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    Dr.Paddo - Wednesday 30 December 2021

    The right way to prepare Yopo seeds for your trip (step-by-step plan)

    The use of Yopo seeds originates from Central and South America, where it was used in ceremonies and rituals. The popularity of Yopo seeds has now spread to the Western world. The seeds contain substances such as DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenine; all very potent hallucinogenic substances. These substances are released when the seeds are pulverized into powder. In this article, we'll show you how to use the Yopo seeds properly prepared for consumption.

    The effect of Yopo seeds is very powerful and intense

    Before we present the step-by-step plan, we would like to point out the intensity of Yopo. When using Yopo, a special visual trip occurs. Experienced users also compare the effects with those of Ayahuasca tea. This may well be true, because Ayahuasca contains similar psychedelic substances. The trip is only a lot shorter, but depending on the dose you are in another world with Yopo for at least an hour and a half. You may understand that Yopo this is not for beginners is, but for experienced trippers and shamans.

    Step-by-step plan to prepare Yopo seeds

    To achieve the super fast and intense effect of Yopo (Cohoba) seeds, these must be pulverized into snuff. And that is not easy. The seeds must be boiled, peeled and crushed. The recommended amount for one person is 1 to 4 Yopo seeds. Calculate the ideal amount based on the number of people, body weight and experience. After accurately determining the number of seeds, follow the steps below to transform the seeds into the magical Cohoba powder.

    Step 1: Heating Yopo seeds

    Heat the seeds over low heat until they burst. This can be done by placing them in a pan or by holding them in the fire with tweezers. After about 20 to 30 minutes, the seeds will swell and then pop, just like popcorn.

    Caution: Make sure to put a lid on the pan. When the seeds burst, they will jump, just like popcorn. Do you want to use tweezers? Then wind a cloth around the end to protect your hand against the tweezers getting hot.

    Step 2: Peel Yopo seeds

    The seeds have now burst open. Take the inside out of the seed and discard the husk.

    Step 3: Reheat

    You now have the inner part of the seeds. You heat this again on low heat. Stop when the seeds are hard and grainy.

    Step 4: Mix and grind

    Grind the hard and grainy seeds with, for example, a mortar or coffee grinder. Then mix two parts seed with one part calcium hydroxide and one part baking soda.

    Step 5: Add water and make dough from the crushed Yopo seeds

    Add a few drops of water so that you can make a dough from the whole. Mix the pasta well and reheat it in a pan over low heat. Wait patiently until the water has evaporated from the paste and a dry powder remains.

    Step 6: Mash into a fine powder

    Pamp and grind the powder until it is a fine whole that can be snorted. The finer the powder, the easier to snort.

    Use the prepared Yopo seeds

    You probably noticed, but the snuff does not have a pleasant smell and can feel uncomfortable when ingested. Sniffing therefore requires a bit of perseverance and a little help. You can use a Kuripe. For maximum intake, ask someone else to blow the powder into your nose with, for example, a snuff tube. This way you get more in than what you are capable of. Again, pay close attention to the amount. First try an amount that corresponds to one seed and see how you like it.

    Side effects Yopo seeds

    For your own reassurance and the safety of your trip, it is recommended to use Yopo seeds in the company of a sober sitter. The powerful effect of Yopo can cause side effects such as dizziness, vomiting and headaches. If that happens, it is nice if there is someone you can rely on and who will help you through it.

    Dosages and global course of the Yopo trip

    Taking three to four Yopo seeds gives a mentally and physically stimulating effect. This phase lasts about 20 to 40 minutes, followed by a calm period during which you can experience hallucinations.

    Dosages of three to five seeds turn out to be a psychedelicto have an effect. Users state that these effects are comparable to LSD. Doses of more than five seeds are very high and the chance of discomfort is therefore high. The general advice is therefore not to use more than five seeds.

    A good preparation for a Yopo trip is very important

    Plan your schedule freely and get enough sleep and eat healthy the days before. The snuffed Yopo seeds contain powerful substances that provide an intense experience. Hallucinations, letting go of the ego, encounters with divine beings and powerful visions are all effects described by users. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared, both physically and mentally. Then choose the right company. People you feel comfortable with and whom you trust. You prefer to ask a sober sitter who has experience with tripping on Yopo and can guide you well. Start with a small amount and do not exceed the maximum amount.

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