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    Dr.Paddo - Friday 30 August 2021

    Health benefits of medicinal mushroom extracts

    Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for alternative medicines. This is also often the case for supplements. Medicinal mushroom extracts are a good example of this. Now you're probably wondering what exactly this is. This is easy to explain.

    What are medicinal mushroom extracts?

    Medicinal mushroom extracts are extracts made from mushrooms. Mushrooms contain many vitamins and minerals. This makes them very suitable as a supplement. Medicinal mushrooms contain important substances for your body. These contain polysaccharides, glucans and many minerals. Many trace elements and B vitamins can also be found in medicinal mushrooms.

    Types of medicinal mushrooms extracts

    There are different types of medicinal mushrooms. For example, you have the Chaga, the Lion's Mane, the Reishi, the Turkey Tail and the Cordyceps. These are all examples of medicinal mushrooms. Every mushroom is a little different in this.

    The chaga

    The Chaga mushroom is a mushroom that grows on the bark of the birch tree. These mainly grow in colder climates. This includes climates in countries such as Canada, Alaska, Siberia and Scandinavia. In the Netherlands, the Chaga mushroom is also called the Birch weather fungus. These mushrooms have been used as a traditional medicine for centuries. The mushrooms are said to boost the immune system and improve general health. Chagas are low in calories, high in fiber and antioxidants.

    The Lion's Mane

    The Lion's Mane is an oriental mushroom. In Dutch, these mushrooms are also called the wig fungus. The Lion's Mane got its name from its lion-like appearance. These mushrooms have been used for centuries by Eastern monks in traditional medicine. The Lion's Mane is an adaptogen. This is a bit of a tricky term. However, this is fairly easy to explain. An adaptogen is a non-toxic plant that helps your body build resistance against physical and mental stress. In traditional Chinese medicine, the medicinal Lion's Mane has been used for many years. They can be seen a bit like neuropeptides. These stimulate the growth, maintenance, and proliferation of neurons and myelin in your brain. This ensures that your nervous system can become stronger.

    The Reishi

    The Reishi is perhaps the most popular medicinal mushroom. In the Netherlands, we know these mushrooms mainly as the lacquer fungus. Reishi has been used for more than 2000 years to support our immune system. The Reishi stimulates blood circulation and can help for your psychological well-being. They can also lower the amount of cholesterol in your blood and strengthen the immune system. The medicinal mushrooms are mainly used for strengthening your well-being and balancing your immune system. It has an adaptogenic effect. This means that it can start balancing functions in your body. The mushrooms can do this due to the amount of polysaccharide and triterpene.

    The Turkey Tail

    The Turkey Tail  is an ancient medicinal mushroom that can be found a lot. In the Netherlands, the mushrooms are also known as the elf bench. These can often be found in the forests in the Netherlands. The mushrooms have been used for centuries for different peoples. A lot of research has been done into the effects of the Turkey Tail. The medicinal mushrooms have no psychedelic effect. They do, however, have an immune-boosting effect and help for many functions in your body. They have an improving effect for the liver, for your lungs, for your digestion and for your intestinal flora. Furthermore, these medicinal mushrooms are also full of various antioxidants.

    The Cordyceps

    The Cordyceps  is an ancient herbal supplement. In the Netherlands, these mushrooms are also known as the caterpillar killer or the caterpillar fungus. This is because the mushrooms are poisonous for caterpillars to eat. These mushrooms are naturally high in polysaccharides, lipids, and nucleoside analogs. This promotes cellular energy production, oxygen utilization, and it stimulates blood circulation in your body. It also has a bit of a strengthening and invigorating effect on your body and mind.

    Eating medicinal mushrooms 

    Because medicinal mushrooms are often not very tasty to eat, they are processed into powder or into an extract. This powder or extract has the same effect as the mushroom itself. After all, no substances are lost. The extract and the powder are often less heavy on your stomach than the mushroom itself. A mushroom can because it is very annoying for your stomach. Otherwise, the mushrooms may come straight out of your stomach. This is why they are often taken as an extract or powder.

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