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    When you buy our CBD cannabis seeds, then you are assured that you have aromatic and beautiful cannabis strains with a high amount of CBD. Besides, the THC amounts or quite low and is thus perfect for those who want to consume less THC in their weed. Show more



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    The CBD seeds are also ideal if you want to extract CBD from the plant yourself for its therapeutic possibilities. Our CBD seeds are a mix of mixed strains of Indica and Sativa, for example, that you can grow both indoors and outdoors.

    What are CBD cannabis seeds?

    CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol. This is extracted from hemp, among other things. This plant has been used for centuries for clothing, building materials and even rope. Cannabidiol is also extracted from cannabis. The big difference is that CBD weed does contain the psychoactive substance THC. The THC ratio can vary considerably between each other. This way you have CBD weed without THC, but also Cannabidiol weed with a 1:1 ratio such as in the Bona Dea or Medical 49 from our CBD seed shop. A major advantage of CBD cannabis seeds is that the CBD may inhibit the high caused by the THC, although lower THC percentages do not make you extremely stoned.

    Cannabidiol is known for its ability to suppress the high. It may also have other effects. For example, it can reduce stress and have a calming effect. This is why there is a demand for CBD cannabis seeds with a high CBD percentage, for example for therapeutic purposes or to suppress a high caused by THC.

    Autoflower Cannabis Seed: Convenience and Efficiency

    Autoflower cannabis seeds are a revolutionary development in the world of cannabis cultivation. These seeds are genetically modified in such a way that the plants automatically bloom after a certain period, regardless of the light cycle. This makes them ideal for beginners or for growers who want to see results quickly.

    Benefits of an Autoflower Cannabis Seed:

    • Less maintenance: They require less attention compared to traditional seeds.
    • Faster growth: Autoflowers are often ready for harvest faster.
    • Compact plants: They usually grow to a manageable size, perfect for small spaces.

    The CBD cannabis seeds from our webshop

    The producer Vision Seeds has been working in the Netherlands since 1995 to produce the best high-quality cannabis seeds. The feminized cannabis seeds in particular are one of the company's best products. It is not without reason that Vision Seeds is one of the leading companies in the Cannabis seed industry and can therefore deliver worldwide. Our cannabidiol cannabis seeds have been crossed by the producer Vision Seeds in such a way that they have an above-average high percentage of Cannabidiol. This way, you are assured of high-quality CBD-seeds with a low THC percentage.

    Feminized Seeds: Guaranteed Female Plants

    Feminized seeds are specially treated to ensure that they grow into female plants, which are responsible to produce the desired flowers or 'buds'. Unlike regular seeds, where you have a 50/50 chance of male or female plants, feminized seeds offer an almost 100% chance of female plants.

    Why choose Feminized Seeds:

    • Higher yield: Only female plants produce the smokable flowers.
    • Less waste: Don't waste time and space on male plants.
    • Easier to manage: Ideal for growers who don't want to constantly manage their plants

    Why grow CBD cannabis seeds?

    The CBD cannabis seeds grow both indoors and outdoors. The plant is relatively easy to grow with the right growing supplies. If you need extra tips, you can also order a grower's guide online. If you really want to grow CBD weed easily, you can order CBD autoflower seeds, for example. These bloom automatically and are not dependent on a photoperiod. The plants will actually flower automatically. The high CBD content is especially interesting because it allows you to grow your own cannabidiol in a more cost-effective way. This may possibly be more concentrated than, for example, CBD-oil.

    Grow supplies & Accessories: Everything for Optimal Growth

    To get the most out of your autoflower or feminized seeds, the right cultivation supplies and accessories essential. This includes everything from grow tents and lighting to nutrients and watering systems.

    Feminized Cannabidiol cannabis seed

    Most CBD cannabis seeds are feminized. This actually means that a female cannabis plant always grows from the cannabidiol cannabis seed. This is especially important to ensure that the female cannabis plants provide the beloved buds. Male cannabis plants are largely only used to pollinate female cannabis plants. This then results in cannabis seeds instead of cannabis buds.

    How do you use CBD-weed?

    Have you successfully grown CBD-weed? Then the question arises what you can do with it. For example, you can smoke CBD-weed. This usually causes a very light high due to the low THC content. You can also extract the cannabidiol with extraction machines, but you can also vape the weed. Always pay attention to whether you can burn herbs with your vaporizer. The interesting thing about a vaporizer is that it can burn at different temperatures. For example, at 160 degrees Celsius it provides a light high because the THC evaporates. At 185 degrees, it provides an energetic high and also evaporates the Cannabidiol in the plant along with a number of terpenes. At full capacity around 220 degrees, everything is evaporated, and you can become sleepy or hungry, for example.

    Order CBD cannabis seeds online from Dr. Paddo

    In our online seedshop you can easily order CBD cannabis seeds online. The weed from the seeds have an above-average amount of CBD. The THC values are also much lower, which, in combination with the CBD content, makes it interesting for therapeutic purposes. The CBD may be able to relieve stress and various types of pain, for example. Do you want CBD weed with or without THC? Then you can also look for CBD jelly, CBD oil or CBD edibles, for example. We sell all these products in our online CBD shop. As soon as you order, we will ensure that your order arrives to you as quickly as possible. Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you! You can easily reach us via the email address [email protected].

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