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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 26 May 2024

    How can you boost the production of happiness hormones?

    You feel good about yourself, but have you ever thought that this is due to the happiness hormones that your body produces? There are a number of hormones that influence your mood and it is important that your body produces enough of them. In this blog we will discuss which hormones these are and how you can stimulate their production naturally.


    The wonderful effect of happiness hormones

    Your mood is often an elusive thing. Sometimes you feel great and your mood suddenly changes. Sometimes you experience something amazing and you can't help but be happy about it. Are the activities that determine how you feel or do the processes in your body also play a role? It turns out that there are a number of hormones that have a major influence on how you feel every day.

    These are the happiness hormones, so called because they are important for a positive mood. Various glands in the body are responsible for its production. They promote feelings of pleasure, happiness, connection and satisfaction. This means that they are very important to enjoy life. A deficiency of one of the happiness hormones can therefore be linked to mood disorders such as depression.

    Different types of happiness hormones

    The following hormones provide a positive and satisfied feeling:

    • Serotonin is also called the feel-good hormone. Also regulates sleep, digestion and is important for the functioning of memory. Serotonin is also very important for feelings of happiness and optimism.

    • Endorphins are produced when you exercise and are therefore associated with the "runner's high". Endorphins help relieve pain and cope with stress. This hormone may also be important for the production of anandamide, so a combination of the two can provide feelings of bliss.

    • Dopamine: This hormone plays a role in experiencing pleasure after hard work and is therefore important in the reward mechanism.

    • Oxytocin: This is the love hormone, which is released during physical contact and social interactions. It is also very important for the formation of a healthy bond between parents and child.

    It may happen that your levels of these happiness hormones are too low, but fortunately there are natural ways in which you can stimulate their production.

    6 tips to stimulate the production of happiness hormones

    Could you use some more moments of happiness? Then try to promote the production of happiness hormones with the tips below. Not everything works equally well for everyone, but the tips below can't hurt anyway, so feel free to try them.

    1. Social activities

    Interacting with others is a good way to boost various happiness hormones. Laughing with others, enjoying dinner with friends or a nice conversation with your best friend are all ways to ensure a rise in endorphins and dopamine. Don't forget your pets either, because a lovely cuddle with your dog or cat has the same effect. Physical contact with people (hugging, kissing or a massage) can immediately improve your mood because it stimulates the production of oxytocin.

    2. A good night's sleep

    The production of happiness hormones is highly dependent on how you sleep. A good night's sleep promotes the production and release of dopamine. And of course, sleeping well is also important to be able to wake up rested and energetic.

    3. Physical exercise

    As mentioned earlier, physical exercise stimulates the production of endorphins. But more endocannabinoids are also produced, which also have a positive effect on mood. So make sure you regularly make time for exercise. A sport that is an aerobic activity (not an endurance sport) is also good for your happiness hormones, for example, more serotonin is produced. Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, so that you can keep it up.

    4. Supplements that are good for happiness hormones

    You can also boost your happiness hormones with supplements, especially if you can do this less easily in other ways. For example, to increase dopamine you can use turmeric, but also Ginkgo Biloba can cause an increase in dopamine levels.

    Those who want to benefit from more serotonin can do so by taking 5-HTP or Tryptophan. These substances are important for the production of that neurotransmitter. Please note that these supplements influence the happiness hormones, but can therefore also influence the effect of medications you are already taking. So always consult with your doctor whether a supplement suits your situation.

    5. Meditation

    Another natural way to promote the production of happiness hormones is through meditation. By meditating you find peace within yourself, it provides more mental and physical relaxation. This can reduce stress hormones and rebalance the levels of happiness hormones. This of course also applies to other relaxing activities, such as a walk in the woods, taking a bath or listening to quiet music.

    6. Boost happiness hormones with nutrition

    You can also influence the happiness hormones that your body produces with nutrition. When you provide enough vitamin B6 in your diet, your body can produce sufficient dopamine and serotonin. B6 is found in chickpeas, potatoes and tuna. Tryptophan can also be good for serotonin levels, which is found in fish, seeds, nuts and kernels. With dark chocolate you can provide a boost in endorphins and serotonin. This gives you a good reason to enjoy this tasty snack more often!

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