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      Some of these seeds provide an easy way to create your own garden of psychoactive plants. Many of these seeds can be consumed directly, including Peganum harmala, Yopo, Morning Glory and Baby Hawaiian Woodrose. Now you have the opportunity to purchase var Show more



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      Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) zaden
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      Voacanga africana zaden 5 gram

      Voacanga africana zaden 5 gram

      The Voacanga Africana is a small tree native to ...
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      Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala) – 10 Gram
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      Hawaiian baby woodrose - Madagascar  10 seeds
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      Baby Hawaiian Woodrose   10 Seeds

      Baby Hawaiian Woodrose 10 Seeds

      LSA induces a violent psychedelic experience.
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      Ololiuqui - 40 Seeds

      Ololiuqui - 40 Seeds

      Ololiuqui seeds were once well known among the i...
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      They are therefore popular to use. We sell a wide range of different seeds. We also make growing plants easy with sponge pots and propagators. Order what you are looking for online in our webshop.

      Growing Exotic Psychedelic Seeds Made Easy

      Whatever you want to grow, you will get the best results with a propagator. It is a mini greenhouse where your seeds can germinate safely and in a stable environment. The Propagator Pro 2 comes with a thermometer, six built-in LED lights and a bag of perlite. Place the Spongepots in the greenhouse and you can get started. The 20 small containers contain a mixture of peat and coconut, which provides a good breeding ground for the seeds.

      Psychedelic Exotic Seeds in your garden

      Psychedelic seeds contain natural substances that, when consumed, can influence perception, mood and a range of cognitive processes. These seeds come from different plant species, such as the well-known Psilocybe mushrooms, the Morning Glory, or the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Growing these seeds offers a unique opportunity to learn more about these special plants and their effects.

      Growing Step 1: Choose the Right Seeds

      When growing psychedelic plants, the choice of seeds is crucial. Research thoroughly the specific species that can grow in your climate. Some seeds, such as those of the Psilocybe mushrooms, require specific growing conditions to thrive.

      Growing Step 2: Garden Preparation

      Once you've chosen your seeds, the next step is to prepare your garden. Provide the right soil type, pH value, and light conditions. Many psychedelic plants require well-drained, fertile soil and sufficient sunlight.

      Growing Step 3: Sowing and Care

      Sowing the psychedelic seeds requires precision. Follow the instructions for seeding depth and spacing between plants. After sowing, regular watering is essential. It is also important to protect the plants from pests and diseases, which can hinder their growth.

      Growing Step 4: Harvesting

      Harvest time varies per plant species. Once the plants are mature, you can carefully harvest them. It is important to use the right techniques to preserve the active substances in the plants.

      Consumption of Psychedelic Exotic Seeds

      Consuming psychedelic or psychedelic seeds should be done with great care and responsibility. It is crucial to inform yourself well about the effects and the correct dosage. It is also advisable to read the experiences of others and, if necessary, ask for advice from experts in this field.

      The long history of Yopo

      Yopo has been used for centuries in Central and South America. Traces of use date back four thousand years ago. Hollow bones containing yopo seeds were found. Also in Peru, archaeologists found leaves from which the drug was sniffed, dating from 1200 BC. For shamans, Yopo was very important, it took a central role during ceremonies, because of its mind-expanding effects.

      The psychoactive substance 5-MeO-DMT in Yopo

      One of the best-known plants used for tripping is Yopo. This plant from Central and South America contains the psychedelic substance 5-MeO-DMT. It causes visual trips that users experience as very special. It feels like a rebirth or a transition to a new, heightened consciousness. Yopo was and is often used by shamans for a spiritual journey. The effects of Yopo are somewhat comparable to Ayahuasca (which contains the same type of psychoactive substances).

      LSA: Lysergic Acid Amide

      LSA is another psychoactive substance that causes hallucinations after ingestion. In terms of effect, it is comparable to LSD. The difference, however, is that LSD is a drug made by humans in a laboratory. LSA occurs naturally in certain plants. The abbreviation stands for Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA), but is also called ergine or lysergic acid amide in Dutch. LSA is found in plants such as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Syrian Rue and Morning Glory. We offer LSA seeds in our webshop.

      History of Psychedelic Exotic Seeds LSA

      The effects of LSA were also known early on by the indigenous peoples of Central America. The Aztecs and Zapotec Indians used them during rituals to receive messages from the Gods. In the last century, seeds containing LSA were first described.

      The effects of the psychedelic LSA seeds

      Although the effects of LSA are similar to those of LSD, they are somewhat milder. With average use, you will notice hallucinations of light to medium strength. It also has a calming effect. LSA has a different effect on everyone. You may become more interested in your environment than usual. Your self-awareness can increase, and you experience everything that happens intensely.

      How do you use psychedelic LSA seeds?

      You use seeds that contain LSA as follows: first you chew the seeds, but you do not swallow them. Now put the crushed seeds in half a cup of water so that they can soften. You can then drink the water with the seeds in it. This way you receive LSA. It is recommended not to eat anything 6 hours before use, so that you have an empty stomach.

      Exotic Seeds: A World of Natural Wonders and Psychedelic Experiences

      In the fascinating world of exotic seeds we find a wealth of natural products that are prized both for their beauty and for their unique effects. These wonders of nature include the psychedelic exotic seeds, the mescaline cactus, kratom and kanna, each of which has its own place in various cultures and traditions. In this comprehensive article, we explore these intriguing exotic seeds and plants, discussing their properties, history, and uses.

      Psychedelic Exotic Seeds: A Natural Journey

      The use of psychedelic exotic seeds has been part of various cultures for centuries. These seeds, often sourced from remote and untouched areas of the world, contain natural substances that can influence perception, providing a psychedelic experience. These experiences are often used for spiritual, medicinal or recreational purposes.

      Mescaline Cactus: An Ancient Exotic Psychedelic

      The mescaline cactus, best known for species such as Peyote and San Pedro, is one of the most famous sources of natural psychedelics. Mescaline, the active ingredient, has been used in indigenous rituals and ceremonies for spiritual awakening and self-discovery. These exotic seeds and cacti are prized for their unique effects and are an important part of ethnobotanical history.

      Kratom: A Versatile Exotic Plant from Southeast Asia

      Native to Southeast Asia, Kratom is another intriguing plant to emerge from the world of exotic seeds. Traditionally used for its analgesic and tonic effects, kratom has recently gained popularity in the Western world. The leaves of these plants contain several alkaloids, including mitragynine, which may contribute to its unique effects.

      Kanna: A Traditional South African Stimulant

      Kanna, or Sceletium tortuosum, is a succulent from South Africa traditionally used to improve mood and relieve anxiety. The exotic seeds of kanna are grown for their calming and euphoric effects, making it a popular choice for those seeking are a natural alternative to conventional relaxation methods.

      The Magic of Exotic Seeds and Their Uses

      The unique properties of these exotic seeds and plants not only have rich cultural and historical value, but also offer a wide range of applications. From their use in traditional medicine to modern applications in alternative therapies, the potential of these exotic seeds continues to fascinate and inspire.

      Buy psychedelic exotic LSA and Yopo seeds

      You can find various entheogenic agents (such as LSA and 5-MeO-DMT, but also salvia apiana, kanna or Mimosa Hostillis) in our webshop. Whatever kind of trip you want, for self-discovery, spiritual journeys or a visual journey of discovery, there is something for everyone. Order your seeds from Dr. Mushroom Smartshop, these will be neatly packaged and sent to you quickly and discreetly.

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