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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 16 July 2024

    What is bud rot in cannabis and how can you combat it?

    Anyone who knows anything about growing cannabis is familiar with the fungus bud rot. There are many pests that can damage your cannabis grow, but bud rot is one of the most annoying. In this blog we will discuss what it is, how you can recognize it and whether you can do something about it.


    What is bud rot in cannabis?

    Toprot, also known by its scientific name Botrytis cinerea is a necrotrophic parasite. If you weed, it is good if you know how to recognize this fungus, because it can damage your harvest really mess up. Bud rot often occurs at the end of the flowering phase. Which means that you have invested a lot of time and energy in your plants, after which there is a chance that this fungus will throw a spanner in the works.


    The spores of Botrytis cinerea spread via wind or water. If they land on your cannabis plants, they find small wounds, after which they can spread further. Bud rot is a fungus and, like other fungi, it likes damp places. That is why moist, damp cannabis buds are very attractive. Unfortunately, the fungus attacks the plants, causing them to die.


    How do you recognize bud rot in weed?

    With bud rot, it is important that you quickly find out whether your weed is affected. Because the fungus loves moisture, you will have to check your plants, especially when there is high humidity. This is during the flowering phase in August (if you grow outdoors). Bud rot grows from within the buds. This is difficult to check, because you cannot thoroughly inspect every top.


    The fungus can be recognized by the white fluff that is formed. This is only the first stage. If you overlook the fluff, the fungus will spread further, and you will see dark spots develop in the buds of your weed. The buds dry out and then a gray mold fluff appears. There is a good chance that the rest of the plant is also infected.

    Controlling Botrytis cinerea

    Now you know how to recognize bud rot in cannabis. However, it would be nice if you could also combat this fungus. But unfortunately we have to disappoint you. Once your weed is infected with bud rot, there is no saving it. Hopefully you will discover it at an early stage. Then it is best to remove the infected plant immediately, so that it cannot spread further.


    You must throw away a plant that is infected. You cannot remove the mold and using a moldy plant is dangerous to your health. If you have found a cannabis plant with bud rot, immediately check your other plants. If there are multiple plants with this fungus, it is best to remove all your plants immediately.


    The best option: Preventing bud rot in cannabis

    As you could read, bud rot is a fungus that cannot be controlled. If you want to enjoy a great harvest, it is important to prevent bud rot from settling in your plants. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prevent bud rot in cannabis.


    1. Pay attention to the humidity

    Especially if you grow indoors, you naturally have the most control over the humidity. When the flowering phase begins, it is a good idea to lower the humidity. You can keep track of this in your grow room with a hygrometer. The ideal humidity during flowering is between 30 and 55%. In the second half of the flowering phase, you can lower this a little further. You can do this by using a fan at the top and bottom of your grow room.


    Also make sure there are holes in the room so that air can escape. You should regularly remove the excess water that ends up under the pot or in a saucer. Sometimes it is necessary to use dehumidifiers. The humidity outside cannot be influenced.

    2. Improve air circulation

    Moist and stagnant air provide good conditions for the formation of fungus on cannabis, such as bud rot. It is therefore wise to ensure good air circulation. This is of course especially important if you grow indoors. Then a fan is a good way to keep the air moving.


    If you grow outdoors, pay attention to the humidity of your plants. Wet buds form the ideal breeding ground for bud rot. If it has rained, shake the buds dry as quickly as possible. Another option is to build a shelter over your weed. Absolutely Preventing your plants from getting wet will not work, but you can keep them as dry as possible. Good air circulation helps with this. Ensure there is sufficient space between the plants so that sufficient fresh air can pass between them. You can also achieve this by pruning properly. For example, use this handy trim scissors.


    3. Checking weed for bud rot

    The best way to prevent bud rot is to check your plants regularly. This is especially sensible if you see that your plants often get wet and there is high humidity. Keep in mind that bud rot can spread very quickly. Check the buds and do you see a fluffy mold or something that looks like it? Do not hesitate and remove the plant immediately. Better to take out a plant than have your entire harvest ruined.


    Now you know a little more about bud rot. Fortunately, you can do something to prevent this fungus. And of course, strong, healthy plants have the most resistance to mold. Have you purchased seeds (for example one of our autoflowers cannabis seeds), then use our tips and tricks to give your plants the best chances.

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