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    Dr. Paddo - Wednesday 26 April 2024

    What is the best way to dose CBD crystals?

    Almost everyone knows CBD oil, but did you know that there are also CBD crystals? The effect is almost the same as the oil, but the intake and strength are different. And therefore it can be useful to choose CBD crystals. But the question is, what is the best way to dose this? You can read that in this blog.


    What are CBD crystals anyway?

    There are different ways in which CBD products can be used. CBD oil is the best known, but there are also CBD capsules, paste and CBD crystals. The latter are an incredibly pure form of CBD, up to 98%. They therefore contain virtually no other active substances, so no terpenes and other cannabinoids. That means you can experience the pure efficacy of CBD.


    Through the special extraction process (supercritical CO2 extraction), all impurities and unwanted substances are removed. This way you are left with very small, powdery crystals. CBD crystals (also called CBD isolate) look a bit like sugar. And why would you choose this form of CBD? The great thing is that you can take these crystals in many different ways. Another advantage is that you are not bothered by the strong and spicy taste of CBD oil, which not everyone likes.

    How can you dose CBD crystals?

    Just like with CBD oil, you naturally want to get the right dose for CBD crystals. Too much is not pleasant, you can suffer from side effects (although with CBD they are usually very mild) and it is a waste of money to use too much. But too low a dose is also not useful. That is why it is useful to know how to dose CBD crystals.


    Because the crystals are so pure, you don't need a lot of them. You really have an accurate Weighing scale is needed if you want to use this form of CBD. Only then can you weigh the correct dose. For example, if you use 10 mg of CBD crystals every day, a normal kitchen scale is not accurate enough. That is certainly the case if you want even lower doses. Therefore, choose a scale that can measure accurately to the tenth or hundredth of a gram. You will find what you need in our shop.


    How often can I take crystals?

    As with all CBD products, you should also listen carefully to your own body when using CBD crystals. You may be suffering from a complaint that you are taking the drug for. It's a good idea to tailor your dosages and the time of day you take CBD based on what is bothering you.


    Are you still looking for the right dose? Start with a low dose of, for example, 5 mg and adjust the dose if you notice that it is too much or too little.


    You can take CBD as often as you want. Usually twice a day is sufficient. This way you can benefit from the effects of this natural remedy during the day and at night. But it is also possible to take it more often. You also listen carefully to your body.

    How can you use CBD isolate?

    There are different ways you can take CBD crystals. That's what makes it such a versatile supplement. Below you will see a number of options.


    Mix CBD crystals with carrier oil

    Mixing CBD isolate with a carrier oil gives very good results. For example, you can take coconut, olive or hemp oil. In fact, you can make your own CBD oil this way. The advantage is that you can determine the concentration of your oil yourself. To make it, put the oil with the CBD crystals in a bowl. Place this in a pan with water (without the water running into the bowl), and heat the pan for ten minutes. The crystals slowly dissolve completely.


    How do you determine the concentration of CBD in the oil? Use the following rule of thumb: with 1000 mg of crystals in 10 ml of oil, you get a concentration of 10% CBD. This allows you to easily determine the concentration yourself by adding more or fewer crystals.


    Melt under the tongue

    A quick and easy maniar to use CBD crystals is to weigh your dose and then take the crystals under the tongue. Here they melt quickly and the active substance is quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa. Hold the powder under the tongue for about a minute without swallowing. This way your body has time to absorb CBD. This way of taking ensures that you can usually notice the effects within 10 to 15 minutes.


    CBD crystals in edibles

    Crystals can also be used very well in edibles. The powder is tasteless, unlike when you drink CBD or weed in edibles processed, you will not taste anything. You can make edibles by melting butter or another fatty product and mixing in the crystals. Let the crystals melt and use the butter or oil in a dish, such as muffins, cookies, pesto or brownies. Please note that you will have to wait longer before you notice the effect if you use edibles.


    Are CBD crystals the best option for me?

    Which CBD product you should choose naturally depends on your own preferences. CBD oil is also very versatile, but has a fairly strong taste. On the other hand, you can opt for a full spectrum oil, which contains all terpenes and flavonoids, which may have a broader effect. CBD crystals contain only CBD.


    But CBD crystals are very pure, and the concentration is high. You can take them in many different ways and even use them as a basis for your own CBD oil. As you can see, you can go in many directions with CBD. Choose the product that suits you. In our shop you will find almost all possible types of CBD, from crystals to oil and CBD Hash and Edibles to CBD Paste.

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