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    Dr.Paddo - Wednesday 30 February 2022

    Why are magic mushroom grow kits so popular?

    The popularity of mushroom grow kits has grown strongly in recent years. With these handy grow kits people can grow magic mushrooms at home, without the need for special knowledge. Mushroom grow kits have never been so popular. You might be surprised that so many people want to grow magic mushrooms at home.


    That's not surprising though: the mind-altering substance psilocybin contained in these mushrooms may have health benefits. And grow kits make growing easy and safe. Below you can read more about why magic mushroom growkits have become so popular in such a short time.


    Growing magic mushrooms at home

    In the Netherlands you could buy magic mushrooms in smart shops until 2008. However, that is now prohibited. Fortunately, it is legal to grow magic mushrooms at home. That is why the handy mushroom grow kits have been developed. In such a grow kit you will find everything you need to grow your own magic mushrooms at home. And you don't need any special knowledge for that.

    In a grow kit you will find a grow kit, containing the substrate, and a plastic grow bag. You will find step-by-step explanations on how to set up the grow kit both online and with the grow kit. Everyone can use this and therefore has the opportunity to grow magic mushrooms at home. If you are interested in using magic mushrooms, a magic mushroom grow kit is recommended.


    Why magic mushroom grow kits are so popular

    More and more people want to grow their own magic mushrooms at home with such a handy grow kit. It is also one of the best-selling products in our smartshop. Why are these magic mushroom grow kits so popular? This is partly due to the ease of use, safety, the benefits that magic mushrooms can have for your health and the large choice in types and brands.


    1. More security

    Did you know that magic mushrooms can also be picked in the forest in the Netherlands? However, picking yourself is quite a risky activity, if you do not know what you are doing. The chance that you will pick a poisonous mushroom is quite high. That's why magic mushroom grow kits are such a great solution: they make using magic mushrooms safe. When you order, you will receive the correct mushroom in a grow kit. After growing, you can use it with confidence and enjoy the effects.


    2. Magic mushrooms positively in the news

    Nowadays you see more and more that mind-altering substances, including magic mushrooms, are in the news in a positive way. Researchers have now repeatedly found evidence that psilocybin and other substances can have positive effects on health. For example, psychedelics could help with stress, depression or PTSD. In the past, magic mushrooms were only used by hippies and psychonauts. Now successful entrepreneurs, housewives and students also opt for it. The image of magic mushrooms has become much more positive in recent years and that has led to an increase in popularity of grow kits.


    3. Ease of use

    As mentioned, the intention is that everyone should be able to use grow kits. They really make growing magic mushrooms at home very simple. You do not need any knowledge about magic mushrooms, cultivation, temperatures or watering. The grow kit comes with a clear manual and if you need more information, you can find it online. This makes the threshold for growing magic mushrooms yourself very low. That is an important reason that mushroom grow kits have become so popular.


    4. Microdosing with magic mushrooms

    The mushrooms you get from growing with a grow kit are also suitable for microdosing. When you microdose, you take a very small dose (one tenth of a normal dose). This will prevent you from tripping, but you can benefit from the low dose of psilocybin. Microdosing is increasingly being used for various physical and mental  complaints, such as stress, pain and fears. Although you can grow and dose your own magic mushrooms with a grow kit, the ready-made packaging of Microdosing XP makes microdosing much easier. When you use this, you don't have to weigh doses yourself, so you know exactly what you're getting. And that is also faster and easier.


    5. Wide choice in types of magic mushrooms

    Are you nowCurious about the different types of magic mushrooms out there? You can safely experiment with mushroom grow kits. Each type of magic mushroom contains different amounts of psilocybin and will therefore have a different effect. There are mushrooms for beginners, such as the Mexican and the Cambodian. Stronger magic mushrooms, which can be used by more experienced psychonauts, are the Moby Dick and the McKennaii.


    6. High yields

    One of the great advantages of mushroom grow kits and the reason they are so popular is that you will have a lot of fun with them. You can get multiple harvests (flushes) from it. After you have harvested your mushrooms the first time, you can refill the grow kit with water. The grow kit can sometimes yield up to 4 harvests.


    Growing magic mushrooms at home has never been so easy

    If you want to grow magic mushrooms at home, you can find grow kits from three different brands in our webshop: All in One, Fresh Mushrooms and Premium. Not only are all these grow kits easy to use and yield great yields. Growing mushrooms yourself is also just a lot of fun to do. Do you want to discover the beautiful, magical world of magic mushrooms, then purchase a mushroom grow kit today.

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