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    We have a nice range of beautifully coloured and high-quality bongs. A bong is a special type of water pipe that is small and therefore easy to carry. It is usually used to smoke weed or hashish. If you are interested in a bong, you can easily order in Dr. Paddo.

    Bongs: A Classic Choice for Smoking Lovers

    Bongs, also called water pipes, are a popular choice among smoking enthusiasts. These devices filter and cool the smoke through water, making for a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

    Types of Bongs

    There are many types of bongs available, varying in size, shape and material. Some popular types are:

    • Glass Bongs: Provide purity of taste and are easy to clean.
    • Acrylic Bongs: Are durable and budget-friendly, ideal for beginners.
    • Ceramic Bongs: Known for their unique designs, they are often true works of art.

    Maintaining Your Bong

    To extend the life of your bong and ensure an optimal smoking experience, regular maintenance is essential. This includes cleaning the bong after each use and replacing the water.

    A bong or a water pipe?

    Are you not sure what the difference is between a bong or a water pipe? They are basically the same, but a water pipe has a hose with a small spout through which the smoke comes out. A water pipe was originally used to smoke tobacco (shisha).

    A bong, on the other hand, looks different. It stands out because of the thick pipe, this is the tube through which you inhale the smoke. This means you get a lot of smoke at once, which also makes the effect stronger. The smoke is more concentrated. So if you use a cannabis bong instead of a water pipe, you will get high faster. Products other than tobacco are often smoked in a bong, such as weed or hashish. In principle, this is also possible in a water pipe, but it is not actually intended for that.

    The history and origin of the bongs

    It is often thought that the origin of the water pipe (also called shisha) lies in the Middle East. But research shows that hookahs were used much earlier, as early as 1100 BC. These ancient water pipes were found in Ethiopia. From there, the practice spread to the rest of the world. The water pipe became especially popular in China, and the nobility smoked tobacco in beautiful metal water pipes. However, the common people who also wanted to smoke developed simple bongs made of bamboo. This is how the well-known bong was born.

    Both the water pipe and the bong are now used all over the world, from Jamaica (where the bong is very popular) to Australia. The bong is also widely used in the Netherlands, mainly because soft drugs are tolerated here. What is striking is that here in the West, it is mainly younger people who use the bong. In the Middle East, it is the elderly who are traditionally allowed to smoke the hookah.

    Pipes: Compact and Handy

    Pipesare a great option for smokers looking for a portable and simple smoking method. They are small in size and can easily fit in your pocket or bag.

    Materials of Pipes

    • Glass Pipes: Offer a pure taste and are easy to keep clean.
    • Metal Pipes: Are durable and often very affordable.
    • Wooden Pipes: Have a classic look and can enrich the taste of the smoke.

    Books: Deepen Your Knowledge

    Books about cannabis cultivation are an excellent source of information. They can help you learn more about the history, different smoking techniques, and tips for maintaining your smoking accessories.

    Grinders: Essential for Every Smoker

    A grinder, also known as a grinder, is indispensable for crushing herbs and tobacco. This ensures even combustion and a better smoking experience.

    Types of Grinders

    • Manual Grinders: Easy to use and often made of metal or plastic.
    • Electric Grinders: Offer convenience and efficiency, ideal for regular users.

    Encapsulating Machines: For Perfectly Shaped Capsules

    Encapsulating machinesare ideal for those who want to make their own capsules. They are perfect for dosing herbs and supplements and are available in different sizes.

    Advantages of Encapsulating Machines

    • Dosage: Ensures accurate dosing of your products.
    • Convenience: Making capsules quick and easy.

    How to use a bong

    A cannabis bong is very versatile. Many people think that you can only smoke soft drugs, such as hash and weed, but you can also use regular tobacco. Using a bong is no different from a shisha or water pipe. Put water in the bong. How much you need varies per bong. But there is a tube in the bong (the downpipe), and it should be well underwater at the bottom.

    Then place the weed or hash in the bowl. This is usually on the downpipe, which ends in the large sphere of the bong. It is important that you ensure that your hash or weed does not fall through the pipe into the water. To prevent this, you can use a pipe screen (metal mesh). Now it's time to smoke: completely cover the mouth opening of the bong with your mouth. If your bong has a blowhole (also called a kickhole), place your thumb on it. This hole must be closed to prevent you from sucking in false air.

    Light your smoke with a lighter, and while doing this, suck on the mouth part. The hash or weed will start to glow and smoke. The smoke goes through the downpipe into the bowl, through the water. When the smoke flows properly, put away the lighter. Suck thoroughly until your bong is full of smoke. If you have a glass bong, you can see this clearly. Now you can inhale the smoke. Your finger is still on the kickhole. You can leave this in place if you want to smoke quietly. Remove your finger if you want to inhale the smoke more quickly. It is possible that you may have to cough when using a cannabis bong, this still happens even to experienced smokers.

    The benefits of a bong

    The advantage of a cannabis bong over regular smoking is that the smoke in the bowl first cools down a bit due to the water. This will make it feel less sharp when you inhale it. Due to the large pipe of the cannabis bong, you can also choose to inhale a lot of smoke at once. This allows you to achieve the effect you want faster. You can also add alcohol to the water. This gives your smoke an extra tasty taste. Be aware that smoking with a bong is not healthier than a cigarette.

    Buy cannabis bongs online?

    If you are looking for a nice bong, take a look around the Dr. Paddo headshop. We have bongs in all kinds of colours and sizes. You can easily order your bong online, and after you have ordered, we will pack your product in neutral packaging. Your order will be sent to your home quickly.

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