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    Saturday 26 October 2021

    The ultimate magic mushroom growkit manual

    If you want to grow magic mushrooms in an easy way? Just go for a magic mushroom grow kit. These magic mushroom grow kits are often ready-to-set-up, which means that you can easily grow magic mushrooms at home. It is so simple that anyone can actually do it. In this magic mushroom growkit guide we help you to choose between all the magic mushrooms that you can buy, we will explain how you achieve the largest magic mushroom harvest and how you can best consume it. Everything with the aim to get the most out of your psychoactive mushrooms so that you can trip optimally. First a brief explanation.

    What are magic mushrooms?

    In the Netherlands, we call mushrooms that contain psilocybin. Psilocybin is converted by the body into psilocin and this substances has an impact on your mental and physical system for a certain period of time. If you take a larger amount of magic mushrooms you can start tripping, with a mini amount you will become more creative, energetic and productive. We call the latter microdosing. In addition to the well-known psychoactive substances psilocybin and psilocin, there are also two other interesting substances in magic mushrooms. Baeocystin is said to be a psychoactive substance similar to psilocybin but not the same. It appears to have a similar effect but insufficient studies have been carried out on this substance. Norbaeocystin is the last substance found in magic mushrooms that is whispered to be psychoactive. Unfortunately, insufficient research has been done on both substances, which probably makes them less known.

    What is a magic mushroom grow kit?

    With a magic mushroom grow kit you get everything you need to grow magic mushrooms yourself. All materials are included and with the right temperature, enough fresh air and moisture you are already growing magic mushrooms.

    Can you still buy magic mushrooms at the smartshop?

    Since December 1, 2008, the sale of magic mushrooms has been restricted at the smartshop. Nowadays only magic mushroom grow kits are legal for sale and these have set a trend since the day it's forbidden. Growing your own magic mushrooms is simply allowed. By providing the mycelium with the right conditions, you can grow mushrooms on your own. This is allowed as long as you grow the mushrooms for your own consumption. The benefits of a magic mushroom growkit offers many advantages.

    • Home-grown magic mushrooms give you much more satisfaction
    • Growing a magic mushroom with growkit is so easy that anyone can do it
    • You get an average of 4 flushes (harvesting) from a magic mushroom grow kit
    • Ultimately you are cheaper with a magic mushroom grow kit

    Buying the right magic mushroom growkit

    When you are going to buy a magic mushroom grow kit, you have to choose from a fairly wide range. Each magic mushroom has a different effect and they also need different conditions to grow properly. The shape, length and color of the mushrooms are also very different. Fortunately, you can easily make a choice in the online smartshop of Dr. Paddo. We have magic mushroom grow kits from all kinds of brands and the best magic mushrooms you can get in the Netherlands. You can order these magic mushroom grow kits and have them delivered in many countries in Europe in our webshop but make sure you read our disclaimer first. In the Netherlands we also supply magic mushroom grow kits throughout the country.

    Magic mushroom growkit manual

    The magic mushroom grow kits that we offer are easy to use, but to achieve a great harvest result and multiple flushses you will have to maintain severall steps. That is why it is good to know how a magic mushroom grow kit works before you buy one. In this manual we explain step by step how to grow magic mushrooms. However, please note that each magic mushroom and magic mushroom grow kit has different ideal conditions. Therefore, read the manual that comes with the mushroom grow kit that you buy.

    Buying a ready-to-grow magic mushroom growkit

    Are you going to grow magic mushrooms for the first time? Then we always recommend a magic mushroom grow kit, which is ready to use and ready to grow. This gives you everything you need to easily grow magic mushrooms. Many experienced growers also still opt for these ready-to-grow grow sets. The other option is to buy magic mushroom spores. This way of growing mushrooms is bit more difficult. It is simply more complex and more error prone. That is why choosing a ready-to-use, all-in-one magic mushroom grow kit is the right choice for novice mushroom growers.

    What will you find in the magic mushroom growkit?

    In the all-in-one magic mushroom grow kits that you buy from us you will find 3 important parts. With these parts you have almost everything at home to su to grow and harvest magic mushrooms. In a magic mushroom grow kit you will find the following:

    • Growkit (breeding box) with living mycelium and a high-quality nutrient medium
    • A transparent greenhouse bag with air filter, which we also call a grow bag
    • Two paper clips The breeding box is of course the most important thing.

    This contains the mycelium from which, under the right conditions, the mushrooms, mushrooms, will grow. This makes the breeding box a lot further than when you buy spores. Besides mycelium, the cultivation box contains rice flour, rye and vermiculite. This gives you the breeding ground for the mycelium to develop well. This in combination with the growbag actually ensures that you have everything you need to grow your mushrooms before harvesting.

    How long does it take to grow mushrooms?

    What everyone wants to know about growing mushroom with a grow kit is how long does it take before you can harverst your own mushrooms? Depending on the magic mushroom grow kit you buy, it may take three to five weeks to grow your mushrooms and be ready for harvest. And then the magic starts. With a magic mushroom grow kit you can get up to 4 harvests of mushrooms, sometimes even 5. Are you ready to start growing your own magic mushrooms? Yeah, I can understand that. How to do this can be found below with the step-by-step plan to grow mushrooms with a grow kit.

    Step-by-step plan to grow magic mushrooms with a growkit

    After buying your magic mushroom growkit it is good to know that in addition to these 3 things, the temperature, humidity and fresh air supply are also important. The grow bag, or grow bag, plays an important role in this story aswell.

    Step 1 - sterile environment is essential In any case, make sure you always work in a sterile environment
    The danger lies in contaminating the growkit with unwanted bacteria. Therefore, always wash your hands well before you start growing mushrooms, but also make sure the environment is clean. What you probably don't immediately think of are the bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria fly around every time you exhale. Therefore, try not to breathe in the grow bag. If available it is recommended to wear a face mask. Another way to minimize the risk of your magic mushrooms is to take the cultivation box out of the cultivation bag as little as possible. This way you can greatly reduce the chance of infection. The growkit must therefore actually be quarantined.

    Step 2 - ensure the ideal temperature for your mushrooms to grow
    In a Dutch living room it is usually around 20 degrees. For the magic mushroom grow kit, the temperature should usually be between 20 and 25 degrees depending on the magic mushrooms you choose to grow. If the temperature is too low, there is a chance that your magic mushrooms will not grow or grow slower. Some growers swear by a heat mat for growing mushrooms. A thermometer is advisable anyway. Also too hot is not good for the mushrooms. When the temperature is too high, you can notice this by white thick wires that protrude from the ground. At worst, the mushrooms die at too high a temperature.

    Step 3 - think carefully about where you will place your magic mushroom grow kit
    The location where you will place your magic mushroom grow kit is also important. You want to prevent direct sunlight. This plays the risk of dehydration of the grow kit in hand. Moisture and humidity is important for the growth of magic mushrooms under ideal conditions. Placing a magic mushroom grow kit directly under a lamp or near a heat source such as a heater is not a good idea. Both can dry out the magic mushroom grow kit.

    Step 4 - Get started preparing the growkit
    Remove the growkit from the packaging and clean the outside with a clean, wet cloth. You can now remove the lid from the growkit. So that the substance can better absorb the water, carefully pierce some holes in the top layer of the breeding box with a clean fork. Make sure you distribute the holes evenly. Between 6 and 8 rows of holes is sufficient.

    Step 5 - start with the magic mushroom grow kit Now you are going to fill the growkit with lukewarm water of about 20 degrees. Then place the lid back on the growkit. This will let you soak for an hour. After this hour, remove the lid and carefully drain the water that has not been absorbed. Drain the growkit for a few seconds as well. Then you also add some water to the grow bag. The amount depends on the grow kit you have purchased. Then place the grow box in the grow bag. Make sure that no water gets over the edge of the growkit. Then close the grow bag by wrapping it and securing it with paper clips.

    Step 6 - Optimizing the humidity for growing mushrooms
    Now the magic mushroom growkit is ready for growing magic mushrooms, you need to pay some attention to it every day. This will only take you a few minutes a day. You must ensure good humidity in the grow bag. You do this by spraying some water against the inside of the grow bag daily with a plant sprayer. Be careful not to spray directly on the growkit or the mushrooms. Just 1 or 2 syringes is sufficient. You know that the humidity is sufficient when there is some condensation on the bag. Dehydration is a risk when growing mushrooms. Therefore, direct light is not recommended. The mushrooms get cracks when dehydrated. Too high a humidity level is also a risk. If this is too high, you can see that the hats of the mushrooms shine. You can also see this in the stems. Then there is excessive hair growth on the stem of the mushroom. If you have a lot of problems with humidity, you have to act. You can choose to air the grow bag a little more if the humidity level is too high. If the humidity is too low, it may not be the right place for the grow kit. Something is causing too much dehydration. Is there a better place available?

    Step 7 - oxygen is essential for a good mushroom harvest
    During the misting, you immediately have a moment to let fresh air into the grow bag, at least when the grow bag you use does not have an air filter. Fresh air, oxygen, is also important for the proper growth of the mushrooms. Make sure you wash your hands well before opening the grow bag and that you do not breathe in the grow bag. Make sure you do this for a short time, otherwise it will be at the expense of the humidity level.

    Step 8 - Harvest mushrooms from your grow kit
    Depending on the magic mushroom grow kit you have purchased, your mushrooms will be ready for harvest after a few weeks. Usually you see the first hats of mushrooms emerge from the ground after a few weeks. Just before the membranes under the caps of the mushrooms come off, it is time to start harvesting the mushrooms. Preferably harvest your mushrooms in one go. If you do this more often, it is more likely that you will infect the growkit. When harvesting mushrooms from your grow kit, in most cases you grab the stem and turn left and right to loosen the mushroom. Then you pull the mushroom straight up. You do this in a gentle way to ensure that you disconnect most of the magic mushroom from the mycelium without damaging the mycelium. You still need the mycelium. The mycelium may turn blue, purple or black after picking. These are bruises associated with picking. This is completely normal and occurs regularly. Also make sure you are on time harvesting your mushrooms. When the contents of the grow bag start to turn black, you are too late to harvest your magic mushrooms. This can prevent you from using your grow kit for another harvest.

    Step 9 - harvest an extra magic mushroom with your grow kit
    After your first harvest, you might expect to need to buy a new grow kit. However, that is not the case. You can get up to 4 flushes, or harvests, from one magic mushroom grow kit. For this it is important that you do not contaminate or damage the mycelium. To achieve this, many magic mushroom grow kits require you to soak the growkit in the refrigerator for 12 hours after harvesting. Soaken is completely submerging the breeding box (growkit) with the lid on. Then you pour the water from the grow kit and start the cultivation process again. In many cases you will now see results about 10 days faster than with the first culture. Please note that this is a general magic mushroom grow kit manual. Each magic mushroom grow kit has its own manual and description of steps. Because there may be differences.

    How do you know that there is no more mushroom harvest left in your grow kit?

    Usually you can get 4 flushes or picks from your magic mushroom grow kit but this is not a golden rule. In some cases there are reports of 5 flushes and sometimes only 3. The question then arises, how do you know that no further mushrooms will grow in your grow kit. You can already see some clues in the color you see in your grow kit. Do you see colors like red, gray, green or yellow in your grow kit? Then there is a good chance that there are no more mushrooms to grow with. Color change is a clear indication that the grow kit is contaminated. Contamination is not the only reason that the grow kit no longer gives mushrooms. At some point, it's just how well you followed the magic mushroom grow kit manual. Unfortunately you cannot see this in advance. When you have saked your grow kit and have started a new growth cycle and see no mushrooms after 3 weeks, you can assume that the end of your grow kit is near. Time to buy a new magic mushroom grow kit.

    Pay attention when growing magic mushrooms

    When you are cultivating magic mushrooms you sometimes also encounter challenges. However, these you can often easily solve yourself. As mentioned, growing magic mushrooms with a magic mushroom grow kit is very easy. Mushrooms may start to grow on the side of the growkit. This can be caused by light coming on the side of the breeding box. You can prevent this by wrapping the growkit on the side with aluminum foil. The mushrooms know which way to grow by growing towards the light. The tricky thing about the mushrooms that arise on the side of the growkit is that it is difficult to harvest them without contaminating the growkit or damaging the mycelium. It is therefore wise to prevent this. And now? Enjoy your trip on magic mushrooms or dry them and save them for later.

    Drying magic mushrooms

    Often a crop of mushrooms from a grow kit will give you more mushrooms than you can eat. The question is, what do you do with the remaining mushrooms? You can dry mushrooms that you have left over so that they have a longer shelf life. Fresh mushrooms only stay fresh for a certain period of time. In the fridge for a few days. Sounds logical, dried mushrooms can be stored much longer. Then you are not talking about days, but about months. However, there are several ways to dry your mushrooms. With one you can keep them for a few months, with the other you can keep them for years. What you have to realize is that the greatest risk is in fungi. If you do not dry the mushrooms properly and completely, mold can develop due to residual moisture. So drying must be done sufficiently, really enough. Fresh mushrooms consist of 90% moisture in some varieties. You can dry your fresh mushrooms by a stove, for example, but is this enough to take all the moisture out?

    The ideal way to dry your magic mushrooms

    There are a number of steps you need to go through to ideally dry your mushrooms. Let's go through them.

    Step 1, dry surface
    You place your fresh mushrooms on a dry surface almost immediately after harvesting without the mushrooms touching each other. By laying down a double layer of kitchen paper, you already draw some moisture from the mushrooms.

    Step 2, the ideal place to dry your mushrooms
    To improve this, place the mushrooms in direct sunlight. This can be in the windowsill or in a conservatory if you have one. Also use the power of black to attract heat. Therefore, put a black towel over the mushrooms. Is there little sunlight because it is winter? Then you choose the heating. This is still on regularly in winter. It is simply looking where you find the most heat to dry out your mushrooms. This also means that you change the kitchen paper daily so that moisture can absorb again.

    Step 3, silica gel to professionally dry your mushrooms
    Although it seems that your magic mushrooms are completely dry in the first few steps, this is rarely the case. How do you get even more moisture from your mushrooms? Silica gel. Silica gel is a professional product used to dry other products. It is also used for food, so it is completely safe to use for your magic mushrooms. Tupperware trays are great in the kitchen, but also for drying mushrooms. Place the silica gel in the tupperware tray and you can place the mushrooms above it with a rack. This without touching your magic mushrooms. Then close the tupperware container airtight. You can also replace silica gel by using epsom salt. You use this in the same way. However, you must pre-treat the epsom salt beforehand. EPSom salt contains moisture and it has to be removed. Therefore, bake it in an oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours. Then you can use it to dry mushrooms.

    Step 4, do you finally have dried mushrooms?
    You want your mushrooms to be bone dry, but how do you know you've reached that moment? It's simple, check it regularly. The mushrooms must be as dry as a cracker. That means they break when you bend them. That's the way to check it.

    Step 5, where do you store dried mushrooms?
    Once your mushrooms have dried, you cannot simply leave them on the counter. The storage location is also important. It should be dark, cool and dry. You pack the mushrooms in a vacuum package. This can be a preserving jar, for example.

    What is the best magic mushroom grow kit for you?

    When you decide to buy a magic mushroom grow kit you will see that there is a wide range. Which magic mushroom grow kit is right for you? You can think of which mushrooms you want to grow. And of course the end product is important, but don't forget to also look at the effort required to grow mushrooms. Especially when you are a novice mushroom grower. There are namely 2 levels to be determined in the cultivation of magic mushrooms. M et a grow kit. Every mushroom has its own conditions for full growth. One mushroom is more risky than the other. Fortunately, it is not the case that a mistake can ruin the entire cultivation process. The ready-to-grow magic mushroom grow kits are simply put together too well. However, we advise you to start with easy to grow mushrooms when you first do this.

    The ideal magic mushroom grow kit for novice growers

    When you start with your first magic mushroom grow kit, it is best to choose easy to grow magic mushrooms. In this case, choose one of the magic mushroom grow kits below:

    • Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian
    • Psilocybe Cubensis B +
    • Psilocybe Cubensis Thai
    • Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador
    • Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
    • Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec
    • Psilocybe Cubensis McKennaii
    • Psilocybe Cubensis Mexican

    The easiest mushroom to grow with a grow kit is the Cambodian. The nice thing about this mushroom is that it also gives you a large harvest and that is of course nice when you are just starting to grow. But as you can see, there is a lot of choice for novice mushroom growers. That is why we will also look at the effects of the different mushrooms that you have at Dr. Mushrooms can buy.

    Mushrooms you can choose when you are an experienced mushroom grower

    Are you looking for a greater challenge when growing mushrooms? Then you can choose one of the two grow kits that you will find below.

    • Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian
    • Psilocybe Cubensis Albino

    If you can successfully grow these mushrooms, you can consider taking it a step further. The real start of the cultivation process is in the mushroom spores. This purchase also gives you the opportunity to lay the foundation for your mushroom harvest from the earliest moment. A great sense of accomplishment will come over you when you have watched your mushroom spores grow into full-fledged mushrooms.

    Choosing the right magic mushroom for the ideal trip

    As mentioned, choosing your magic mushroom grow kit is important for two reasons. Growing the mushrooms is the first part of the process, but the end product is of course very important. Do you grow the magic mushroom that gives you the ideal trip? There are 3 levels that we can indicate in this. This is mainly about your experience of consuming magic mushrooms. Your experience with psychoactive substances is also important if you have consumed these with other products. In short, are you a budding tripper looking for their first psychoactive journey or are you an experienced psychonaut?

    Your first trip on magic mushrooms?

    The advice at every smart shop and on every forum that talks about magic mushrooms is clear. For your first magic mushroom trip you do not choose a magic mushroom that ensures a heavy trip. This is something you need to build over several times. You enter a world that is completely different from what you are used to and you cannot just get out. That is why you should pay close attention to yourself and certainly not exceed your limits at the beginning. It is important that you build an awareness. An awareness that tells you that the magic mushroom trip is coming to an end. You have to build this awareness because you end up in another world in which you cannot always control how you feel and where your thoughts lead. For the first few magic mushroom trips we recommend the following 4 magic mushrooms:

    • Mexican magic mushrooms
    • Thai magic mushrooms
    • Cambodian mushrooms
    • Golden Teacher magic mushrooms

    The first introduction to the world of magic mushrooms is best done with Mexican magic mushrooms. We can also advise you on Thai, Cambodian and Golden Teacher magic mushrooms for the first few trips on magic mushrooms. When you have experienced these trips as pleasant, you can take a step to the next level. Fortunately, all four of these mushrooms are also easy to grow, which makes it an excellent choice for novice mushroom growers.

    The right magic mushrooms for the recreational psychonaut

    Do you already have some experience with magic mushrooms and do you want to get more out of your next magic mushroom trip? Then you may be ready for magic mushrooms that give a more intense trip. Then you can choose one of the four magic mushroom grow kits that you will find below.

    • B + mushrooms
    • Mazatapec magic mushrooms
    • Colombian mushrooms
    • Albino mushrooms

    When it comes to growing, the Colombian and Albino mushrooms are a bit more difficult to grow and you need some experience to do this. That is why it is perhaps best to choose the B + mushrooms and the Mazatapec mushrooms.

    The magic mushrooms that give the best trips

    In some cases, an experienced psychonaut opts for an intense trip of the highest level. It just depends on what you feel like. With the mushrooms below you can experience an intense and intense trip. We recommend the following magic mushrooms for experienced psychonauts:

    • Ecuadorian mushrooms
    • Hawaiian magic mushrooms
    • McKennaii magic mushrooms

    Remember that the amount of magic mushrooms that je takes a lot of influence on the strength of your trip. This is not the only thing, also how much and what you have eaten and your environment play an important role. Finally, your mood plays an important role. Magic mushrooms enhance the feelings you already have. So if you are sad, chances are that these feelings become even stronger during the trip.

    More information about the magic mushroom growkits

    Now that you know our advice on which magic mushrooms are best for which psychonaut and how easy to grow these magic mushrooms with a grow kit, it is time to tell a bit more about the magic mushrooms themselves. In the information below you will find a short description about each magic mushroom and what you can expect from these mushrooms.

    Tripping Mexican magic mushrooms for the first time

    Let's start with the most famous magic mushroom in the Netherlands. This psilocybe cubensis Mexican mushroom is the first mushroom in the  Netherlands that became known as the trippy mushroom because of its psychoactive substances. As mentioned, this is the best mushroom to start with if you've never enjoyed magic mushrooms before. Fortunately, these mushrooms are easy to grow with the grow kits. After growing the mushrooms, you can enjoy a happy and energetic trip full of laugh kicks.

    Thai magic mushrooms are the well-known festival magic mushrooms

    Another magic mushroom that is very suitable for a first introduction to the exciting world of magic mushrooms is the Thai magic mushrooms. These mushrooms were first discovered on the Thai island of Koh Samui and have several nicknames. The Thai mushroom is sometimes also called Koh Samui after the island where they were discovered or Cloud Mushrooms. Thai mushrooms are often used at various festivals and parties. Similarly in Thailand. During the full moon parties you can buy magic mushroom shakes that make the experience even more magical. Also in the Netherlands and other parts of the world you see that psychonauts who like to party often choose the Thai magic mushrooms. These festival magic mushrooms give you a lot of energy. Something that is very desirable at a festival. In addition, these mushrooms ensure that you become very social and that is always fun at a party. The Thai mushrooms are easily grown with a grow kit. These mushrooms give you a large harvest and luckily grow quickly.

    Cambodian shrooms are the easiest shrooms to grow

    These psychoactive mushrooms were discovered near one of Cambodians biggest attractions. The mushroom was discovered near the largest temples in the world, Angkor Wat temples. The Cambodian mushrooms are also suitable for novice psychonauts. The trip you get from it is not super intense and good to get acquainted with the wonderful world of magic mushrooms. Growing these psychoactive mushrooms is easy. Perhaps the easiest of them all. They grow slightly slower than the average mushroom but reward patient growers with huge yields.

    Golden Teacher magic mushrooms enrich you with enormous wisdom

    Do you want to enjoy a spiritual journey that enriches your life with self-knowledge? Then you choose the psychoactive mushroom with gold-colored hats the Golden Teacher. This special magic mushroom offers you a dimensional trip that you can use for personal growth. The Golden Teacher magic mushroom, also known as Psilocyne Aurumescens, is easy to grow and also suitable for novice psychonauts. That is why we recommend this magic mushroom for magic mushroom growers who do not yet have a lot of experience with the psychoactive world. Growing the Golden Teacher magic mushrooms with the growkit is so easy that nothing can go wrong if you follow the steps in the magic mushroom growkit manual.

    B + mushroom growkit gives you the highest psychoactive mushrooms

    You can call the B + mushrooms the positivity magic mushroom. After consuming these psychoactive mushrooms, you are cheerful, cheerful and even euphoric. They are less visual than other magic mushrooms, but that doesn't make them any less fun. It is wonderful all the positivity that rushes through your body. The magic mushroom grow kit for B + mushrooms is a pleasure for every grower. They are easy to grow mushrooms that can grow up to 30 cm high before they are ripe for harvest. Now that a lot is happening above ground with the cultivation of these psychoactive mushrooms, the cultivation of these mushrooms is a real party. One of the reasons why tripping on B + shrooms is popular is that they are less likely to cause nausea after eating shrooms.

    Mazatapec magic mushrooms for spiritual travel from a simple grow kit

    Do you want to go on a spiritual journey within yourself? Do you want strong hallucinations during your spiritual and visual trip? Then you choose the Mexican mushrooms that come from Mazatapec. The Mazatapec magic mushrooms are also called Maz and give you the trips that everyone knows about magic mushrooms. Strong visual hallucinations and sometimes even travel within the person's own. You can recognize the Mazatapec mushrooms by the caps of the psychoactive mushrooms that keep them partially closed. Fortunately, the Mazatapec mushrooms are also easy to grow.

    Colombian magic mushrooms for an intense trip

    The Colombian magic mushrooms give you a strong visual trip full of colors and smile kicks. A favorite in many a smart shop. This intense trip lasts about 6 hours and makes you reach higher spheres. Grow Colombian magic mushrooms easily with your own magic mushroom grow kit. You do this in your own home and so you can bring beautiful Colombia into your home. Think of the colorful city of Cartagena and the relaxation of the beautiful Playa Blanca. You can almost touch it during a trip on Colombian mushrooms with psychoactive substances. You can grow the Colombian magic mushroom, which is also called the Colombiescens, with a grow kit. The cultivation time is a bit longer and the cultivation is a bit more challenging, but the mushrooms give you a fantastic experience.

    Albino mushrooms are the white gold among the psychonauts

    A mushroom that brings you the most beautiful colors to life comes from a white and pale mushroom. These white psychoactive mushrooms prefer to grow in the dark. The lack of pigment creates the white color of the mushrooms. This mushroom also owes its name to this, Albino mushrooms. The Albino magic mushrooms show your visual effects and bring colors to life. A true gift on gray days. You grow this special magic mushroom with a grow kit, but only start with this white friend when you have some experience with growing mushrooms. They are not only the whitest mushrooms, they are also very fragile. You grow the Albino mushrooms in the dark. Direct light is really forbidden to get the best out of these mushrooms. The lack of pigment is simply not a good combination with direct light. However, the room in which the mushroom grow kit is located does not have to be in complete darkness. The temperature and humidity must also listen very closely to this fragile magic mushroom grow kit.

    Ecuadorian magic mushrooms for strong visual trips

    Do you want to get in touch with yourself more? Analyze all your thoughts and come to new insights? Then you choose the Ecuadorian magic mushrooms from a great height. Namely the psychoactive mushrooms that grow in the high mountains of the Andes in Ecuador. This highly visual mushroom is especially suitable for experienced psychonauts. You prefer to grow the Ecuadorian magic mushroom with a magic mushroom grow kit. It can hardly go wrong precisely because they are originally from the Andes mountains. These mushrooms live in varying conditions in the Andes Mountains. Temperature fluctuations occur here regularly and that makes home growing a lot easier. The magic mushroom can handle this very well,

    McKennaii Mushrooms

    One of the strongest mushrooms in our smartshop are the McKennaii mushrooms. Named after the discoverer of this mushroom and a greatness in the history of psychoactive mushrooms. With the McKennaii magic mushrooms you experience philosophical trips with strong visual effects and smile kicks. It gives you a cheerful feeling and stimulates your creativity. That can be a very nice 6 hour trip. You grow these psychoactive mushrooms with a grow kit. This mushroom grows very fast, is easy to maintain and has different shapes. Every day it is a party to see in your grow bag what special mushrooms you see. In many cases, the mushrooms not only have a lot of psilocybin but also large hats.

    The more mushrooms you take, the stronger the trip

    The power of your magic mushroom trip depends not only on which mushrooms you have grown, but also on the amount of mushrooms you take. It is not for nothing that you do not experience hallucinations with microdosing, but you do experience a growth in creativity and productivity. When you take more magic mushrooms, you just come to a trip full of visions and hallucinations with the same magic mushrooms. There are trip levels to indicate how strong your trip is. The mushroom trip levels show you how strong your trip was A ranking is made from 1 to 5, with 5 being the strongest trip. With these mushroom trip levels you can see for yourself how strong your trip was and whether you are satisfied with it or whether you will consume more mushrooms next time to reach the highest trip level.

    Trip level 1, a mild trip You feel high, colors are more beautiful than ever and music has never sounded so pure. Just a very nice feeling with minimal visual effects.

    Trip level 2, for closed eye visuals If you reach trip level 2, you will notice that you have closed eye visuals. You can concentrate very well and you are more creative than ever before. Even now colors are dazzlingly beautiful and music sounds wonderful. Not only does it penetrate into your ears, but you can feel it ripple through your body.

    Trip level 3, the trip where the sense of time changes When you get to trip level 3, the mushrooms will make you lose the sense of time. An evening can fly by but at the same time a minute can feel like an hour. So much is happening in that minute. Your brain seems to be racing while you don't feel stressed or rushed at all. Time just seems to disappear, it doesn't seem to be that important anymore. You let it go.

    Trip level 4, magic mushrooms that lead to hallucinations At trip level you can already notice visual effects, but when you reach trip level 4 you notice that they are very strong hallucinations. This may be that you can see things distort in your house. You can safely say that you lose sight of reality and that your ego disappears into the background. An out of body experience can also occur at trip level 4.

    Trip level 5, you open doors to another world If you reach trip level 5, you will enter another world, another dimension. Your ego no longer exists, you lose logic and simple things like talking become a challenge. Your brain is concerned with completely different things. A new world, a new dimension to experience.

    How many magic mushrooms should you use?

    Not everyone gets the same trip from the same amount of magic mushrooms. This is something you have to invent, for example weight plays a role. Still, there are guidelines, especially useful for beginning psychonauts. When you take magic mushrooms, you should always weigh the magic mushrooms so that you don't get too much or too little. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between fresh mushrooms and dried mushrooms. Fresh magic mushrooms can sometimes consist of 90% water, which affects the weight and the ratio of psychoactive substances. We recommend the following quantities for dried mushrooms:

    • 1 gram of dried mushrooms for a mild trip
    • 2 grams of dried mushrooms for a normal trip
    • 3 grams of dried mushrooms for an intense trip

    Novice psychonauts should always start with 1 gram of dried mushrooms. 3 grams of dried mushrooms is only for experienced psychonauts. We recommend the following quantities for fresh mushrooms:

    • 5 to 10 grams of fresh magic mushrooms for a mild trip
    • 20 grams of fresh mushrooms for a normal trip
    • 30 grams of fresh magic mushrooms for an intense trip

    Start with 5 grams of fresh magic mushrooms when you use mushrooms for the first time. From there you can start building it up.

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