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Dr Mushroom

In our headshop you will find products that makes the use of smart drugs possible and easier. Vaporizers, grinders and smoking accesoires sucha papers and pipes are just a few examples of handy and cool products that you can buy in our headshop.

Headshop online for your convenience

Products that enable the use of soft drugs and smart drugs such as truffle grinders, smoking accesoirs or bongs can all be found in our online headshop. We deliver all these products quickly and discreetly to your home. This way you can have everything at home without leaving the house.

Buy your vaporizers at our online Headshop

The vaporizer has become very popular in a short time and for good reason. Vaporizers offer a completely new experience of smoking different materials. You can buy all kinds of vaporizers in our online headshop. You will find all well-known brands in our headshop such as Storz & Bickel, Boundless, DaVinci. Of course we also offer other brands of vaporizers as well. Buy your vaporizer now in our headshop.

Buy your bong, smoking pipe or water pipe at our Headshop

Our large collection of bongs and water pipes will make any enthusiast's jumping in the air. In the online headshop of Dr.Paddo, you will find the most beautiful bongs. We have bongs made of glass and acrylic and in all kinds of different colors, sizes and shapes. You can also contact us for screens, bowls, adapters and many more attributes concerning this topic. Everything to make your smoking experience as pleasant as possible.

The Headshop is the answer for rolling joints and smoking cannabis

In our online headshop you will find all brands of rolling papers, with or without taste, tfor rolling the perfect joint. You can buy these long rolling papers from us individually or as a complete box. Do you still find it difficult to roll a joint? Then you can go for the simple joint roller, a product that helps and learns you to roll a joint. This makes rolling a spliff easy. You can also find rolling trays, grinders and tips/filters in our headshop.

Grinder for crumbling weed or magic truffles

Lets no forget the grinders, this miracle device makes crumbling your weed childs easy. You can also find grinders in our headshop. We also offer grinders for crumbling magic truffles. The cannabis grinders are also known as cannabis crushers. You can buy these in different colors and shapes. They are made different kinds of material such as iron, aluminum or acrylic.

A Headshop full of scales

Weighing your smart drugs is very important. You want to make sure to weigh the perfect dose before you start using psychoactive substances. Scales are also useful when you harvest the mushrooms from your magic mushroom grow kit. You will find many scales in our headshop. Remember with dosing your substances comes wisdom.

Buying you Headshop products here online

You no longer have to go to the store to buy headshop products. You can now just order these easy online here at our headshop. Whether youre looking for grinders, long papers, vaporizers, bongs or precision scales, we have it all in stock in our headshop. All ordered items are delivered quickly and discreetly to your home.