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      Tea and coffee is the most drank beverage on earth besides water. Especially tea, which resides at number two. Not only because it's heart-warming but also because it is healthy. Show more



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      CBD THEA

      CBD THEA

      CBD tea from Dr. Greenlove is delicious
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      MediCBD Green Tea (Box of 20 Teabags)

      MediCBD Green Tea (Box of 20 Teabags)

      If you like to drink tea, try a delicious and he...
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      Plant of Life Infusion CBD Tea Berries

      Plant of Life Infusion CBD Tea Berries

      A tea that is pure nature that helps you to get ...
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      CBD Hemp Coffee

      CBD Hemp Coffee

      Are you a coffee lover? Then try the CBD Hemp Co...
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      Plant of Life 2.5%-3% CBD Infusion Tea Citrus
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      Plant of Life 2.5%-3% CBD Infusion Tea Mint
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      Many people cannot live without coffee. It gives them a boost and helps them start the morning or day well. But what if you can make tea and coffee even healthier with CBD? That's exactly what well-known brands such as Cannabis Bakehouse, Landracer, Multitrance and Plant Of Life thought. We have a wide range of CBD coffee and tea to start and end the day well.

      Order CBD tea online

      As many people know, tea has a soothing effect. And of course CBD tea is also relaxing. That's why CBD tea is a match made in heaven. The combination of CBD and warm tea ensures that you can sleep better in the evening and it also has a soothing effect on the body. The tea also contains antioxidants, the combination of which ensures that the CBD tea has a healing effect. Various flavors of CBD tea with, for example, citrus, berries, mint and also hemp tea are among the flavors that we sell in our CBD tea webshop.

      How to make CBD tea?

      CBD tea is made just like regular tea. You bring water to the boil and then let the tea steep as you would with normal tea. Make sure you steep the CBD tea well so that the CBD is absorbed into the water. If it is too strong, you can sweeten it with sugar or honey, for example.

      CBD tea is suitable for everyone, but especially for people who are looking for relief from, for example, sleeping problems, pain or who suffer from (a lot of) stress. Please note that CBD tea is not recommended for young children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

      CBD in the Sports World: Natural Recovery for Athletes

      CBD, extracted from the hemp plant, has quickly developed into a popular natural supplement for athletes. From professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts, many are turning to CBD to promote recovery, reduce inflammation and soothe muscle soreness. CBD sports products specific to sports use often include oils, creams and capsules, designed to provide quick and work effectively.

      Nourish your Well-being with CBD Edibles

      CBD edibles, ranging from gummies and chocolate to baked goods, offer an enjoyable and discreet way to consume CBD. These products are ideal for those who find the taste of CBD oil less pleasant. Edibles provide a longer-lasting effect than other forms of cannabidiol, as they must pass through the digestive system.

      The Versatility of CBD Paste

      CBD paste is a highly concentrated form of CBD, often used by people taking a higher dose need CBD. This paste can be taken orally or added to food and drinks. It is a versatile product that is easy to dose for personal preferences, making it a favorite for those looking for a stronger CBD product.

      Beauty and Well-being with CBD Cosmetics

      CBD cosmetics includes a range of skin care products, from creams and lotions to balms and serums. These products harness the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD, which can contribute to healthier skin. CBD cosmetics are suitable for all skin types and are especially popular in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

      Order CBD coffee online

      At first glance, coffee and CBD seem like complete opposites. One has an energy-generating effect, while the other has a soothing effect. Yet, CBD is a perfect addition to coffee. Caffeine has an energy-generating effect on the body and makes the body extra alert. Coffee therefore works as a natural stimulant on the central nervous system. In other words: you get extra energy and you are more alert. Too much caffeine causes many people to suffer from headaches, fatigue and mood swings. The reason why coffee works so well in combination with CBD is because CBD neutralizes the negative side effects. This means that the well-known caffeine dip has less impact on your daily work. Our CBD coffee is in coffee cups.

      How do you make CBD coffee?

      Our CBD coffee is very easy to make thanks to the handy coffee cups from Cannabis Bakehouse. All you need is a Nespresso coffee machine, and then you can make the coffee as you normally would.

      What is CBD?

      CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant and does not make you high or stoned. The CBD tea and coffee are free of THC and help the body to relax better. It is not without reason that CBD is used for its soothing effect, for a better night's sleep and even against various pains such as rheumatism, inflammation and menstrual complaints.

      What are the benefits of CBD coffee and tea?

      CBD has the effect that it can reduce tension. This has a particularly positive influence on the effect of coffee. Some people can get jittery feelings from regular coffee. By drinking CBD coffee or tea you actually reduce this effect. CBD tea and coffee also help the body relax. In addition, CBD coffee and tea are very suitable for people who want to use CBD, but do not like the typical taste of CBD. By using CBD coffee and tea you can enjoy familiar flavors like coffee, citrus, berries and mint, while getting enough CBD.

      You can order CBD coffee and tea at

      We have a wide range of CBD coffee and tea, all of high quality. You can easily order our CBD coffee and tea in our webshop, and we will send it to you as quickly as possible. This means that you can enjoy delicious tea and coffee throughout the day in no time. Do you want to buy other CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD edibles or CBD crystals, for example? You can also easily find these in our online CBD shop!

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