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    When you buy our CBD cannabis seeds, then you are assured that you have aromatic and beautiful cannabis strains with a high amount of CBD. Besides, the THC amounts or quite low and is thus perfect for those who want to consume less THC in their weed. Show more



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    The CBD cannabis seeds are also perfect if you want to extract the CBD yourself for therapeutic purposes. Our CBD cannabis seeds are a mix of strains from the Sativa and Indica plants that you can both grow indoors and outdoors. 

    What are CBD cannabis seeds?

    CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol. This is won out of hemp. This plant has been used for centuries to make clothing, building materials, and even rope. CBD can also be won out of weed. The difference between CBD-weed and hemp is that weed contains THC. The THC ratio can differ between strains. Some types of CBD weed have no THC, but you also have CBD weeds with a 1:1 ratio such as Bona Dea and Medical 49 in our CBD-seed shop. The greatest advantage is that CBD decreases the high caused by THC. This having said is the high not intense from CBD-weed. CBD can decrease the high but also has other effects. It could work soothingly and decrease stress. This is also the reason why CBD cannabis is loved by stoners and also those who use CBD cannabis seeds for therapeutic purposes.

    CBD cannabis seeds from our webshop 

    The producer Vision Seeds works since 1995 in the Netherlands to produce the best weed seeds. This is also why Vision Seeds is one of the biggest companies in the cannabis industry. They deliver worldwide and have crossed the CBD cannabis in such a way that the CBD ratio in the weed is very high. This means that you have CBD cannabis seeds with a low THC ratio. 

    Why should I cultivate CBD cannabis seeds?

    CBD cannabis seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors. The plant is quite easy to grow with the right supplies. If you need extra tips you can also buy the grower’s guide. If you want easy-to-grow CBD weed, then you should buy autoflower CBD seeds. This flower automatically and isn’t dependent on the photoperiod. The high amounts of CBD are most interesting if you want to get cheap CBD. These plants can be more concentrated than CBD oil. 

    Feminized CBD-seeds

    Most CBD seeds are feminized. This means that you will always grow a female plant. This is most important to grow the beloved tops. Male weed plants can pollinate the female plants, which results in seeds instead of tops. 

    How do you use CBD-weed?

    Have you successfully grown CBD weed? Then is the next question about what you should do with it. You can smoke CBD weed. This will cause a light high with a low amount of THC. You can also extract the CBD with an extraction machine and you can vape the CBD cannabis. Please do note that you have to check if your vaporizer can vaporize herbs. The most interesting thing about vaporizers is that they can damp the herbs at different temperatures. This means that you can cause a light high at 160 degrees Celsius and an energetic high at 185 degrees Celsius. At full capacity, you will cause a strong high that makes you hungry and want to sleep. 

    Ordering CBD weed online at Dr. Paddo

    In our online seed shop, you can buy easily CBD cannabis seeds. The weed contains high amounts of CBD. The THC values are lower, and in combination with the CBD, makes it very interesting for therapeutic purposes. CBD could help to decrease pain and stress. If you don’t want CBD weed, you can also use CBD jelly, CBD oil, and CBD edibles. All of these products are sold in our online CBD shop. As soon as you have ordered then we will make sure it will be shipped as fast as possible. Do you have any questions? We would love to help you! You can easily contact us at the address [email protected]

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