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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 30 March 2022

    How do you prepare a trip with magic mushrooms?

    Tripping with magic mushrooms is a unique experience, and it is difficult to predict how it will go. However, there are a number of things you can take into account to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. For example, it is useful to think in advance about when, where and with whom you will use magic mushrooms. It is also advisable to only trip when you feel good about yourself. Whether you use beginner  are or have been trip, read these tips to prepare for your magic mushroom trip. This way, you will be able to completely surrender to the magical journey on which the mushrooms will take you.


    5 tips to prepare your trip with mushrooms

    Do you really have to prepare for tripping with magic mushrooms, you might ask? The point is simply to enjoy the experience, right? Whether you want to trip because you want to forget the world around you or because you are looking for a spiritual experience, proper preparation will help you trip safely and get the most out of it. Below you will find 5 simple tips, suitable for both experienced psychonauts and beginners.

    1. Choose a moment when you feel good

    Whoever wants to trip would do well to take a look at his or her emotional and spiritual well-being. The hallucinogenic substance psilocybin in magic mushrooms, has the property that it can enhance emotions and moods. So if you suffer from anxiety or depression, it is good to take this into account. Magic mushrooms can also be used to treat mental disorders, but it is better to do this under professional guidance. If you are not feeling well when you want to trip, if you feel anxious, gloomy or stressed, it is better to postpone the trip.


    2. Make a plan

    Maybe tripping is something you do on a whim, but it can be very rewarding if you make a plan of action first. First of all, you need a number of free hours, so no work, study or appointments if you are going to trip. A trip can take 6 to 8 hours, so make sure your agenda is completely empty. You can even take a little longer, so that you can let the experiences sink in in peace. When is the best time to trip? During the day and at night both have their advantages.


    Tripping during the day has the advantage that you can enjoy the sun. Sunlight can greatly enrich your experience, with lots of light and energy. However, it can also be that you get too many impulses during the day, from other people, sounds and impressions. If you choose to trip at night, you can get a completely different atmosphere. Many people find that the night makes it easier to turn inward, it invites introspection. It is true that you may be more tired at night, which may not feel so pleasant.


    Also think about whether you want to trip with others (cozy or too much stimulation and distraction?) and where you are going to trip. The choice of environment is very important for how you feel during the trip.


    3. Cleanse your body

    A special tip for your trip with magic mushrooms or truffles to prepare, is to first cleanse your body. That can be a simple ritual, washing yourself and not eating anything for hours before you trip. But you can also take a few weeks for it. Do not use drugs or alcohol for a certain period of time. You may also want to avoid sugar and coffee. Some people go completely vegan. With such a cleansing you can purify your body and prepare it for a trip, as it were, allowing you to experience all the impressions of the trip on a deeper level.


    4. Create a nice atmosphere

    To get the most out of your trip with magic mushrooms, you also provide some extra atmosphere. Many people like to have a notebook and a pen close at hand. You can take notes during or after the trip to record your experience. Beautiful music can also contribute a lot to a nice atmosphere, so put together a relaxed playlist with music that makes you feel good. Other objects that can enrich your trip are art, beautiful fabrics and anything that looks nice or special.


    5. Food and drink

    When preparing your trip with magic mushrooms, you also need to think about food and drink. It is advisable not to eat a few hours before you start tripping. psilocybin has It has the most effect on an empty stomach and you absorb the substance quickly. It is good to keep drinking, this can also help to prevent headaches. After tripping you can eat again, preferably something healthy, such as fruit or nuts.


    Enjoy your trip with good preparation

    As you can see, preparing your trip doesn't have to take a lot of time. And you will get many benefits from it. If you are going to trip, it is especially important to surrender to it. Just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Yet it is possible to have a bad trip even with good preparation. But even if that were to happen, you can get something out of it to help you with your personal growth.



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