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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 27 November 2023

    How do you ensure that cannabis retains its aroma?

    When you use cannabis, it is very important to ensure that it retains its wonderful aroma. The smell and taste of cannabis are caused by the special substances in cannabis, such as terpenes and sulfur compounds. It is partly because of these substances that using cannabis can be so pleasant. But unfortunately they are also very volatile. Want to know how to keep your weed so fragrant and tasty, read on below.

    How cannabis gets its special aroma

    The smell of weed is unique. Most Dutch people can recognize the smell quite well, even if they do not use cannabis themselves. But how does this aroma actually arise? This is mainly caused by the terpenes. If you want your buds to continue to smell so wonderful, it is important to take good care of them. The volatile chemicals can easily be lost.

    But what exactly are terpenes? Cannabis produces a large amount of substances. The most famous are of course THC and CBD, but terpenes also play an important role in the effects that cannabis can cause. More than 150 have already been discovered, and they are largely responsible for the pleasant smell and taste of cannabis. However, the plant does not produce terpenes just because they smell so good. Terpenes have several important functions. In this way, they help protect the plant against pests (the scent repels certain predatory insects). But there are also insects that are attracted to it and thus help with pollination.

    Terpenes also play a role in metabolism and can absorb harmful UV radiation. That's nice to know, of course. But for you as a cannabis user, it is especially important to know how you can ensure that your weed can retain its unique aroma. Proper care of your plants is important, even before you harvest!

    This is how you ensure that weed retains its aroma

    Growing cannabis is not complicated. Even if you don't have green fingers, you can reap a good harvest. If you want to ensure that no aroma is lost, you can pay attention to the following points.

    The impact of rinsing

    The last two weeks of flowering you can choose to flush. This is nothing more than watering a lot to remove excess nutrients from the soil (minerals and chemicals). This makes the bottom completely clean again. It also ensures that the plant adjusts its metabolism. There has been a lack of nutrients and now she will have to draw on her own supplies. This can benefit the taste and smell of your weed. However, opinions about the usefulness of flushing differ. Not all growers use this technique. It might be worth trying and seeing if rinsing can enhance the aroma of your weed.

    Cutting sugar leaves

    Another thing you can do to preserve the aroma of your weed is to cut off sugar leaves. These leaves do contain small amounts of terpenes and other aromatic substances. But they also contain many other substances that can influence the aroma. The amount of aromatic substances can increase by cutting away the small sugar leaves. And that can provide a more powerful aroma.

    Vulnerable trichomes

    The buds of your cannabis plants are vulnerable, especially the trichomes. These are the little glands that produce all those wonderful cannabinoids and terpenes. You definitely want to protect this if you want your weed to have a delicious aroma. They are easy to damage, so avoid touching the buds during flowering. Be careful when harvesting and handle the buds with care: avoid shaking them too much or even dropping them.

    Drying buds

    Once you have harvested the buds, it is time to dry them. Doing this correctly can help preserve the rich and potent aroma of your cannabis. If the buds are not dried properly, you run the risk of mold and a musty, sweet and grassy smell.

    Preserving the aroma of cannabis: curing

    Curing buds is also a good way to improve the aroma of cannabis. When drying, the excess moisture is removed. You could already start using your weed. But do you want to enjoy an optimal scent?and taste, then it is recommended to also harden the buds. This is called curing. When curing, you store your buds in an airtight jar, opening the jars at certain times. This process changes the chemical composition of the buds, making the terpenes and other aromatic compounds more prominent. Curing takes at least four weeks.

    Storing weed

    The final step is the correct way to store your buds. Terpenes and other volatile substances will be lost under the influence of light and air. That's why it's important to store your buds in a clean, airtight container in a dark, cool place.

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    Cannabis aroma and smoking

    Now you know what influences the aroma of your weed just before, during and after harvest. However, smoking itself also affects the aroma. If you want to enjoy the optimal smell and taste of cannabis, you can, for example, use a grinder. You use this to grind your weed, which ensures a more even combustion and release of aromas. It is also important to regularly clean your smoking accessories. This is especially true if you have a bong, vaporizer or pipe used. A sticky residue can build up in it, which can cause a bad taste. By thoroughly cleaning your device every now and then, all the wonderful aromas will come into their own again.

    You've put a lot of time and energy into your buds. Of course you would like to keep all those special smells and flavors. As you have read, it is not that difficult at all. Handle your buds with care and you will be able to fully enjoy the rich, unique aroma of cannabis.

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