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      Sniff Articles

      With handy sniffing items, sniffing becomes easier and more hygienic. You can sniff this in a good way. Show more



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      Sniffer Kit Silver
      In stock
      € 9,95
      Quick hit
      In stock
      € 2,50
      Snorter Silver
      In stock
      € 3,95
      Spoon On Vial
      In stock
      € 4,95
      Snorter Gold
      In stock
      € 4,95
      Gold Razor Blade
      In stock
      € 4,95
      Hooter Gold
      In stock
      € 9,95
      Silver Razor Blade
      In stock
      € 2,95

      There is no longer a need to use a dirty banknote or a clumsy straw. In the webshop of Dr. Mushroom you will find beautiful snuff tubes, snorters, snuff kits, razor blades and snuff pipes.


      Buying snuff items

      Buying your snuff items online has many advantages. You can easily browse the webshop in between and it is completely anonymous. So don't worry about who can see what you're buying. We deliver your snuff items quickly and discreetly to your home. The packaging we use is neutral, so no one can see the sender or what you bought.


      What can you do with snuff items?

      Although the use of hallucinogenic herbs is legal in our society, sniffing them is not completely accepted. Most users don't flaunt their activities, because in general they are looked at with a slanted eye. Therefore, most sniffs prefer to do the sniffing in an unobtrusive way. With a snuff tube or pipe, sniffing is super fast and will not attract attention. In addition, it is also safer and more hygienic than using a banknote or straw.


      Use of snuff supplies becomes popular

      Snuffs were not so well known until recently. But now more and more people know that these useful products are out there and they are slowly but surely gaining popularity. No wonder, many of these sniffing items are beautifully designed and make sniffing not only easier, but also stylish. That is the reason that we in the Dr. Mushrooms offer a wide variety of snuff items.


      Buy snuff

      With the snuff items in our online shop you can easily and safely sniff your herbs. For example, you can find snuff tubes, snorters, spoons and kits. In short, in fact everything you could possibly need to enjoy sniffing, for example, well-known hallucinogenic herbs such as yopo.


      Snuff tubes or snorters

      You can use a snuff tube for sniffing. This one is also often referred to as a snorter. Using a snuff tube has many advantages over a straw or a rolled up banknote (which may have been grabbed by hundreds of people). A snuff tube is of course hygienic, but also durable, it lasts a long time. Keeping your snuff tube with you will always give you an easy and safe way to sniff your herbs. These tubes are made of strong material, so you will enjoy them for a long time. We have snuff tubes of different lengths and styles, so you're sure to find one to suit your taste.


      The convenience of snuff kits

      If you buy a snuff kit, you will now have everything you need for sniffing at hand. The kit consists of various items, such as a razor blade, storage box, a snuff tube and a spoon. Sometimes there is also a mirror in it. See what you find useful and find the snuff kit that suits you.


      Snuff spoon

      Another item that you can use when sniffing is a snuff spoon (also called a spooner). In our webshop you will find the handy spoon on vial, where a snuff jar is combined with a spoon. So you can never forget your spoon and you can sniff whenever and wherever you want. It is available in amber gold-coloured glass.


      Buy snuff jars

      The handy little snuff jars are ideal for safely storing your snuff. It also ensures that your snuff lasts longer, so it is of high quality. Choose the Spoon on vial or the Quickhit, which has a cap, which you can also use as a spoon.


      Order your snuff items online now

      Give yourself the convenience of buying snuff items online. You order quickly, anonymously and you can pay securely. Don't wait any longer, because with these snuff items you will only make life easier. They ensure that you can sniff hygienically and stylishly. Order now and you will receive your order in anonymous packaging as soon as possible.

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