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    In our seedshop you have a wide assortment of seeds to cultivate in-, and outdoors. We don’t only have regular weed seeds, but also feminized weed seeds, auto-flowering, and also CBD seeds. The cultivation of weeds is quite easy. Especially the autoflowering seeds are suitable for beginners as they don’t need many light hours. Our weed seeds can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Aren’t you sure if outdoor cultivation is hard? We have an outdoor cultivation guide full of tips and tricks to cultivate weeds outdoors!

    Order your feminized seeds online

    Feminized seedscan be ordered online at Dr. Paddo. If you cultivate feminized seeds, then you are 99% sure that you will cultivate a feminine plant. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about male plants that can pollinate your female plants. In this case, your cannabis will produce seeds instead of THC-rich tops. In our seedshop, you can buy feminized seeds from the Indica and Sativa strain or a combination of both. You can easily order our delicious Silver Haze, Russian Snow, or Super Skunk from of the best suppliers of feminized seeds Vision Seeds.

    Order your autoflower seeds online 

    Are you ready to grow your cannabis? Then we recommend growing auto flower seeds. Especially for beginning cultivators, we recommend this type as it will bloom automatically without a need for many light hours. This means that you aren’t dependent on the number of light hours. When you grow normal cannabis plants, you could need up to twenty light hours per day to bloom the weed. In other words, autoflower plants don’t need a photoperiod and grow also very well with natural light hours. Another plus of autoflower seeds is that you can realize multiple yields. 

    Order your CBD cannabis seeds online

    If you want to extract CBD yourself, then we recommend you buy CBD seeds. The CBD seeds are ennobled in such a way that they will produce high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol). It also contains low amounts of the psychoactive substance THC. This is why the CBD seeds are interesting for those that want to use CBD for therapeutic purposes or for those who want to receive low amounts of THC. Our CBD seeds are produced by Vision Seeds. The CBD seeds contain an average of 8% CBD, which is much lower than in normal weed. The CBD content is about 8% as well.

    Growing supplies for a successful yield

    If you want to grow cannabis successfully then you need several growing supplies, besides water, light, and fresh air. You have to make nutrient-rich soil for the weed and also regularly check its nutritional values. You can also order the nutrients for your cannabis from the brand Plagron and also a complete nutritional package for the complete cycle of your cannabis. Have you grown your cannabis successfully? Then it's time for the yield! We recommend the weigh the cannabis on an OnBalance scale. Do you need some extra tips and tricks for growing cannabis in, and outside? Then we recommend buying a grow bible. This book is for beginning and experienced cannabis cultivators.

    Buy your cannabis seeds online at Dr. Paddo 

    In our seed shop, you can buy several weed seeds and growing supplies for your homegrown weed. In our assortment you can easily order feminized, CBD, and autoflower cannabis seeds. Don’t you have the time to grow your own CBD plant for therapeutic causes? Then you can also check our medicinal mushrooms. Do you want to get high? Then we recommend buying magic truffles and shrooms! After you order your cannabis seeds and grow supplies, we will ship your order as soon as possible to you. After the shipment, you receive a track and trace to follow your order.

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