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    Anyone interested in hallucinating can find everything his or her heart desires in our webshop. There are several herbs that cause hallucinations and are therefore suitable for tripping. Show more



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    Space E Happy Caps

    Space E Happy Caps

    Space-E is a psychedelic energizer that stimulat...
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    Ololiuqui - 40 Seeds

    Ololiuqui - 40 Seeds

    You can swallow Ololiuqui or Rivea corymbosa for...
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    Royal T  15 ML
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    From novice to experienced psychonauts, there is a suitable remedy for everyone.


    Buy psychedelics online

    While it used to be quite an undertaking to buy hallucinogenic herbs (you always had to look for a smart shop and then you had to make time to go there again), nowadays it is made easy. At you can simply shop online and order your favorite hallucinogenic herbs in no time at all. We process your order quickly and you will receive it in neutral packaging.


    Do you hallucinate from psychedelics?

    There is only one answer to this question, and that is yes. These herbs contain mind-altering substances that make you hallucinate. When you use one of these drugs, your state of consciousness changes. You can see and hear things that others cannot perceive, your senses become sharper and your thoughts experience time and space differently.


    What is tripping or hallucinating?

    Each psychedelic has its unique characteristics, but these drugs often have similarities. During a hallucination (or trip), you will experience that your senses are sharper: colors are brighter, sounds come in stronger. You can also see objects change, move or deform. Mentally you can also notice effects: your thoughts go faster and you feel philosophical. Sometimes problems in your life suddenly become clear, you gain insights about yourself and the world around you. During a trip you can take a magical or spiritual journey and make contact with a higher consciousness. This way, tripping can offer you deep insights, allowing you to learn about yourself.


    Herbs with which you can trip

    It is mainly the mushrooms and truffles that are known to trip with. But there are also all kinds of herbs that can do this. In our webshop you will find several, such as the Trip-E Happy Caps. These are great for beginners to try. They include the seeds of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. If you already have experience, you can opt for Yopo, which contains the substance DMT. This is a powerful hallucinogen, which will turn your world upside down for an hour and a half.



    Using psychedelics to get over your fears

    There are several reasons why people want to trip. It is a unique experience and can help you gain more insight into yourself. So you could also use it very well to tackle certain psychological problems. Psychedelics are nowadays regularly used to combat depression and anxiety. It can make you look at life differently and can help you get over fears. Hallucinating herbs may also help overcome addictions and may have a positive effect on PTSD. If you have serious mental complaints, only use these products after consulting a doctor.


    The origin of psychedelics

    The special effects of hallucinogenic herbs have actually always been known to indigenous peoples for centuries. They used these herbs during rituals. It was mainly shamans and priests who used these resources. They could help their people with the information they got from the hallucinations. Yopo, for example, comes from the rainforests of Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Ololiuqui occurs in Mexico and further south, as far as Peru. Hallucinating herbs are found all over the world.


    Who can use psychedelics?

    It doesn't matter what your situation is, in principle everyone (over 18) can use psychedelic herbs. The motivations for taking a hallucinogenic herb are very diverse, but usually people are looking for more depth and more awareness. You may be insecure. Using such a remedy can help you deal with your fears. They don't seem so threatening anymore and you get more self-confidence. You can also start to see that you are part of a larger whole and you will feel more connected with others. That is a great help with social anxiety. By using psychedelics you get to know yourself better and you can find out what your inner drive is. The use of psychedelics can therefore provide in-depth insights that can help you in daily life.


    Buy psychedelics online

    The advantage of buying your hallucinogenic herbs online is of course that it can all be done anonymously. You will not get questioning looks or annoying questions. So quickly buy your psychedelics online in the Dr. mushroom. We process your order anonymously and you will receive the package at home in neutral packaging.

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