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    Dr. Paddo - Thursday 16 January 2024

    Why these 7 tools should not be missed when harvesting cannabis

    If you are going to harvest weed soon, you will definitely need the 7 tools below! Sowing seeds and watching your cannabis plants grow bigger is a wonderful process and one that you will certainly enjoy. But eventually it's time to harvest and that's what you've been looking forward to all this time. Of course, you want everything to go well and that is why it is useful to get everything you need to make your harvest a great success. In this blog you can read exactly what you need.


    7 tools you need when harvesting weed

    The harvest is an exciting and important moment when growing cannabis. As much as you want to get your hands on those fine buds, it is wise not to act in a hurry. The more carefully you proceed, the better the taste and potency of your weed will be preserved. In any case, with the right tools, your harvest will get off to a good start. Below, we list everything you need.

    The pocket microscope

    First of all, before harvesting, it is important that you determine as accurately as possible that your cannabis plants are ready. If you the right time to harvest, you will need a (pocket) microscope to see the study trichomes in the buds. These change color as the buds mature. See if the majority of these little glands are cloudy, then it is the best time to harvest. If you can't get a microscope, a good loupe is also an option.


    When you are handling your cannabis plants, you can quickly get sticky resin on your fingers. In addition, if you touch your plants with bare hands, you can contaminate the buds with bacteria and fungi. It is therefore wise to wear disposable gloves during harvesting. This latex gloves are free of powder and can also be used in other situations where you want to work hygienically.

    Pruning shears

    Secateurs are a tool that is indispensable when harvesting cannabis. Make sure that your scissors have sharp blades, so that buds (but also leaves if you prune) are cut off perfectly. You can also use it to cut the buds into shape when they are harvested. The Blade one-ring scissors fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to quickly and accurately adjust your plants to work. The handy spring ensures that the scissors open automatically again after cutting, which makes working very easy.

    Indispensable tools when harvesting cannabis: cleaning wipes

    Cleaning wipes are also indispensable tools when harvesting cannabis. With this little alcohol wipes you can clean your tools and work surface thoroughly and remove any sticky resin residue. You can also use them for any cleaning work, such as cleaning pots and knives, but you can also sterilize bongs and vaporizers with them. You can safely use them on different surfaces, such as metal, glass and silicone. A single wipe is individually wrapped, so make sure you have enough at home.

    Thermometer and hygrometer

    If you want to dry weed, it is useful if you know exactly how warm and humid the room is. You can use a thermometer and hygrometer for this. In our shop you will find a device that can measure both. This will help you keep a close eye on the conditions in the drying room. It can be quite difficult to keep the ideal temperature and humidity in balance, but with such a device you know exactly what the state of affairs is.

    Drying rack

    To dry buds properly, you need a drying rack. This doesn't have to be very high-tech. An old clothes rack can serve as a drying rack and even clothes hangers are a possible option. If you want a more professional approach, you can also opt for a real drying rack. You cancan often be hung on the wall and consists of several layers. You can easily store the buds of multiple plants here.

    Pots for curing weed

    For those who want the best results, jars for curing your weed after harvesting and drying are also indispensable tools. Curing ensures that the optimal taste and potency of your buds is retained. You will need an extra dose of patience for this, because you will have to store your buds in the jars for several weeks so that they can dry (harden) even further. Glass jars (weck jars) are very suitable for this, because they can be sealed airtight. Buy a few of these pots and they will last you for years to come.


    A successful harvest with the right tools

    If you have everything you need to harvest your weed, you can get started. Once your buds have been dried and cured, you need to keep them safe(preferably in the dark and in an airtight container, such as a stash can). And if you want to weigh your portion of weed carefully, use a good scale, such as the On Balance. We hope that with this information you can start your harvest well prepared.

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