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    In Silicon Valley they have sworn by it for years, microdosing. It's the way to be sharper, more creative and more energetic. Show more



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    XP Microdosing Psilocybine Truffles

    XP Microdosing Psilocybine Truffles

    Do you want to get more in touch with yourself a...
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    € 6,95
    McMicrodose – 2 x 10 gram

    McMicrodose – 2 x 10 gram

    McMicrodose is a blend of carefully chosen truff...
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    Microdosing Atlantis

    Microdosing Atlantis

    Microdosing for a happy life.
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    € 14,95
    Microdosing Pajaritos

    Microdosing Pajaritos

    Discover the new Pajaritos microdosing with very...
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    With a mini dose of magic mushrooms or truffles you can get the best out of your day without tripping. If it works in Silicon Valley boardrooms, why shouldn't it work for you?


    Why enrich your life with microdosing?

    A lot of ambitious people live and work in Silicon Valley. Most successful startups come from Silicon Valley and one after another they become millionaires. You would almost think that there is something in the special water. Meanwhile, there are more and more stories from Silicon Valley that make it clear that it is not out of the water, but at breakfast. A breakfast is silicon valley usually consists of a smoothy and microdosing.


    What is microdosing?

    Microdosing is the use of magic mushrooms or magic truffles in an extremely small amount. Usually 1/10 the amount of a normal serving. Mushrooms and magic truffles have been known for years for their hallucinogenic effect. With microdosing you try to prevent the hallucinatory effect. You want to increase your energy, productivity and creativity and hallucinations do not help with this. It would be funny, of course, but that's more for the weekend.


    Why is microdosing the key to success?

    Mushrooms and magic truffles do more than conjure up hallucinations. They also reduce the feelings of fear and show you things that you normally do not allow. This can sometimes be the reason that you dare to be more creative and you dare to speak out more than usual. This will probably also make it easier and faster for you to make decisions. By omitting the hallucinations, you can show this creative side more with microdosing. The focus that mushrooms and magic truffles give you have a positive influence on your concentration and productivity.


    Research into microdosing

    Microdosing is not new. It has been around for over 40 years but has never reached the general public. It was seen as drugs and therefore wrong. Yet microdosing has been happening in a small community for many years. Smart drugs are now viewed differently. The worldwide discussions about cannabis, the sale of CBD edibles and CBD oil mean that the positive properties of smart drugs are increasingly being looked at. Microdosing is one of the topics that is being looked at because of the positive sounds. That is why more and more research is being done into the effects of microdosing. Scientists are also investigating whether microdosing can help against depression, but research is also being conducted into increasing creativity, productivity and energy.


    Microdosing schedule

    If you want to apply microdosing successfully, you don't do microdosing every day. There are schemes that will give you the best effects. You will certainly use this the first time, after that you can adjust the schedule independently. It is an 8 week cycle where you maintain a 3 day routine. On the first day you use microdosing, on the second day you have a transition day and on the third day you have a normal day. The fourth day you start your 3-day routine again with a microdosing day.

    Start microdosing now

    To start with microdosing you will of course need various items. Starting with magic mushrooms or magic truffles. You can buy both in the Dr. mushroom. Although magic mushrooms are only for sale in the form of a mushroom grow kit. In addition, a scale is recommended. Of course you want to stick to the correct dosage. Order your things easily at Dr. Mushroom.

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