis ruderalis seeds have adapted well to the climate in the Northern Hemisphere and are very suitable for novice cannabis growers. The plants not only flower automatically, but also have a shorter life cycle. This means that you can harvest the autoflower-seeds faster.

      Why autoflower seeds are very suitable for beginners

      The autoflower-seeds are nothing more than cannabis plants that bloom automatically regardless of the number of light hours. In addition, these strong cannabis plants have a much higher resistance to diseases and pests and always remain a small plant (about 60 to 100cm high). This makes the autoflower a very suitable plant for beginners. The harvest of an autoflower cannabis plant is also relatively quick. After about nine weeks, it is already possible that you can harvest. This is therefore faster than, for example, the sativa and indica varieties.

      The plants require little maintenance because the plant develops quickly and also has a thick, sturdy stem. That is why the plants quickly feel at home in any environment. The plants also need fewer nutrients and therefore also need less compost and nutrients.

      No photoperiod necessary with autoflower plants

      A major advantage is that autoflowers do not require a photoperiod. This basically means that they require little light. The autoflower seed ensures that the plant will flower when it has reached the right age, instead of depending on the number of light hours.

      What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

      Feminized cannabis seeds are specially bred seeds that are almost guaranteed to produce female cannabis plants. These seeds are ideal for growers interested in harvesting flowers, as only female plants bloom. Using feminized seeds reduces the chance of male plants in your grow, significantly improving the efficiency and yield of your grow.

      Benefits of Feminized Seeds

      • Higher Yield: Since all plants are female, every plant will produce flowers.
      • Less Work: Identifying and removing male plants becomes unnecessary.
      • Consistency: Feminized seeds offer more uniform growth and flowering.
      • Diversity: Available in a wide range of strains and genetics.

      CBD-Seeds: Cultivate Your Own CBD-Rich Cannabis

      CBD-seeds are cannabis seeds that produce plants with high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and low levels of THC. These seeds are perfect for users who want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

      Why Choose CBD-Seeds?

      • Medicinal Use: Ideal for users seeking relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation and other medical conditions.
      • Low THC Levels: Suitable for users sensitive to the effects of THC.
      • Versatility: CBD-rich plants can be used for oils, tinctures, edibles and more.

      Grow supplies & Accessories: Everything You Need for a Successful Grow

      To grow cannabis successfully, you need the right tools and accessories. This includes grow tents, lighting (such as LED lights), ventilation systems, pots, soil or hydroponic systems, nutrients, and watering systems. Good cultivation supplies can make the difference between a mediocre and a bountiful harvest.

      The autoflower cannabis seeds for every user

      autoflower-seeds are not only easy to grow, but once you start using them they also have several benefits. There are different plants with little, average or high TH for different users C. This means there is something for every stoner. The latest autoflowers are also rich in cannabinoids including CBD.

      Thanks to expert breeding of the autoflowers, autoflowers also have a sublime taste. The autoflowers are so well crossed that there is no difference between the taste of the photoperiod and original cannabis plants.

      What substrate/soil is needed for autoflower cannabis seeds?

      For most cannabis plants it is important to build an airy and light substrate with few nutrients. The perfect ratio for autoflower-seeds is actually a 3,2,1 ratio. This is: 3 parts peat moss, 3 parts compost, 2 parts perlite and 1 part vermiculite. A big advantage is that autoflower cannabis plants grow in small growing containers. You can sow the seeds themselves directly in the final pot. This means that you do not have to repot.

      Growing autoflower cannabis seeds indoors

      Autoflower cannabis seeds start flowering at a certain age. The autoflower-seeds do need some light. If you are going to grow autoflower cannabis seeds indoors, it is best to ensure that you have 18 hours of light. This ensures that the plant can grow in an optimal environment.

      What is the yield of autoflower-seeds?

      Yields with autoflower-seeds are a lot lower than with sativa or indica seeds. The yield largely depends on the cultivation itself, but in general you can expect a yield of between 60 and 300 grams from autoflower cannabis plants.

      Which autoflower cannabis seeds are there?

      Almost all of our autoflower cannabis seeds are from the Vision Seeds brand. We then supply three autoflower cannabis seeds and they differ considerably in strength and smell. A selection from our range:

      • White widow
      • Vision Gorilla Auto
      • AK-49 Car
      • Vision Kush Auto
      • Blueberry Bliss Auto
      • Super Skunk Auto
      • Northern Lights Car

      You can buy the best autoflowers from Dr. Paddo!

      Want to start growing your own cannabis? You can order different autoflowers in our seed shop. Do you still need growing supplies for growing cannabis? You can also easily order these in our seedshop. Once you have ordered, we will ensure that your package is delivered to you as quickly as possible in discreet packaging.

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