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    Premium Full Spectrum CBD Olie 10 % – 10 ML
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    € 24,95
    Premium Full Spectrum Olie 20 % – 10 ML
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    € 34,95
    Premium Full Spectrum Olie 30 % – 10 ML
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    € 44,95
    Dr.Candy CBD Oil Strawberry 10% - 10ML

    Dr.Candy CBD Oil Strawberry 10% - 10ML

    We are pleased to present you the CBD oil 'Straw...
    In stock
    € 29,95
    Dr.Candy CBD Oil Forest Fruit 10% - 10ML
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    € 29,95
    Dr.Candy CBD Oil Mint 10% - 10ML

    Dr.Candy CBD Oil Mint 10% - 10ML

    We are pleased to introduce you to Dr.Candy CBD ...
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    € 29,95
    Plant of Remedy Cannabis Oil - 15% CBD (1500mg)
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    € 14,95
    Plant or Remedy with Argan Oil - 15% CBD (1500mg)
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    € 14,95
    Plant of Remedy Cannabis Oil with Olive Oil - 15% CBD (1500mg)
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    € 14,95
    Plant or Remedy with Turmeric Oil - 10% CBD (1000mg)
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    € 13,95
    CBD Oil Plant Of Life 10% - 10 ml.

    CBD Oil Plant Of Life 10% - 10 ml.

    Looking for a natural remedy that helps you with...
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    € 19,95
    CBD Oil Plant Of Life 20% - 10 ml

    CBD Oil Plant Of Life 20% - 10 ml

    CBD oil is a unique, natural dietary supplement ...
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    € 29,95

    You will find a wide range online and can choose from oil with different percentages of CBD. At Dr. Paddo you will find CBD oil and capsules, which can help support your health.

    CBD oil for health

    CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant. This is the industrial hemp plant, which does not contain nearly as much THC as cannabis. THC is the cannabinoid that has mind-altering effects. Legally, no more than 0.3% of this substance may be present in CBD products. That's so little that you don't even notice it. CBD (cannabidiol) has health-promoting effects. It can help you sleep better and has a pain-relieving effect.

    What can CBD oil help with?

    CBD oil or capsules contain CBD (cannabidiol). This cannabinoid can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body. This is in fact an important regulatory system: it tries to maintain balance in the body. It does this by adjusting all kinds of processes. It uses cannabinoids. These substances can transmit messages to the cells. The ECS therefore influences, for example, the sleep-wake rhythm, emotions, memory, the immune system and digestion.

    In this way, CBD can influence your body and mind. It can have a positive effect on a large number of different complaints:

    • Sleep problems (difficulty falling asleep or waking up often)
    • Stress, inner unrest and anxiety
    • Depression
    • Menstrual complaints
    • Inflammations (such as rheumatism or Crohn's disease)
    • Nausea (also due to chemotherapy for cancer)
    • Chronic (nerve) pain
    • Resistance problems
    • Muscle pain
    • Acne
    • Eczema
    • Asthma
    • Menopausal complaints

    CBD can therefore provide relief from both mental and physical complaints. It is a completely natural remedy and is suitable for young (from 4 years) and old.

    CBD PRODUCTS: From Hashish to Edibles

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. This substance is known for its potential therapeutic benefits, without the psychoactive effects of THC. Let's explore the different forms of CBD, from CBD hash to CBD edibles.

    CBD Hash

    CBD hash is a concentrated form of cannabidiol, often made from the resin of the hemp plant. This form of CBD is popular for its high concentration of cannabidiol, making it a powerful option for those looking to maximize the effects of CBD. CBD hash is most commonly used in vaporizers or can be smoked, but it can also be added to edibles or topical creams. It is an excellent choice for users looking for quick relief from symptoms such as pain, anxiety or inflammation.

    CBD Crystals

    CBD crystals are one of the purest forms of cannabidiol available. These crystals are extracted and purified, creating a product that contains almost 100% pure CBD. CBD crystals are versatile in use; they can be dissolved in oils or e-liquids for vaporizers, added to food, or even placed directly under the tongue for rapid absorption. This form is ideal for users who want an accurate dosage and care about the purity of their CBD product.

    CBD Sports

    CBD sports products are specially designed for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. These products, ranging from creams and ointments to supplements, aim to promote recovery, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle soreness. Many athletes use CBD as a natural alternative to traditional painkillers due to its non-addictive properties and lack of negative side effects. CBD in sports contributes to faster recovery after exercise and can improve overall sports performance.

    CBD Edibles

    CBD edibles are a tasty and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. These products range from gummies and chocolate to cookies and even drinks, all infused with CBD. Edible forms of CBD are perfect for people who don't like the taste of CBD and CBD oil or who are looking for an easy way to take CBD. The effect of CBD edibles typically lasts longer than other forms of ingestion because it must pass through the digestive system, which is ideal for long-lasting relief.

    Different CBD products

    One CBD product is not the same as the other. If you want to use CBD, there are several options. You can opt for CBD capsules (such as the CBD Pearlcaps). These are easy to take, and you can also easily take them with you on an outing. You always know exactly how much you are taking.


    The other option is CBD oil. You can take this by dripping the oil under the tongue with a pipette. This is sometimes a bit more difficult to do, and you know less accurately how much you are taking (depending on how much CBD is in a drop of oil). On the other hand, CBD is quickly absorbed into the blood, via the oral mucosa. It does not have to go through the stomach, so some of the active substances are always lost. In our shop you will find CBD oil from Hempcare and Plant of Life.

    The dosage of CBD

    Dosage advice is generally given for CBD. However, taking CBD is often based on feeling. It is not a remedy that works the same for everyone, and it also depends on the complaint how much you need. To start with, we always recommend taking 2 drops of CBD oil per day for the first two weeks. If you feel like you need more after that time, you can gradually increase the dose. The recommended dose is always stated on the packaging of CBD products. The percentage of CBD is also important in the dosage. The higher the percentage, the more powerful the effect. Listen carefully to your body and take your time to find the right dose.

    Is CBD oil addictive?

    Several studies have been conducted into the possibility that CBD products could be addictive. This shows that CBD is not addictive. It has also been rated safe for daily use by the WHO. CBD does not affect your judgment or disrupt your daily functioning (unlike alcohol, for example). So whether you have to work, drive or study, you can use CBD safely, and you can stop whenever you want. However, your symptoms may return if you stop. That is why you can continue to use it for a longer period of time to prevent that.

    Who can use CBD?

    CBD products are safe to use. However, young children under the age of 4 should not use CBD. Even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, use of CBD is not recommended. If you use medication, it is wise to first consult with your doctor whether you can take CBD. It can affect the effectiveness of your medication. Store CBD products in a safe place to prevent small children from touching them.

    How do you store CBD oil?

    It is useful to know how to best store CBD. You should store CBD oil or capsules in a dark and cool place. For example, think of a pantry or in your medicine cabinet. It is especially important to keep CBD away from sunlight, as this can reduce its effectiveness. You can store it in the refrigerator, but this causes the product to become viscous, making it difficult to drip CBD oil. Also ensure that the product is kept out of the reach of children.

    Buy CBD oil online from Dr. Paddo

    In the webshop of Dr. Mushroom CBD shop you will find CBD oil and capsules from different brands. You have a wide choice in CBD percentage. By ordering CBD oil online, you can be sure that you will receive your product quickly. We will of course package your order discreetly. Order today and benefit from the benefits of CBD.

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