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    CBD Hashish

      CBD Hashish

      CBD hash or jelly can be used with a vaporizer or bong. The CBD Hash has high amounts (22%) of CBD and almost no THC (less than 0,2%). Show more



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      Solid 3.8% CBD Lemon Haze Extraction 1G
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      € 4,95
      Jelly 22% CBD Natural Raw Extraction 1GR
      In stock
      € 9,95
      Jelly 22% CBD Strawberry Diesel Extraction 1GR
      In stock
      € 9,95
      Jelly 22% CBD Purple Haze Extraction 1GR
      In stock
      € 9,95
      Jelly 22% CBD Amnesia vs BB Extraction 1G + 1G
      In stock
      € 15,95
      Jelly 22% CBD Critical vs OG Extraction 1G+1G
      In stock
      € 15,95
      Jelly 22% CBD Amnesia vs SD Extraction 1G+1G
      In stock
      € 15,95

      This is much higher than normal weed strains. Do you want to use a lot of CBD with a vaporizer, then we recommend using CBD jelly!

      What is CBD hash?

      CBD hash is very concentrated hemp. The concentrate is sticky due to its high amounts of CBD and is thus also called CBD jelly. You can smoke and vape CBD jelly. If you want to smoke CBD jelly then you should check if you can vape herbs in your vaporizer. You can also combine the jelly with cannabis, which causes the weed to be less strong. 

      What is the effect of CBD hash?

      CBD hash is concentrated hemp with a high amount of CBD. This means that you receive high amounts of CBD, while you don’t get any THC. You can also mix the jelly with weed, to decrease the THC value. We have aromatized our jellies with flavors like bubble gum, strawberry, lemon, banana, and hemp. 

      Why CBD hash could be good for you

      CBD hash contains the substance cannabidiol. This substance is part of the cannabinoid family and could have a positive effect on the human body and even animals. CBD has as positive effects that it could reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep. CBD could be used when suffering from chronic diseases and to decrease pain. This is why it can be used when suffering from arthrosis, inflammation, and menstruation problems. CBD could decrease pain signals in the body. 

      How do I use CBD jelly?

      You can use CBD jelly in multiples ways. The easiest one is to crumble it in a joint. You can also smoke it in a bong, shisha, or vaporizer. Do check if you can vape herbs with your vaporizer before vaping the product. You can also mix the jelly with smoothies, desserts, cookies, and even churros. In many countries is CBD legal and CBD hash contains such a low amount of THC that it doesn’t fall under the Opium law. This means that you can buy your CBD hash online. 

      What is the difference between CBD and THC?

      CBD is part of the cannabinoids. This substance influences the endocannabinoid system in the body and helps to maintain a good function of the body. This means that signals in your body are regulated, and won’t get too much. Research about the endocannabinoid system is new and has recently been discovered in the 80s and 90s. The research does show that CBD interacts in the body with receptors that THC wants to bind itself to as well. This decreases the high. Another difference is that CBD is found in hemp and THC in cannabis. Hemp doesn’t contain a lot of THC and can be thus grown in many countries.

      Buy your CBD hash online at 

      CBD hash, or CBD jelly, can you order in our CBD webshop. Our CBD hash is available in different flavors that everyone can like. If you order online, we make sure that ship your product as fast as possible. You can track your order easily with a track and trace that we send you by e-mail. Do you need other CBD products like CBD edibles, CBD oil, or CBD for sportsmen? You can find everything on our webshop just like other products like medicinal mushrooms, dream herbs, and tinctures. 

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