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    Dr.Paddo - Friday 26 August 2021

    Psilocybin and Psilocin help with depression

    With magic mushrooms and truffles as most of you know you can relax and trip. However, this is by no means the only miraculous effect that the Psilocybin and Psilocin, the active substances that you find in magic mushrooms and truffles, have to offer. Today in this blog we take you to medicinal mushrooms and truffle use, especially to combat depression. First of all, we will tell you more about the active substances in these natural psychedelics such as Psilocybin and Psilocin.

    Psilocybin and Psilocin the differences

    The difference between the above mentioned substances is mainly in the way in which it interacts with the body. Both substances are psychoactive, however Psilocin is the one that causes the High. When mushrooms and truffles are eaten, Psilocybin is converted by our digestive system into Psilocin. However, psilocin is much less stable than psilocybin. This is also the reason that Psilocybin is much more present in magic mushrooms and truffles than Psilocin. The biggest difference between these two psychoactive substances, however, is the stability and how the body processes the substance and then breaks it down again with (Monoamino-oxidase) enzymes, also abbreviated to MAO.

    Medicinal mushroom and truffle use

    Psychedelics such as Truffles and Magic Mushrooms have been used by various peoples for thousands of years for their psychoactive, spiritual and medicinal effects. Especially in South America, but also elsewhere in the world, psychedelics are still the answer to common problems, including depression, and the feeling of unhappiness.

    It is therefore not surprising that current Western science is also starting to delve more and more into the power and sometimes even "miracles" of Psychedelics. Numerous studies around the world have shown that the power of psychedelics can help with processing traumatic experiences as well as relieving or remedying stress and depression. Today we mainly focus on alleviating or remedying depression with the help of Psychedelics.

    Magic mushrooms and truffles against depression

    Drugs as medicine? Yes, this is certainly possible, as we mentioned earlier that in recent years a number of research has been published showing that psychedelics have a good effect on depressive symptoms. Psilocybin in magic mushrooms and truffles temporarily changes your consciousness and perception. This allows you to see, feel or hear things differently. For this reason, the UMCG Utrecht and the UMCG Groningen want and will do much more research together into psychedelics against depression (complaints) in their P-TRD study.

    The P-TRD Study

    The P-TRD study is a promising study in the Netherlands and abroad, in which people who experience persistent depression will be helped and followed with their medicinal mushroom and/or truffle use for mental health. This study is called the P-TRD study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Psilocybin in patients with Ttherapy Rresistant Depression is being tested. In this new study, UMC Groningen and UMC Utrecht investigate the effectiveness, safety and optimal dosage in people with depression. Of course, all subjects participating in this study are properly screened in advance and supervised during the experiments with psychedelics by trained professionals.

    For this experiment, the scientists prefer test subjects in whom at least two antidepressants have had little or no effect during the current depressive period. According to the UMCG persistent, treatment-resistant depression is a major problem for many patients. Depression is increasing in individuals and sometimes this poses a danger to themselves or society. It is therefore important for both the individual and the collective to develop new effective treatments against intractable depression. This study therefore hopes to find many answers. To this end, the researchers in Utrecht and Groningen have entered into collaborations with other European medical institutes/universities.

    How is this P-TRD study progressing?

    Participants in the P-TRD study are supervised by psychiatrists both during the intake and during the examination. Then there will be a screening with questionnaires, blood sampling, urine control (for drugs & pregnancy) and also a heart film.

    The dose of Psilocybin that each participant receives varies from 25 mg, 10 mg or 1 mg. The participants will bedivided into three groups by drawing lots. An appointment is then made and the test subjects are given Psilocybin once under the supervision of specially trained professionals in the hospital. They call this the study visit. During this session, participants listen to music and are encouraged to experience the effect of the Psilocybin. This one-off session lasts 6 to sometimes 8 hours.

    Prior to this Psilocybin session, the participant will completely wean off his or her antidepressant medication. This is of course done in consultation and under the supervision of a doctor. This is really necessary because antidepressants could potentially interact with Psilocybin. After the Psilocybin session, there will be a number of follow-up appointments with the facilitator to talk about the Psilocybin experience.

    Until at least 3 weeks after the Psilocybin session, the participant does not take any medication for depression (if possible). This allows them to measure the full effect of Psilocybin. After this period, the participant can start taking anti-depression again, if necessary. The study will last approximately 18 weeks. Depending on the duration of withdrawal from antidepressants, participants have to come to the hospital on average 10 times.

    The P-TRD study is fully sponsored and funded by Compass Pathways.


    We at Dr.Paddo are very much looking forward to the results of this P-TRD study and many other studies around the world. Like hundreds of generations before us, we have long believed in the medical and therapeutic effect of Magic Mushrooms and Truffles, but also other Psychedelics.

    In particular for remedying and/or processing depression and traumas. We would advise and encourage everyone to first discuss medicinal psychedelics use with a holistic doctor.

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