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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 26 July 2023

    What is Rapé and what are the effects?

    In the shop of Dr. You will find a large amount of natural resources with which you can support both your physical and mental health. From magic mushrooms to yopo and from kanna to mescaline cacti. Rapé is a mix of a tobacco plant with other natural ingredients. There are different types and they all have slightly different effects. In this blog we will discuss what you can do with Rapé and what effect it has on body and mind.


    Another look at tobacco

    When you think of medicinal substances from nature, you probably don't immediately think of tobacco. Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) is widely used in the West. We now know that it is addictive and can cause cancer. It is therefore strongly advised not to use tobacco. We see it as a very harmful substance.

    In the Amazon jungle in South America, rapé is used, a different and lesser-known type of tobacco (Nicotiana rustica). Although rapé is also harmful to the lungs when you smoke it, the indigenous inhabitants look at such substances differently. It is seen as sacred medicine, as something to be treated with respect. Rapé is also not used recreationally, but as a medicine that can help initiate a transformation. If you respect the power of rapé, see it as a sacred remedy and use it with caution, you can reap the benefits of rapé. By the way, you can also use it in ways other than smoking it, such as sniffing it, to prevent its harmful effects on the lungs.

    Different kinds of rapé

    When people smoke tobacco, they generally do so because of the stimulant effect of the tobacco. It is different with rapé, if you see it as a medicinal remedy. However, be aware that rapé also has a stimulating effect. It is therefore a good idea to have an intention (a goal) in mind in advance that you want to work on. This makes the use of rapé an enriching experience.

    In the Dr. paddo shop you will find different types of rapé. This powerful remedy is mixed with other medicinal substances. That way, each type of rapé has its own unique effects.


    Kanna rape

    Kanna has been used in South Africa for centuries. In small quantities it gives an energy boost and counteracts hunger. A higher dose has a relaxing and narcotic effect. By rapé combining it with kanna gives you a unique blend. This mix has a stimulating effect, counteracts stress and has a positive effect on the mood. In addition, it causes feelings of connection with nature and the world around you.


    Caapi rape

    Go for Caapi rapé, then you get a unique mix that, in addition to rapé, also contains the liana Banisteriopsis capi contains. This plant grows naturally in Brazil and Peru and is an important component of the drink Ayahuasca. The substances in Banisteriopsis caapi are MAO inhibitors, which ensure that mind-altering substances, such as DMT and psilocybin, are broken down less quickly. These can therefore have more intense and longer-lasting effects.

    That is why Caapi rapé is often used in combination with other psychoactive substances, such as magic mushrooms and Ayahuasca. Then keep in mind that your trip can become a lot more intense. If you use Caapi rapé without other means, you can experience a relaxed, dream-like state. Be careful with the use of MAO inhibitors. These also influence the effect of medicines, such as antidepressants and painkillers.


    Bobinsana rape

    Bobinsana rapé is a special combination of rapé with Bobinsana, a beautiful pink flower that grows in the Amazon region of Colombia. This blend works well with Ayahuasca, with people reporting that it feels like being immersed in a warm bath of light. You can feel powerful feelings of love and empathy for others.

    But Bobinsana rapé can of course also be used on its own. Except a deep relaxing and feelings of connection, it can also induce lucid dreaming.


    Mocambo and passion flower rapé

    Mocambo Passion Flower rapé is a special mix of Mocambo (also known as the jaguar chocolate tree) and passion flower. Mocambo also comes from South America and is related to the cocoa tree. The original people used the sweet fruits of this tree to make the sacred cocoa drink. The fruits of the Mocambo were also used.

    Cacao was brought to the West by the Spaniards and it quickly became very popular. However, the fruits of the Mocambo tree were considered to be of lower quality, so they were not used here for a long time.

    The passion flower is known for its calming effect. The plant can help calm the central nervous system, which can help with anxiety and panic as well as sleeping problems. Passion flower is also an MAO inhibitor, so be careful with other mind-altering substances, the effects of which can be enhanced.

    The combination of rapé with mocambo and passion flower is suitable for anyone who would like to discover their dream world. This blend produces vivid and sometimes lucid dreams. It can also be used to enhance the effects of other psychedelic substances.

    Use of rapé

    Those who want to use rapé can do so in different ways. For beginners, half a pea-sized dose is a good place to start. Do this in a kuripe (a traditional blowgun), so you can blow it into one of your nostrils yourself. You can also do this with another user. If you have already gained some experience with rapé, you can increase the dose a bit. Be careful with rapé and use it as a sacred medicine. Rapé, like cigarettes, is also addictive. Be aware of this and if possible try other natural psychedelics that are not addictive, such as magic mushrooms or mescaline cacti.

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