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    Dr. Paddo - Tuesday 26 July 2022

    Do psychedelic truffles taste bad? Try this!

    The taste of psychedelic truffles is not exactly good. Some even become nauseous and still suffer from it during the trip. Do you recognize this? No worries! There are several ways to enhance the taste of psychedelic truffles. And of course also useful for the psychonauts who see this inconvenience as a small price to pay for the great effects.

    How do psychedelic truffles taste?

    The flavor of magic truffles is unique and difficult to describe. Each variety has a different taste. But we can be clear about one thing, it is often not good. They naturally come from nature, and many unprocessed natural products do not have a really nice taste. Fortunately, there are several tricks to get around the taste of psychedelic truffles.

    1. Magic truffle tea

    By making mushroom tea from your truffles you no longer suffer from a bad taste, nausea, and you can also does it more gradually. By slowly drinking the magic truffle tea you can gradually increase the level of psilocybin to increase. It is a very nice and tasty way to take mushrooms or truffles.

    Make mushroom tea

    1. Step 1: Boil the water and let it cool below the boiling point
    2. Step 2: grind your magic truffles
    3. Step 3: Soak them in the water for about 15-20 minutes before drinking the tea

    You can also add a tea bag to improve the taste. Preferably, one without caffeine. Also make sure that you chew the small pieces of truffle for optimal effect.

    2. Make soup from the truffles

    Making truffle soup works the same as making tea. Also for this you boil water, cut the magic truffles and let them soak for up to 20 minutes. You can do this with, for example, Cup-a-soup. This is ready quickly, and the taste is delicious. Furthermore, just like with tea, it is important to chew the small pieces well to absorb the active ingredient well.

    3. Mushroom burger

    Everyone loves McDonald's from time to time, right? Or a delicious burger at the cafeteria or homemade? A tasty burger often goes in, and such a burger lends itself perfectly to a mushroom burger. You can cut the magic truffles into small pieces and hide them in your burger. Of course, you still have to chew the small pieces well, but the taste is already much better than when you eat them pure. In any case, the taste is less predominant because of the bun, hamburger, vegetables and sauce.

    4. Good flavor combinations

    Just like with a burger, you can also combine the psychedelic truffles with other meals. During breakfast, lunch or dinner, it basically doesn't matter. What you should pay attention to is that you should not add the truffles during cooking, then the active ingredient will be lost due to overheating.

    In addition, the magic truffles work best on an empty stomach, so take them preferably with a light meal. Think of a meal salad or carpaccio. Another good flavor combination is the truffles by mixing yogurt with honey. Make sure you have the right proportions, otherwise it won't taste good.

    Keep an eye out for MAO inhibitors that can inadvertently enhance the trip. Chocolate and old cheese, among other things, can enhance your trip. Check this well in advance. Have you used an MAO inhibitor and is your trip too intense? Then use a trip-stopper.

    5. Capsules

    Don't want to taste magical truffles at all? Then you can also grind the truffles into powder and fill them into capsules. For this you have to use dried truffles. You can weigh the capsules well and therefore know how much you use. It is also easy to take: swallow, wait for your digestion to do the rest and enjoy your trip!

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